Monday, January 26, 2009


ANS News ROME, JANUARY 26, 2009: On January 24, the feast of St. Francis of Sales, the Rector Major Fr Pascual Chávez addressed those participating in the ‘Spirituality Days of the Salesian Family’ at Rome. In his talk, the Rector Major presented his commentary on the Strenna for 2009. Referring to the historical document of the minutes of the meeting on December 18, 1859, at which the birth of the Salesian Congregation took place, Fr Chávez pointed out that it contains not only the seed of the religious society but also that of the whole Salesian Family. The successor of Don Bosco invited the Salesian Family “to acquire a new mentality, to change the way of thinking and always to think and to act as a Movement,” a change which in the words of Fr Chávez means three things: “an intense spirit of communion”, “the union of hearts as well as a spirit of communion and a convinced desire for synergy” and “sharing aims with a mature capacity for networking.” About 330 people from 21 countries, religious and lay, participated in the ‘XXVII Spirituality Days of the Salesian Family’, which began on January 22, and was held at the Salesianum in Rome. This annual event brings together representatives of the different groups of the Salesian Family begun by Don Bosco. The event concluded yesterday, Sunday 25, with the solemn closing Mass presided over by Fr Pascual Chávez.

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