Saturday, July 18, 2009


Eugenia D’cunha/ Cl. Jacob Anthony MUMBAI, JULY 18, 2009: Don Bosco Matunga boasts of an ETC programme for years. Not content with the past glory, this year the school invited Dr. Geeta Shetty, teacher-educator from S.X.I.E for a session called ‘Igniting Minds’ on July 10, 2009. This session aimed at motivating the teachers and igniting in them a new enthusiasm to get creative with their power-point presentations. Dr. Geeta Shetty urged the teachers to think out of the box, break free of the chains they are conditioned to and move with the techno-savvy times. Introducing them to Bono’s six thinking hats, she challenged us to use and tap both the left logical side and the right creative side of the teachers and the students brains so that they can present the subjects they love and teach with pride and passion.On July 11, 2009, the teachers were treated to another power packed session by Bishop Percival. ‘Do you know how to teach?’, this was the imposing question with which Bishop Percival started his three hour seminar on ‘Teacher Leadership’ with the entire Don Bosco High School staff (teaching, NIOS, Non-teaching).He made efforts to ‘train the trainers’ and guided them on how to rise from mere teaching to leading. This was a true shift from the static academic world (as it happened in the past) to a dynamic recalibration of resources. In the two workshops that were conducted during the session, Bishop Percy reinforced the four unique selling points of being a good teacher: self-awareness, ability to communicate, confidence and understanding the task. The seminar helped the institution elevate its pedagogy platform, which in turn should reflect positively in shaping the young minds for tomorrow.

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