Saturday, July 18, 2009


WALVANDA, JULY 18, 2009: The Bosco Yuva Sanghtana Animators meeting held at the Walvanda centre on July 9, 2009, began on an enthusiastic note. In attendance for the meeting was Melvin Pangya the Programme Officer, along with animators from all centers. In the beginning Mr. Melvin introduced the new staff members to all animators. The introductory session was followed by an ice breaker for all the participants to know each other.
The meeting continued on a serious note. Participants were made aware of programmes like Bal Sanskar Kendra & Schools of Excellence by Mr. Melvin. He also shared organization expertise and achievements on different issues such as education and rural development.
The discussion shifted to the situation of Jawhar and Mokhada. This discussion was made participatory so that the animators could share their views on the present scenario of the two blocks. They came to the conclusion that Education, Health, Social Development, Agriculture - Livelihood and Skill Development are the main areas which they need to concentrate on:

Education: Under this component BSK & SOE Programmes are currently being run. This is based on the observation and conditions of the school. It also included Mumbai education & village level education. This programme is more supportive to children at the village level. Also this year it was noticed that the results of Ashram schools have improved.
Health: In this component women & children health issues were included. Cleanliness in the villages for better health was a prime area of focus.
Agriculture & Livelihood: This area of discussion included how various areas of agriculture can bring in employment to the youth.
Skill development: Industries have to be narrowed where the youth can use their skills & knowledge for employment purpose. The idea of the ITI College was discussed.
Social Development: Community based organizations, people participation, women empowerment & youth movement.

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