Saturday, July 25, 2009


BORIVLI, JULY 25, 2009:
The week gone by has given the children at Don Bosco, Borivli, pre primary and primary sections a bout of creativity. The week saw the children of STDs I – IV taking part in the Face Mask Making competition. There were three winners and three consolation prize winners from each division. Enthusiastic children came up with varied ideas to create face masks.

Today July 25, 2009, was kept aside for Open Day by the section. Classrooms were decorated by the class teachers with the children’s photographs. Parents discussed about the performance of the child and answer papers of the First Unit Test were shown. And last but definitely not the least, Remedial Learning takes place for slow learners on a daily basis. All these activities give the students an opportunity to showcase their talents and gives the teachers a chance to be better facilitators.

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