Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Bento D’Souza sdb
Bishop Lloyd colony is one of the parish zones in St. Anne's parish, Ahmednagar in which comfortable houses are built for Christians on Church Land. During the first visit of Fr. Ben entrusted to the care of the families, it was found that the woman sit at home with nothing to keep busy about, so it was decided to hold a meeting on the July 28 to see the possibility of training the women in starting a community radio project.

25 women took part in the meeting. Mr. Anil Wakde from Bableshwar Community Radio Station, a paid scriptwriter there conducted the session. The focus of the meeting was when he challenged the group with a simple question: Do you need a community radio just as you need a sari, a pair of spectacles or some vegetable to cook? After which a film: Our Work Our Life about the sewa women of Gujarat was screened for the participants. They also came forward to share their “sukh-dukh" story, which is the content for radio productions. The women expressed satisfaction for the 2 hour long presentation and decided to get trained on August 16 in the techniques of Radio Production. The meeting began with a prayer, a welcome and a bouquet of flowers from the garden, and ended with a vote of thanks for the time spent by the trainer in their midst.

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