Thursday, July 30, 2009


Natasha Almeida
MUMBAI, JULY 30, 2009:
‘Values for the Yatra’ the first issue of the official e- letter of the Archdiocesan Value Education Centre (AVEC) for the month of August 2009 was successfully launched on July 29, 2009. What was born as an idea by Fr. Glenford Lowe in early July is now a full fledged e-letter which will be sent to all ABE schools, 159 in numbers.
Values for the Yatra is an initiative of the AVEC team to promote, animate and bring together stakeholders in the Value Education Program in schools, colleges and other educational institutes in the Archdiocese of Bombay. This e- letter is meant to reach out to all the Value Education Teachers, students, parents, and past-pupils. It not only includes resource material for teachers but also competitions for students. The August issue is in line with the Independence Day theme and also provides food for thought for teachers and students alike. It will be published every month, each month bringing in more value- enriched material.

Among the many first responses that AVEC received Fr. Bernard Britto is quoted to have said, “The lay out and contents are colorful, informative and useful. It has news, sessions, stories, history. I’m sure the next issue will have news bits, poems, experiences and information written by youngster’s teachers of other schools.” The AVEC team is open to feedback and suggestions. Kudos to Fr. Glenford and his team, who aim to be together with schools on the ‘valued path’!


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