Saturday, November 28, 2009


Sheron Menezes

BORIVLI, NOVEMBER 28, 2009: The school in its own way has been trying to promote eco- conscious students through its lessons , audio/visuals and various projects throughout the year..... these activities are a part of the school curriculum which are helping the students to bring about an awareness as well as helping them to keep doing what they are doing in their own little contribute in being eco- such project was a paper bag competition held in the school to promote the awareness of using less plastics. Each child of the primary section ie. from the 1st to the 4th participated in the competition and there was a beautiful display of various paper bags made by the little children

Paper used were mostly recycled and reusable paper considering the value of paper in our fast deteriorating age. Some classes like the Standard 2 B took this project to another level by preparing newspaper bags with the idea of presenting these bags to their local grocer's store in their vicinity. This particular class has prepared about 510 bags themselves and will shortly present them to their grocers.....
A small drop in the ocean but certainly a valuable one .....

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