Monday, December 21, 2009


Bento D’souza sdb

AHMEDNAGAR, DECEMBER 21, 2009: About 64 school children holding lighted diyas in their hands led the entrance procession to begin the Eucharist commemorating 150th anniversary of the beginning of the Salesian congregation on December 18, 2009. Another

276 parishioners from the institutions & parishes around converged in St Anne’s Church to celebrate this auspicious event.

The feeling that floated through the entire proceedings was a feeling of gratitude for the many faceted presence & contribution of the Salesians to Nagar city and its surroundings. Fr. Anton led the community into prayer during the Adoration Service and the Eucharist. The choir of St. Anne’s sang powerfully.The offering of gifts was planned and executed by Fr. Ivan and St. John’s parish. The homily was substituted by an impressive presentation on Moviemaker designed by Fr. Flovi and the Savedi Salesians to showcase the dynamic movement of the Salesians in the globe, in India and in Ahmednagar. It also presented the growth and development of the Salesian Mission of Ahmednagar as a pilot of the Salesians of the Mumbai province. During the offertory the Salesians renewed their vows. “Congratulations” sang at the end of the Eucharist brought the entire proceedings to a fitting climax. BGVK provided the cake and tea to all gathered. All the religious and parishioners felt that celebration was fitting tribute to the work of the pioneering and hardworking Salesians of Ahmednagar.

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