Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Kailash Parekh

MUMBAI, DECEMBER 22, 2009: The much awaited Christmas tree party this year for children was held on December 20, 2009 4.00 pm onwards in the Don Bosco primary School hall.

The Don Bosco Past Pupil Association committee members did their best to arrange this Christmas party children up to nine years. Parents were invited along with the children. 10 desolated girls from “Anmol” at Auxilum School, Wadala had also been invited. The children thoroughly enjoyed the games that were organized. They participated whole heartedly to compete for spot prizes. An hour long magic show got them engrossed and excited.

When Santa Claus made his entry, all the children were delirious with joy. There was frolic, laughter and gaiety throughout. Santa Claus presented the children with chocolates and gifts and also danced with the crowd, which the children loved very much.

Santa Claus was the most photographed person as many children waited in queue to get their gifts. Christmas carols were played throughout the party. The children enjoyed themselves completely and wished to come next year again.

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