Saturday, February 27, 2010


Chris Valentino sdb

LONAVLA, FEBRUARY 27, 2010: Towards the end of the Provincial Chapter 2010, on the penultimate day, Fr. Michael Fernandes made a few announcements regards the appointment of New Rectors and other significant transfers. These were:

Fr. Cletus D’Souza – Rector Don Bosco, Lonavla
Fr. Santarita Anthony – Rector Bosco Boys Home, Borivli
Fr. Thomas D’Costa – Rector & Parish Priest St. Anne’s, Ahmednagar
Fr. Anton D’Souza – Youth Director of the Diocese of Nashik
Fr. Ivan Rodrigues – Provincial Secretary

The Coadjutors too have a reason to cheer. Br. Ramesh Durairaj the National Delegate of the Coadjutor Salesians is now a Provincial Councillor.
So some people are already packed and raring to go. The communities will shed tears because of the loved confreres who will be moving on to their next assignments. At the same moment there will be others perhaps who will be thrilled to receive them. As for the rest, time and the official transfer list will tell them where future lies.

The boys and the confreres received the news with great enthusiasm and broad smiles.


Chris Valentino sdb
LONAVLA, FEBRUARY 27, 2010: “It is consummated” that is the feeling of the Chapter Members gathered in the idyllic mountain top. There is in the air a feeling of we’ve been here, done this and now let’s get back to hearth and home. As PC 2010 enters the last day, many of the serious works have been successfully accomplished.

The various commissions have presented, clarified, modified and revised their documents. In the bargain they’ve received flak, commendations, suggestions and appreciation. Many meetings with days-turned-into-nights huddles, brushing up of the language, touching up the documents and preparing a product fit for common public consumption has indeed been an uphill task for the 60 odd confreres involved in the process.

Except for the two commissions of the Social Commissions and Formation all the others have been successfully voted upon and received a clear mandate to get going with the task at hand. Of course, there have been many lighter moments on and off, eliciting laughter, cheer and camaraderie.

The plus point was that this Chapter had a very good blend of the young and the senior. The well-fought contests off the discussion floor on the basketball court and in the rink football arena revived memories long faded. The energy, the gusto and the skills on display were a pure visual treat, worthy of a live telecast on prime time television! Yes... the customary long walks, visits to acquaintances and catching up with long lost friends only added more colour to the event.

Apart from the warmth, cordiality and hospitality of our confreres at Lonavla the Chapter Members were also guests of honour treated to a solemn tea and snack fest at Maria Ashiana Therapeutic Centre thanks to the kindness of Dr. Barnabe D’souza.

The penultimate day also saw the tasting and purchasing of Chikki. The aspirants of Lonavla despite their exams showed tremendous acceptance and charity when the discussions got too vociferous with increasing decibels. They also showed their love and appreciation with a well-animated Family Circle which in many modern Salesian communities seems to be losing ground.

What started off with a bit of apprehension, a little skepticism and a seemingly laborious exercise in being bound to a chair burdened with a folder filled with papers that required study, reflection and approval has turned out in the end to be a process of togetherness, awareness, sensitivity and genuine appreciation.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Gabriel D’Souza
MUMBAI, FEBRUARY 25, 2010: “We can’t go very far If we don’t begin very near”… And this is what Shelter Don Bosco, Wadala did to bring a beautiful musical evening entitled ‘ light the lamp of learning” held on the February 21, 2010 at the Shanmukhananda Hall to a grand finale. The team work exhibited was like a coordinated family, aimed at the ultimate broader goal “Mission to educate street children”.

The evening commenced with a huge bang thanks to Mr. Johnny Lever and his band of artistes / dancers who kept us laughing and our feet tapping to the beat of enthralling music – an irresistible combination that made this an evening to remember.

The Chief Guest, noted actor Mr. Boman Irani, in his inimitable style humbled every one with his first hand heart warming experiences with the kids at Shelter Don Bosco.

Fr. William presented the annual report highlighting the works undertaken and achieved at the shelter.

“Brevity is the soul of wit” said Fr. Derrick in his short convincing speech as he acknowledged the event partners (Main Sponsors:-LOOP mobile India LTD), benefactors, advertisers, and well wishers and looked forward to their continuous support in the future.

Gandhi in his struggle for freedom insisted that the means to achieve anything is as important as the goal to be achieved. The staff at Shelter Don Bosco feel satisfied that the means of providing our guests with a cheerful evening will go a long way in achieving their goal of ‘enlightening the minds of the marginalized kids at Shelter Don Bosco.


Chris Valentino sdb

LONAVLA, FEBRUARU 25, 2010: The second and final Session of the Provincial Chapter of the Mumbai Province got underway on the evening of February 22, 2010, with a Recollection preached by Fr. Jose Kuttianimattathil, former Provincial of the Province of Bangalore and present Director of DBRC. Fr. Jose highlighted the need ‘to return to Don Bosco and thereby return to Youth’ with a pertinent presentation from the historical and experiential perspective of the Salesian congregation. He put forth his views aided by an audio-visual presentation ‘Nobody’s Child.’

The official proceedings began at 9.00 a.m. the next day. The Provincial Fr. Michael Fernandes, welcomed the members of the Chapter and reminded them of the theme of the Chapter “Returning to Don Bosco with a Planning Mentality.” He stressed: “We need to look at the needs of the Province with a planning mentality, basing ourselves on the Rector Major’s Six-Year Structural Plan for the Congregation and applying these to different sectors. We also need to look at the availability of personnel, express oneself, and pray for each other while engaging in frank, free and charitable sharing of opinions and discussions.” He wished the Moderator, the Assistant Moderator, and the Secretaries the very best.
Fr. Christopher then read the Message of the Regional Councillor, Fr. Maria Arokia Kanaga, after which the Moderator, Fr. Ashley Miranda, in the name of the Provincial, declared the Second Session of Provincial Chapter 2010 open.
A case for the New Circumscription (Gujarat/ Rajasthan/ Madhya Pradesh) was introduced and was voted out by the Chapter members. Apart from the Provincial’s Report on the state of the province, and the Economer’s Report on the financial condition of the province, the various commissions then presented their documents. Questions were asked, clarifications sought, modifications suggested, explanations given and significant points seriously debated.

The ever cordial warmth of the boys and confreres at Lonavla of nostalgic memories flavoured with the enthusiastic mix of youth and seniority only added colour and spice to the initial proceedings. However, the best is yet to come.

The only dampener on an otherwise pleasant atmosphere in the proceedings was the news of the sad demise of the brother of Fr. Diego Nunes. Four members of the Chapter represented the confreres at the funeral service, while the others prayed for the departed soul and for the bereaved members of the family.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


VIRAR, FEBRUARY 24, 2010: A group of robbers broke into the Church and Church office on February 19, 2010 between 02.00 am and 05.00 am. After targeting the church through one window and three doors, the amount from the collection box, two cordless microphones were robbed. Next the door of the Church office was broken and a large sum of money along with a computer monitor, a laptop, chalice, office files, cheque book, receipt book were burgled. An F.I.R. is lodged with the police who are investigating the case. The parishioners were thankful to God as the priest and house domestic Mr. Paulus Thandel was not harmed. People came out in full force to be with the parish priest and help in whatever way they could. The house staff and some parishioners are yet to overcome the shock. The police have given a hope that soon they shall arrest the robbers.


Loreen Fernandes
VIRAR, FEBRUARY 24, 2010: Small Christian Community (SCC) Co- ordinators and animators of the Resurrection Church, Virar (E) had a brief evaluation session conducted by Fr. Blany Pinto, Parish Priest, on Sunday, the February 21, 2010.

Fr.Blany warmly welcomed the members and proceeded on to explain the correct manner of filling up the monthly SCC reports. Participants then grouped together community-wise and discussed the strength of their communities, difficulties encountered and future plans. A representative from each community then presented a brief report to the group at large. It was observed that overall, SCC’s were functioning well in our parish, in terms of regularly conducted monthly meetings, good attendance, lively gospel- sharing, presence of children in large numbers, good participation in parish gatherings, etc. However, a small percentage of families are still on the periphery- who need to be motivated to get involved in SCC activities. The priest-in-charge of the respective cluster will further follow up on this matter.

Fr. Blany stated that, His Lordship Felix Machado, Archbishop of Vasai Diocese, in his Inaugural address clearly emphasized the pivotal role of SCC’s in the building up of the Universal Church.

A sustained and dedicated effort on the part of the Parish team and the co-ordinators , animators of the parish are definitely moving things in the desired direction i.e. making SCC’s the corner stone of this ‘happening’ Parish in Virar.


MUMBAI, FEBRUARY 23, 2010: On February 21, 2010, 118 children of Std. VII & VIII, from the Sunday School of seven different parishes of North (East) Mumbai Deanery met together at Don Bosco Primary School Hall, Matunga for their Faith Celebration Day. They were accompanied by 12 teachers.
The programme began at 9.00 am with a meaningful Eucharist celebrated by Fr. Lloyd Rodrigues sdb, wherein he summarized the meaning of the season of lent.

This was followed by the projects put up by each parish in various forms of skits, power points, songs, poems, etc. Each of the parishes accepted different responsibilities assigned to them. After a break the children were divided into 10 groups irrespective of the parish they were coming from and thus began the Quiz session. The children were very attentive and actively participated in responding to the questions asked.
Lloyd Nunes was the compere for the programme assisted by Sheryl Dalgado.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Loreen Fernandes
VIRAR, FEBRUARY 22, 2010: The parishioners of the Resurrection Church Virar (east) were indeed privileged to welcome the new Archbishop, His Lordship Felix Machado, in our midst, to confer the sacrament of confirmation, on February 15, 2010.

In true Indian tradition, a beautiful prayer dance was preformed to the melodious tune of a bhajan. Children who received first Holy Communion recently, led the solemn procession holding diyas in their hands. 14 candidates who were to be confirmed wore golden-yellow sashes, their name tags being prominently displayed on the side.

In the homily His Lordship emphasized the value of taking responsibility for our own lives rather then holding external factors responsible, each young adult has to consciously invite the Holy Spirit to dwell within their hearts, thereby receiving the grace to resist temptation.

The Parish Priest Fr. Blany Pinto fondly recalled the cordial relationship between this Lordship and the Salesians at Nashik, prior to his posting.
A man of great learning and eloquence, deep prayer strong conviction yet with trademark humility, His Lordship Felix Machado concluded the Holy Eucharist, with the reassuring message that God works all things well, despite the many upheavals we endure.

We wish His Lordship Gods choicest blessings and spiritual grace as he embarks upon his given Mission in the Vasai Diocese.


Sunil Pinto sdb
NASHIK, FEBRUARY 22, 2010: Divyadaan, a youthful, versatile and dynamic community comprises a blend of different charisms of Salesians, Fransalians, Capuchins, Compassionate Missionaries and a Diocesan who live in harmony centered around Christ; the basis of our unity. Besides, the different backgrounds of our brothers based on language, culture, regions etc… It is this unity in diversity that provides a stimulus to a common life of caring and sharing.

To celebrate this togetherness and to thank God for the spirit that animates this community, the community day was celebrated on February 10, 2010. The theme chosen for the occasion was “See Jesus… Be Jesus” adapted from the Strenna 2010. A triduum was held in preparation for this day and all moments of prayer were animated reflectively and creatively.
A community prayer and an anthem were composed and sung with gusto during the festive days. On the ‘community day’, high-tea was organized for the non-teaching staff along with the community and they were thanked and felicitated for their contributions in making Divyadaan a better place.

The evening Holy Eucharist, was well prepared and animated by the brothers and presided over by the Rector. Fr. Rector in his homily invited the community to discover Jesus who is the fulcrum around which life rotates, to seek him in prayer, in the scriptures and the Eucharist and to recognize him in the community members brought together by God and bound in Love. He urged the members to ‘Be Jesus’ after discovering him and to willfully accept the challenges he places in life. He concluded with practical pointers to lead community life well. On this occasion he also thanked the community for their support, help, feedback and acceptance.

After the Eucharist, the brothers viewed clips and videos capturing moments in Divyadaan during the year which was prepared by Cl. Leon. This was followed by community celebrations and fellowship in an ambience of fun, frolic, games and music and it ended with a sumptuous meal. This day was indeed spent in gratitude and an awareness of our bonding. After all this community is God’s very own gift. Divyadaan!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Kamlesh Dodia
NARUKOT, FEBRUARY 20, 2010: Apart from Valentines Day there were some more reasons for the students of Piloo Modi (Don Bosco) High School, Narukot to celebrate: 150 years of beginning of the congregation of Salesians of Don Bosco and the Nineteenth parents’ day at the school.

Prominent Kathakar Fr. Ignace Macwan grabbed the attention of the parents almost for two hours when he narrated the katha on the life of Don Bosco. More than five hundred parents remained unspoken and unmoved in order to relish the taste of the life of Don Bosco.

No sooner it was over; local MLA Mr. Jaidrathsinh Parmar, Taluka President Jashodaben Bariya and other guests joined the celebration. The program began with a prayer and lighting of ‘deep’ followed by a cultural program that consisted of folk dances of Rathwa, Punjab and Maharashtra.

Later on, the students with excellence were publicly felicitated by the guests. Their names are as follow Dheyay Joshi stood first in SSC examination both in school and in taluka the last year. Dinesh Rathwa represented the school at National football team last year. Nisha Rathwa too represented the school at National hockey team last year. In addition to that four girl students were also honored with gift of cycles by the government.
In their dazzling speeches, the MLA and taluka president proudly took note of the lion’s share of Don Bosco School in the development of the area as it accommodates more than 90% of students of schedule tribe and other backward classes.
Sr. Asha Macwan, principal of school then gave a glimpse of activities of school by reading out an annual report and Fr. Stanny Ferreira, manager of school thanked all and sundry namely Fr. Ignace for his pioneering katha, the guests for their availability, the parents for their esteemed presence and the students and staff for making both of these events colorful and memorable.


BIS correspondent
JHABUA, FEBRUARY 20, 2010: It was indeed a happy as well as an encouraging sight to see the Salesians celebrating the feast of Our Lady under the umbrella. Dark clouds gathered around the village of Madhavpura to shed it’s divinely showers on the assembly. Thanks to the painstaking efforts of Fr. Joseph Soares who worked day in and day out to revive the spiritual health of the faithful. For the past two years no shepherd had been nurturing the faithful for many apprehensive reasons but with the tough and gentle touch of Fr. Joe things have changed a lot. The Vicar of the Diocese of Jhabua – Fr. Peter Kharadi was the main celebrant for the occasion. Together with them were Frs. Mathew Katara, Joeseph Soares, Inbanathan who concelebrated for the occasion. The faithful are strong in their faith and zealous about religious matters but they don’t have a roof above them wherein they can gather to praise God. But the lack of facility has not weakened their spirits. The catholic village has once again come to the realization that God loves them. Our Lady has once again played a vital role in getting her children back to her son.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Kamlesh Dodia
NARUKOT, FEBRUARY 19, 2010: “Down the ages we have been making use of age old techniques learnt from our ancestors and we could have continued them if we did not have this training. This exposure for five days has in fact opened our eyes towards new era of using modern methods and techniques of growing agricultural products that will eventually help us to live a better life.” Madhuben Nayak proudly proclaimed her wisdom through these words.

Kantibhai Bariya from Ishwariya village looked at it from another perspective as he said, “It was a privilege to be part of this training as it provided us a chance to be one and united although we belonged to different villages, age, sex, class, caste and religion.”
Such was the impact of the second successive farmers training organized by Don Bosco, Narukot in collaboration with Anand Agricultural University, Anand from February 6- 10, 2010.

Having had regular inputs from scientists of Anand Agricultural University every morning on topics such as drip irrigation to save water, use of natural and organic manual, system of rice intensification, all farmers both men and women had a march past through huge fields of bananas and paddy to witness modern techniques of agricultural products, in gigantic galleries of the famous Amul dairy to see technological wonders of automatic processing of milk and in lanes of Anand city to experience hustle and bustle of urban life.

It was enriching and memorable experience for all of them for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, the majority had a chance for the first time to be away from their villages and to breathe in urban area. Secondly, it provided them a chance to be together as there were farmers from sixteen different villages of diverse age, sex, caste and religion. Thirdly, they gained knowledge of modern methods and techniques of growing agricultural products with less water. Finally, they also had a chance to explore new places like the Amul dairy and Vehrakhadi (picnic spot).

Metardada from Gandhra, the eldest of the group expressed gratitude to Fr. Stanny Ferreira and to the Development staff on behalf of the entire group for organizing this versatile training.


WALVANDA, FEBRUARY 19, 2010: On February 7, 2010 a Sports Competition was organized at the Walwanda Centre for the children of 4 villages’ viz. Sadakpada, Walwanda, Khadkipada and Gavithpada. The objective of organizing such a program was to motivate the children before they appear for their upcoming exams and also to remind them to come regularly to the BSK classes. Around 100 children participated in the event.
The event started with an action song in which the children participated wholeheartedly. The children were then divided class-wise for the running race. Accordingly, class wise races were conducted wherein the children needed to run across, touch the hand of the person there and quickly run back to the starting line. Simultaneously there were others cheering their friends with loud rounds of applause. One legged race followed. This was conducted village-wise and the players were pitted against each other in the semi-final and final rounds. The Walwanda children won in this competition. The last game was Kho –kho which was also played village wise. Again children from Walwanda emerged victorious.
After the three competitions, Walwanda cluster was chosen the winner. All the children from this village were jubilant at this and so was their Animator. Before the prize distribution, Manisha interacted with the children to find out whether they knew all the details regarding the BSK classes. The response from the children was good and they were all well aware about the organization. After making them aware of the importance of attending the classes, prizes like notebooks, pencils and compass boxes were distributed to the winners by the Animators. Lastly the children were wished the best for their exams.


NERUL, FEBRUARY 18, 2010: Centre for Excellence in Academics is a centre of education entirely devoted to the promotion of Mathematics and Scientific skills among school going children. It conducted the second All India Maths Science Talent Examination which was held on December 11, 2009. The examination was held at Don Bosco Senior Secondary School, Nerul. 74 students participated in the examination out of which Shradha Kodavade of Class III got the first prize for securing 94%. Yaswanth Ram Panta of Class VI and Yash Bajaj of Class VIII got the consolation prizes.

Shradha Kodavade will be awarded a gold medal and a cash prize of Rs.2000/-. Prizes will also be awarded to students for securing a minimum of 60% marks. Participation certificates will be awarded to students securing 30% marks and above.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Sujata Castelino
NASHIK, FEBRUARY 17, 2010: On February 14, 2010 fourteen of the youth of Don Bosco, Nashik received the sacrament of Confirmation at the hands of the Apostolic Administrator of Nashik Diocese, Bishop Lourdes Daniel. The Solemn Eucharistic Celebration began with a procession of the candidates along with their parents, god-parents, concelebrants and the Bishop. At the beginning of the Eucharist, seven candidates presented and prayed for the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, i.e., wisdom, understanding, counsel, courage, knowledge, fear of God and love. They prayed that these gifts may bear fruits of love, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control in them. The Bishop in his homily compared the catechism classes to the tuitions and coaching classes of the students. He exhorted that an equal and even more importance be given to the catechism coaching classes.

After the Homily, Fr. Nelson Falcao, Parish Priest presented the candidates to the Bishop for the conferring of the Sacrament of Confirmation. He told the Bishop that they were regular for their catechesis and church attendance and that they were properly grounded in their Christian doctrine, faith and morals. The ritual proper of the Sacrament of Confirmation consisted of laying of hands over the candidates by the Bishop and the concelebrants and then the anointing with Chrism oil on the foreheads of the candidates. After the Eucharistic Celebration there was a small get-together for the candidates, their parents and god-parents, along with the Bishop, the concelebrants and the catechism teachers, Sr. Sushma FMA and Sr. Stella FHIC.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Louis Kumpiluvelil sdb
NEW DELHI, FEBRUARY 16, 2010: Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, head of the Pontifical Council for Social Communication, Vatican, released three books on media —Basics of Social Communication, Critical Understanding of Social Communication and Theological Perspectives in Social Communication— in New Delhi on February 12, 2010.

The books are jointly published by Don Bosco Communications–India and Tej Prasarini, Mumbai and complete the series on Communication for Pastoral Leadership. They are primarily meant for Church personnel to help them understand and appreciate today’s media and to apply their many possibilities in their life as community leaders and educators. However, anyone interested in having a clear and concise understanding of the complex world of the media will find them very handy.

“This is indeed a very positive and good initiative, a gift of the Church in India for her ministry in communications”, said Archbishop Celli on his first visit to India. “The Holy See is very pleased with this project. Many people in other countries are waiting for this book. This initiative is a big moment in the life of the Church and can be an inspiration for many”, the archbishop added complimenting the humungous task undertaken by Don Bosco Communications India in collaboration with the CBCI Commission for Social Communications.
Said Abp Celli wishing it to be a profitable tool for the Church in other countries too, “I am very pleased that the Church in India is creating the new path especially for formation in Social Communications - this indeed is a big investment of reflection”.
“This project will empower Church personnel in communications both staff and students in the seminaries as well as lay leaders in the Church”, commented the CBCI Social Communications Chairman Cardinal Oswald Gracias of Mumbai. Paying tribute to the Salesians who worked on the project he added, “I am particularly grateful to Fr. George Plathottam (CBCI Social Communication Secretary) who took up the project speedily and effectively”.

The Cardinal observed that over the last decade there has been a growing interest among the bishops in Social Communications.


BOOK 1: 'Basics of Social Communication' presents the essentials of communication in a simple, straightforward and an easy-to-follow manner. It takes you to all aspects of communication – from verbal, non-verbal and paraverbal communication to intrapersonal, interpersonal and mass communication; from old media to new media; from the communication challenges of the real world to those of the virtual world. And it’s not all theories and abstractions – there is a whole section on skill-building: language skills, listening skills, speaking skills, writing skills, presentation skills, virtual skills…. The emphasis is on giving you the essentials in a simple and clear manner. You get what you need in order to be a confident communicator. It is the firstof a 3-volume series for the formation of pastoral personnel in social communications.

BOOK 2: 'Critical Understanding of Social Communication' is an in-depth study of the media and their lasting impact on us. It examines media’s underlying assumptions, values, hidden agendas, complexities, concerns, and relevance. Do you wish to engage in a fruitful dialogue with the media? Do you want to understand, analyse and evaluate their multi-layered messages? You need look no further. Here is a handy volume that will enhance your capacity to look at media critically and creatively. It is the second of a 3-volume series for the formation of pastoral personnel in social communications.

BOOK 3: 'Theological Perspectives in Social Communications' is a well-researched, carefully crafted and up-to-date presentation of the principles and practices of Social Communication from the perspective of pastoral leadership. Interesting, instructive and illuminating, the book introduces the reader to the Church’s rich communicative traditions as well as her many pioneering efforts at promoting communication. The focus is on helping pastoral personnel to understand, appreciate and creatively apply the principles and practices of social communications in their varied ministries. The book includes insightful sessions on preaching, evolving effective strategies and plans, networking and integrating communications with one’s ministry. It is part of a 3-volume series for the formation of pastoral personnel in social communications.

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Franklin Coutinho

AHMEDNAGAR, FEBRUARY 16, 2010: 9 couples participated in the World Marriage Day Eucharistic Celebration on Sunday February 14, 2010 held at St Anne’s Church, Nagar. The theme of the mass carried overtones of Valentine’s Day as well. The readings were done by couples on the Wedding Liturgy. Each Couple mentioned the date, year of the marriage and the anniversary they were on at the beginning of the mass. The homily was preached by Fr. Bento with content from Zenith on the topic: what do Catholic women expect from men on Valentine’s Day? Instead of the creed, the couples renewed vows. After the mass, each couple said that they felt emotional remembering this special moment in their history when God’s love touched them intimately on their Wedding Day. The couples left the celebration recharged to make their homes and society a better place. Robert Browning words echoed, “Grow old with me, my love; the best is yet to come.” The previous day, 5 couples assisted by Fr Briston Britto rectified their marriage in the parish. Like St Anne’s, Nagar, Holy Family Chakala and some Jesuit parishes in Bombay keep World Marriage day as an ongoing parish tradition.

AHMEDNAGAR, FEBRUARY 16, 2010: A workshop on Skills in Communication was held at the Social Centre in Ahmednagar from 10.00 to 11.30.a.m. on February 12, 2010. 28 people participated in it. The resource person of the day was Fr. Bento D’Souza. Audio, video, a Power Point on Youth Ministry and a film: The mysterious staircase was used to showcase the importance of communication in today’s world. The nine levels of communication were taught. The students of the Bachelor in Social Work College, at the Jesuit Social center and the visitors from the parish-based Jagruti Trust, Jeri Meri, Mumbai, formed part of the audience of learners and gave a positive feedback on the impact of the workshop.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Savio D’Souza sdb
PUNE, FEBRUARY 15, 2010: On Friday, February 12, 2010 Cl. Ashwin Macwan took a major step in his Salesian life by making his Perpetual Profession during the solemn Eucharistic celebration held at Don Bosco Koregaon Park in the evening. The principal celebrant at the Eucharist was Fr. Michael Fernandes, Provincial. On the very same day Fr. Michael Fernandes conferred the ministry of Lector on one and the ministry of Acolyte on seven young Salesians. These ministries are a step towards the priestly ordination.

During the homily Fr. Michael reminded them that, for us, holiness lies in fidelity to the vows and our duty. This is not always easy, but the Lord assures us of his constant presence by our side and the assistance of the Holy Spirit.

Present for this joyous occasion were the parents and relatives of Cl. Ashwin Macwan. Before the final blessing at the Eucharist, Fr.Micheal thanked the family members of Cl. Ashwin Macwan in Gujarati for having given their son to the Salesian congregation and he assured them that the Lord would take his place in the family. He pointed out that making a ‘permanent commitment’ was praiseworthy in a world today that only believes in ‘temporary commitments’.
The next day Cl. Ashwin Macwan with other 19 clerics who were from different dioceses and congregations were ordained deacons by Bishop Valerian D'Souza, at the Papal Seminary. They chose the theme “Called to serve” for their diaconal ordination. In his homily, Bishop Valerian spoke about the ministry of service in the Church. He pointed out that deacons are called in a special way to serve with “LOVE”. After the Eucharist, the deacons were congratulated for their courageous "yes" to the Lord. A felicitation programme was held for Dn. Ashwin Macwan which was then followed by lunch for his family members at Don Bosco Youth Centre.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Elias Dias sdb
MUMBAI, FEBRUARY 15, 2010: The Southern Zonal Conference of Salesian Cooperators was held on February 14, 2010 at Don Bosco provincial house, Matunga. The members of the southern provinces of India; Fr. K. J. Louis, national delegate of the Salesian Cooperators and Mr. K. V. Francis, councilor and the cooperator participated in it.

The programme began with the Holy Eucharist in the crypt by Fr. Michael Fernandes, Provincial and other concelebrants. At the beginning, Fr. Elias Dias, provincial delegate of Mumbai province, welcomed the gathering and introduced Fr. Michael to the assembly. It was followed by self introduction by other members of the conference. In his homily Fr. Michael said that God wants us to be happy. After explaining the false notion of happiness he mentioned that the way of the Beatitudes is the true way to happiness. Happiness does not consist of what we have but what we are.

The official meeting of the conference was held in the A. V. hall of the Provincial House. Mrs. Frieda D’Souza welcomed the guests and presented a rose to all as a token of friendship. Sr. Phyllis Fernandes, national delegate of FMA conducted the prayer service.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and passed. During the morning session using PPT Fr. K. J. Louis gave an insight on the Preventive System of Don Bosco. He believed that when young people are surrounded by healthy and empowering environment and wise educators they would naturally grow and blossom, hence the first pre requisite for implementing Don Bosco’s educational system is the homely environment be it in the school, home or any where else. The environment could be characterized by reason, religion and kindness. Therefore the chief concern of the educator would be to create and maintain the right environment.

In the Preventive System the educators approach would be of accompaniment rather than supervision. The tern accompaniment implies that the educators are also on a journey along with the young. They are part of the system. The accompaniment becomes possible only in the climate of friendship, trust and genuine affection. In brief Be there, Be aware and Care. ‘Being there’ implies being present to the young and with the young and it is the key to a wholesome healthy and happy environment.’ Be aware’ implies having deep understanding of the young and their world. ‘Caring’ implies having heart of a father. It is not enough to love them but they must know that they are loved. In Don Bosco’s system whatever be the responsibility of the educator being there, being aware and giving care takes precedent at all times.

In the second talk Fr. K. J. Louis highlighted the characteristics of Christian leadership using the word charisma as an acrostic i.e. concern, health, action, result, influence, sensibility, motivation and affirmation.
Post lunch all the provinces read their reports about the implementation of the resolution of the Chennai Congress: Return to Don Bosco, return to the young.
A discussion was held on the Article 36 of the Project of Apostolic life. Mr. K. V. Francis read the minutes of the meeting held in Rome and informed that he had a very fruitful world council meeting. The meeting was mainly to discuss the organizational challenge and finalization of PAL document before the world congress 2012.

Mr. Wilfred Rebello proposed the vote of thanks and Ms.. Jacqueline from Chennai thanked the Mumbai province for hosting the meeting.


Ivo Coelho sdb
After the brilliant success in December 2009 at the District level Amateur Athletics Association, the young athletes of Don Bosco, Nashik have done well once again at the State level games held recently. Joel Mohite bagged first place and Pramod Thapa second place in the 100 m running race. Shrirag Pillai took the first place in the 800 m race, whereas Abhijit Singh took the first place in the javelin throw. The Don Bosco team also won the 4x100 m relay race.

At a function held on February 8, 2010, Mr. P. Vellarasu, Collector of Nashik, felicitated the athletes, singling out the Don Bosco team, with their principal Fr. Diego Nunes and physical instructor Mr. Padmakar Ghumre in a special way for having brought honour to the District.


Roshan Gonsalves sdb
Shelter Don Bosco has a new reason to rejoice now as VJTI threw open its grounds to shelter boys for games and for coaching. Shelter boys are always noted for the tremendous energy they have in the field of sports and dance. For the last couple of months there was a clash between school and games timings in the evening. As all were seeking the solution for this problem Don Bosco’s promise of Divine Providence proved to be true. Miraculously ABHI Foundation came forward to train shelter boys on VJTI grounds in the morning hours in different sports i.e. Hockey, Football and Cricket.
The auspicious inaugural ceremony took place on February 10, 2010 at VJTI ground at 8.30 am in the eminent presence of Fr. William Falcao, Director of Shelter Don Bosco, Dr. Narayan Khedker, director of VJTI, Mr. Ranjan Negi, former coach of Indian Hockey team and director of ABHI foundation. All of the above spoke in the praise of sports and encouraged boys to come up in life in spite of many obstacles and struggles.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Rohini Patrao
MUMBAI, FEBRUARY 12, 2010: Bending, twisting, twirling and rolling are art forms which requires great concentration and discipline and of course many years of hard training. This quote was proved right by the young lad's of St. Joseph's High School, Wadala at the third Mumbai City Artistic Gymnastic championship held at Bombay Physical Cultural Association Wadala on February 6-7, 2010.

Master Ajay Pardesi of STD VIII secured the third place in the Floor Exercise event in the U-17 group. In the U-10 group, Master Yash Pardesi of STD III stood first in the team event and second place in Vaulting Table event, whilst securing the third place in Floor Exercise.

Master Yash would also be representing Mumbai City in the state level Gymnastic meet at Nashik from February 19- 20, 2010.
St. Joseph's made a grand winning entry in the inter school Lawn Tennis tournament. Master Varun Thirtani of STD IV won the Mrs. Bhanuben Tanna Trophy for the boys in under 10 (singles) organised by Mumbai School Sports Association (M.S.S.A) at Garden Tennis academy Azad Maidan from January 27- February 6, 2010.
This maiden success was achieved when he defeated last years winner Master Alap Kanchanwala of Gopi Birla High School with the score of 9-2. Over 150 schools participated with over 300 boys vying for the title.


NERUL, FEBRAURY 12, 2010: Don Bosco Senior Secondary School, Nerul celebrated its Annual Day for the Pre-Primary and primary section on February 4 and 6, 2010 respectively.

The children of the pre-primary section put up a musical ‘Cinderalla’ with 100% participation from this section. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Mrs. Shobha Murthy, founder of the NGO ‘Aarambh’ located in Navi Mumbai and Dr. Suhas Warad, Paediatrician practicing at Nerul was the Guest of Honour.

For the primary annual day the Chief Guest was Fr. Michael Fernandes, Salesian Provincial of the Mumbai Province. Children from Class III performed a Prayer Dance and a Welcome Song. The children with the help of the teachers staged the musical ‘Lion King’. Children from Class I to Class VIII participated in the musical. Fr. Provincial also handed over the certificates for General Proficiency and 100% attendance for the year 2008-09. Fr. Principal read the annual report for the year.

Both the musicals were extremely impressive and brought out young talent and fresh enthusiasm among the children.


Franklin Coutinho
the Nasik Diocesan Youth Convention 2010 was held at St. Anne’s parish, Ahmednagar on February 6-7, 2010. 366 young people from 15 parishes participated contemplating on the “U in JesUs”/“Tu Christa Madhe”. Fr Anton, Convener and Nasik ICYM Diocesan Youth CEO welcomed the participants. To begin with the boarding girls of Sacred Heart Convent set the spiritual mood with a prayer dance and lighting of the lamp.. This was followed by lighting of lamp.

An open air session began with the Chief Guest Dr. Suresh Pathare Director of CSRD giving a keynote address on the value of youth and the contributions they can offer to the church and society. Amidst the action,”Yuvanayak” a new youth magazine was launched by Kantilal Patole. Br. Rickson conducted icebreakers and group-building games. Paul and the music ministry team from Agashi, Virar, then led the group congregated in the church into Praise and Worship and adoration. After supper, a power packed clap-filled campfire was pioneered by Fr. Briston. The relentless Br. Rickson and energetic Br. McEnroe kept all on their toes and brought the first day to an end.

Sunday began with breakfast for all. This was followed by mass with the parishioners of St. Anne’s being present in large numbers. Fr. Prakash Bhalerao S.J.preached the homily inviting the youth to look at their lives in comparison to the values of Christ’s gospel. The message of Archbishop Felix Machado of Vasai and Bishop Allywn Baretto of Sindhudurg Diocese was read by Fr. Anton at Mass, from the “Nagarvani” magazine launched the previous day. The sky was then covered with a rainbow of rising colored balloons, party poppers and pigeons to kick-start the NDYC 2010 explosion as a moment to relish & recall.

Post lunch the youth participated in a workshop conducted by Amar and Anand of the Don Bosco Development Office, Matunga on Career Options based on the study of one’s aptitude and personality development matched with accessibility of jobs in the marketplace and economic remuneration possible. The youth found this relevant & constructive.

Fr. Bento conducted the evaluation of the NDYC 2010 with the help of the youth Animators and leaders in their Parish groups, inviting all the youth to unite to plan, decide and execute strategies of how to be more involved in the Indian Catholic Youth Movement (ICYM) at many levels.

What was apparent was that the youth came in with their cares and left care-free. Fr. Anton thanked Fr. Prakash Bhalerao SJ for accompanying the youth through the entire day and a half. .. This concluded the sixth NDYC 2010 which was conceptualized in October when Fr. Anton went to Sindhudurg for the Western Region Youth Convention. Thanks to the energy, services and time given by all the various groups of parishioners in St Anne’s, Nagar, this event was a mighty success.. May our youth lead this part of the Catholic Church into a New future…This is our Human expectation, our Christian hope and Salesian dream for the young people of the Nasik diocese.


Avleen Baptist
YERWADA, FEBRUARY 11, 2010: On February 7, 2010 the Youth group of the Yerwada parish organized a youth get-together for the 40 zones that existed in the parish. The basic idea of the get- together was networking with the youth of various zones and trying to form youth groups with the help of the Parish Council members.

The get- together began invoking the blessing of God and thereafter Fr. Franics, Parish Priest addressed the youth, enthusing them to take more initiative and grow in leadership qualities. Ice breakers made the youngsters feel more at home and this added interaction amongst youngsters of various zones.
Mr. Allan Doulton, a renowned orator at top companies was optimistic and thus took the invitation to share his knowledge of networking and the skills in being a good organizer. His interaction with the youth helped them to broaden their mindsets and thus making them aware that these leadership qualities would be an important tool for their future.

As the youngsters are Tech Savvy, Br. Savio D’Souza, the youth animator of the parish invited the youth to join the social networking site “Face book” where the youth members had initiated a new group called “Youth group of Yerwada”. This would help the animators to be in touch with the youngsters making networking and communication easier.
This initial start was a great success and the animators are sure that it will help them reach out to many more youngsters.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Prakash Nathan
SATPUR, FEBRUARY 10, 2010: On February 7, 2010 the renovated church of St. Dominic Savio, Satpur was inaugurated. The programme began with a prayer of blessing in Marathi by Fr. Nelson Falcao, Parish Priest. After the prayer a 14 feet statue, a copy of the one at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was unveiled by the Salesian Vice-Provincial, Fr. Ajoy Fernandes and the ribbon was cut by Mr. Elias Marshall D’Souza who along with his brother Richard have been the main donors for this renovation project. Fr. Ajoy handed over the key of the newly installed tabernacle Fr. Nelson. About five to six hundred people were present from Satpur as well as from Don Bosco, College Road and from all the neighbouring parishes. After the blessing the faithful and the nine concelebrants proceeded to the sanctuary of the Church. The main celebrant was Fr. Maurice Henriques, S.J. The sanctuary has undergone a major interior decoration with a new wooden ceiling, a wooden background made of Burma Teak, a new wooden tabernacle, a new altar in the shape of open hands, 14 feet high cross and a baptismal font.

The Eucharistic celebration was followed by the felicitation programme wherein the main benefactors of the renovation project, 15 priests, the architect and contractors were felicitated. The fellowship meal which followed was sponsored by the D’Souza Brothers in loving memory of their parents, Mr. Marshall and Mrs. Christin D’Souza.

Thanks to the D’Souza brothers and their families, all the priests, Parish Council members, the Mahila Mandal and the Youth Group which worked very hard so that the faithful of Satpur get a Church which looks more prayerful and which would help in building up of devotion.


Crescens Lemos sdb
MUMBAI, FEBRUARY 10, 2010: Climate change, green house effect, Copenhagen etc… is much being talked about. However besides talking, Don Bosco Matunga decided to ‘DO’ something about it. Don Bosco, Matunga is happy to be a part of the green team, and this time taking it to another level altogether. Don Bosco, Matunga is one of the first schools to place solar cells or better known as Solar Photovoltaic cells on the rooftop for the production of Green Electricity.
The cost for fossil fuels is increasing gradually and so is the supply. Not much of the fossil fuels are left in the earth’s reservoirs’. Considering the fact that the student is reading this in his text book it was deemed necessary to give it a practical application. Thus in order to enhance the learning capacity of the student, (seeing is believing) the management opted to install the solar photovoltaic project. This is also an eye opener for many of the students.
We need to make our education more meaningful. Considering this as a Pilot project we hope to take it ahead so that one day we will say Don Bosco, Matunga is a school functioning on green energy. This is the green generation, to make the planet beautiful and clean.


Loreen Fernandes
VIRAR, FEBRUARY 5, 2010: The Resurrection Church at Virar added another feather to its cap with the launch of the Community Care Centre on January 31, 2010.
The concept was suggested by the parishioners and was duly supported by Fr. Edwin keeping in mind the needs of the parishioners, many of whom are economically disadvantaged. The CCC also aims at making individuals financially self-sufficient by training them in order to secure gainful employment.

Services provided by the CCC include guidance in the field of medicine, law, counseling, finance and employment. Well qualified professionals in each of the above mentioned fields will render their services on a voluntary basis every fortnight, as per a time schedule. As part of its infra-structure, the CCC includes an employment bureau, that will liaison between potential employers and those seeking employment in different fiends including catering and domestic work. Computer knowledge is available too. Training in the field of tailoring will be introduced first.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Rita D’Souza
Don Bosco Senior Secondary School, Nerul celebrated the month of Don Bosco with great fervor and enthusiasm. Various activities like drawing and painting depicting an aspect of Don Bosco’s life or work; short essays on ’What Don Bosco means to me”, notice boards and posters on Don Bosco’s life and sanctity, and even a Power point presentation prepared by a particular class, poems and learning as many hymns dedicated to Don Bosco, were undertaken in the school. The children were actively involved in all these activities, which made it a success.

Reflections by a student and Novena prayers to Don Bosco were recited during the morning assembly everyday starting January 22, 2010. A ‘Good morning talk’ was given by different teachers on Don Bosco, each day, illustrating their thoughts with incidents from his life.

During the same week, the art teacher Mrs. Kiran Mhatre conducted a Drawing competition in the school. The topic for the drawing competition was ‘Life of Don Bosco’. Children from Class I and II had a colouring competition and Class III to VIII had a painting competition. The children, class wise, were shown a movie on the life of Don Bosco. A Notice Board competition was held where in each class had to decorate the notice board of their class keeping in mind the topic ‘Don Bosco’.

On January 30, 2010 the school organized a cultural program for the students. All the catholic students had Mass in the A.V hall together with a few parents and the Non Catholics had a prayer service in the assembly hall. After the prayer service and mass all the children gathered together in the assembly hall for a well prepared cultural programme. A Prayer Dance by class VIII , Speeches, Hymns, Thoughts on Don Bosco, Action Songs by the Pre-Primary, Quotes from Don Bosco, A Skit – ‘Right Man for the Job’ by Class VII and VIII, Choral Recitation of a poem on Don Bosco, by Class IV were the various programs put forth by the students.

Overall, the entire month of January contributed to the spiritual growth and increase in the knowledge of Don Bosco, at Don Bosco, Nerul.


Rita D’Souza
NASHIK, FEBRUARY 4, 2010: The Feast of Don Bosco was celebrated January 31, 2010 with pomp and religious fervour in Don Bosco Parish, Nashik. The mass animation and the decoration of the altar was done by the Parish youth group. The singing was done by the youth and some brothers from Divyadaan. The main celebrant for the day was the Fr. Elson Barretto sdb, Provincial Economer. Fr. Elson had chosen the theme of the Strenna of this year, “I want to see Jesus” for his homily. He gave many insights on the theme by giving many examples of persons from the Bible who desired to see Jesus and how either they found Jesus or Jesus found them. He also illustrated examples from the Bible of persons who did not allow Jesus to look into their hearts. Thoughts on Don Bosco and 150 Years of the Salesian Foundation were interspersed through his homily.

After the final hymn, the revived “Bosco Samachar”, the Parish Bulletin was released at the hands of Fr. Elson. Thanks to the hard work of the Editorial Team, Mrs. Rita D’Souza, Miss Sushma Shriwastwa, Master Suryakant Shriwastwa and the Head of the Team, Fr. Nelson Falcao, Parish Priest.

After the Eucharistic Celebration there followed a Festive Dinner for all the Salesians of the three communities, the religious and priests from the neighbouring communities and parishes, parish council members from both Don Bosco Church and Dominic Savio Church, Satpur, youth Group representatives, benefactors, friends and well-wishers. There were a total of about 250 people for the Festive Chinese Dinner. All in all it was an event to cherish and remember.


SUKET, FEBRUARY 4, 2010: “Kya aap cheemaza ho?” The Rajasthani take on the popular “Are You Mr. Cheemasa” directed by Fr. Glen Fernandes sdb had the simple village folk of Salawad in splits on the feast on St. John Bosco.
The chief guest for the occasion was the Bishop of Ajmer, Rt. Rev. Ignatius Menezes. In his brief speech he appreciated and commended the hard work and skills exhibited by the students of Don Bosco Madhyamik Vidhyalaya and wished the present class X students to excel in their studies too. The occasion was also utilized to distribute the sports and academic certificates and trophies to the deserving students.

The chief guest, guests of honour, parents and friends appreciated the vision, hard work and patience of the management and staff in staging a three act play in times when the charm of the theatre seems to be fading in the face of item dances and multimedia assisted programmes.


Chris Valentino sdb
Tej-Prasarini, Don Bosco Communications commemorated the feast of St. John Bosco on Sunday, January 31, 2010 with a triple spiritual offering to the devout public.

‘Pray - Sing’ Vol. 1 comprising 9 compact discs containing Hymns 1-238 from Pray - Sing the hymnal for liturgical and paraliturgical services was officially released by Rev. Fr. Michael Fernandes, Provincial of the Salesian Province of Mumbai in the presence of Fr. Ronald Menezes – Provincial Delegate for Social Communications and the ecstatic parishioners of St. John Bosco Church, Borivli at the Holy Eucharist in the morning. Later in the evening, Fr. Edwin D’Souza, Rector of the Shrine of Mary Help of Christians, released the same at the solemn festal mass at the Shrine grounds, in commemoration of the hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the Salesian Congregation. Speaking on the occasion Fr. Joaquim Fernandes, Director of Tej-Prasarini appreciated the painstaking efforts of the team involved, Mr. Amon Daniels and choir while commenting: “This compact disc is being released so that you may learn well, teach well, praise well and thus pray twice.”

‘You Are Mine’ a lyrical tribute to Priesthood penned by Cl. Savio D’Souza sdb and set to music by Joey Mendoza was also released at the solemn festal mass at Don Bosco Matunga. The lyricist Cl. Savio expressed his sentiments thus, “May this be a useful tool for meditative reflection and spiritual bonding with the numerous priests who minister to the faithful everywhere, in the footsteps of Christ, in this year of the Priest.”

‘Lives of Saints’ Vol. 1 & 2 a posthumous publication by the Sisters of St. Paul, authored by Fr. Vincent Vaz sdb of revered memory too was released on this festive occasion.

The light thus continues to spread, glowing brighter day by day.


Loreen Fernandes
VIRAR, FEBRUARY 3, 2010: The celebration of the feast of Don Bosco on January 31, 2010 marked the culmination of the solemn novenas at Resurrection Church, Virar in honor of our founder. The festive mass was celebrated by Fr. Edison Fernandes currently based in Nasik. In his homily, he enunciated 7 principles on sound parenting with relevant examples from the life of Mama Margaret and Don Bosco.

The spectacular celebration that followed in the evening on the church ground, was aptly entitled BOSCO BONDING – 2010. The brain child of Fr. Edwin Colaco, the aim behind the get-together was to provide an evening of enjoyment to each parishioner, especially the economically disadvantaged therefore, the cost was borne by the church.
The novelty of the concept and the meticulous planning that went into the event ensured a huge turnout of parishioners. Children, youth, adults and seniors came in large numbers. There were 1050 parishioners for the programme which began with the wedding march and this set the ball rolling for an evening of fun and dance. A round of housie preceded the delicious meal provided for all.

Every parishioner experienced an overwhelming sense of gratitude to our Parish team – Fr. Blany and Fr. Edwin for their thoughtfulness and generosity.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010



BIS mumbai






Chris Valentino sdb

MUMBAI, FEBRUARY 3, 2010: Tej-Prasarini, Don Bosco Communications commemorated the feast of St. John Bosco on Sunday, January  31, 2010 with a triple spiritual offering to the devout public.


'Pray - Sing' Vol. 1 comprising 9 compact discs containing Hymns 1-238 from Pray - Sing the hymnal for liturgical and paraliturgical services was officially released by Rev. Fr. Michael Fernandes, Provincial of the Salesian Province of Mumbai in the presence of Fr. Ronald Menezes – Provincial Delegate for Social Communications and the ecstatic parishioners of St. John Bosco Church, Borivli at the Holy Eucharist in the morning. Later in the evening, Fr. Edwin D'Souza, Rector of the Shrine of Mary Help of Christians, released the same at the solemn festal mass at the Shrine grounds, in commemoration of the hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the Salesian Congregation. Speaking on the occasion Fr. Joaquim Fernandes, Director of Tej-Prasarini appreciated the painstaking efforts of the team involved, Mr. Amon Daniels and choir while commenting: "This compact disc is being released so that you may learn well, teach well, praise well and thus pray twice."


'You Are Mine' a lyrical tribute to Priesthood penned by Cl. Savio D'Souza sdb and set to music by Joey Mendoza was also released at the solemn festal mass at Don Bosco Matunga. The lyricist Cl. Savio expressed his sentiments thus, "May this be a useful tool for meditative reflection and spiritual bonding with the numerous priests who minister to the faithful everywhere, in the footsteps of Christ, in this year of the Priest."


'Lives of Saints' Vol. 1 & 2 a posthumous publication by the Sisters of St. Paul, authored by Fr. Vincent Vaz sdb of revered memory too was released on this festive occasion.


The light thus continues to spread, glowing brighter day by day.



Don Bosco Provincial House,

Matunga, Mumbai - 400 019