Monday, March 29, 2010


Glenford Lowe sdb
GUJARAT, MARCH 29, 2010: 28 youngsters from various parts of Mumbai ventured on a ‘holiday with a difference’ to the Salesian Missions of Gujarat. Led by Fr. Brian Moras, Fr. Glenn and Br. Jesu, the youngsters left for Vadodara on March 25, 2010 for what would eventually be a life changing experience for one and all.
The Mission Camp invited young students of STD X, XII and College to get a firsthand experience of the Salesian Missions of Gujarat. Travelling through the mission stations the young Mission Campers listened to the dreams turned realities by the many pioneers in Gujarat. The difficulties and challenges faced by the Salesians down the years –physical assaults, tragic accidents, political and religious persecutions… the blood of many Salesians mingled in the soil of Gujarat …were but a few drops in the ocean of God’s daily miracles of protection and providence. Twenty five years down the line, the joyful witnessing by the Salesians still continues. The young missionaries were challenged to trust God, believe in their potential and to bring greater meaning to the lives of the tribals around.

The youngsters were also challenged by the many difficulties faced by the tribals of the land and the many social developmental works undertaken by the Salesians to empower the youth and the people of the land. The ‘City’ youngsters were no match to the students in the missions… they lost 3-2 to the under- 14 State Champions!!!!

Without doubt, every camper was touched by the warm hospitality of the Salesians and the simple life style of everyone in the missions. The daily Eucharistic celebrations, the 30 km joy ride on a Tractor, the blistering heat, the tasty food, the lively Ratwa dances and beats, the joy and family spirit of every community added spice to the Mission Camp 2010.
The harvest is great, but the laborers are few…. Many a youngster took time to respond to God’s invitation in their lives. True to their commitment at the start of the Mission Trip, the youngsters will be back for more challenging experiences in the future. All said and done, one could whispers of gratitude “Thanks for making our holiday, a holiday with a difference.”

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Francis D’Souza

VIRAR, MARCH 23, 2010: The Community Care Centre of the Resurrection Parish, Virar was inaugurated on the feast of Don Bosco, January 31, 2010. The Centre got off to a flying start by organizing a health camp, which was a huge success. Hardly a month had elapsed, after its maiden venture of conducting the health camp, the Community Care Centre embarked on yet another ambitious project - to empower the economically weak women of the neighbourhood area by ensuring that they pick up a livelihood skill.

The Community Care Centre, under the aegis of Fr. Edwin Colaco, networked with the CMIE and organized a tailoring course for the women who belong to the economically weaker section. There are 20 women taking advantage of the livelihood skill provided to them. The course commenced on Saturday, March 20, 2010. The duration of the course is one month. The CMIE has taken full charge and they are sending a teacher to instruct the participants. The concerned authorities have also promised to help the women in marketing the products which women will prepare after the course.

The CCC is hardly a couple of months old. But the enthusiasm which they generate and the dedication they exhibit, they will go a long way in helping the economically poor people of the area.


Ranald Lopes sdb
CHHOTAUDEPUR, MARCH 23, 2010: World women’s Day was actually celebrated on March 8, 2010 but better late than never, Lok Seva Kendra, Chhotaudepur decided to have a day of celebration for the women of the SHG groups. The theme was in keeping with the national theme for this year, "Equal rights, Equal Opportunities and Progress for all". 150 women from our 11 SHG groups gathered for the festive occasion in their traditional Rathwi costumes. Mrs.Gangaben Rathwa, Inspector for the Primary Education of the Taluka was the chief guest who spoke of women's rights and women coming out to demand their rights and making use of all the schemes and rights that were reserved for them. The women also took an oath to make a change in society by empowering themselves, which was the highlight of the programme. As many as 6 groups sang and danced to their traditional folk songs. There were also moments of games and fellowship and what was beautiful was to see all the women dancing to the beat of the Dholia. This was a first of this kind to find so many of the village women come together, and we hope that this begins the road to women's empowerment which the Government of India upholds with it latest Women's Bill.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Ranald Lopes sdb
CHHOTAUDEPUR, MARCH 22, 2010: An evening of prayer and recollection was organized in preparation of Easter at the Muktidayani Parish, Chhotaudepur on the evening of March 20, 2010. Mrs. Nirmamlaben Parmar a nurse from Ahmedabad, came to animate the crowd. She is blessed with the gift and ministry of preaching; testimony of divine Intervention and other graces received led the people through a prayerful recollection.

It was heartwarming to see well over hundred parishioners from the parish gather for the recollection. Mrs. Nirmalaben through her powerful preaching and message for this Lenten preparation seemed to have made a powerful impact by explaining the importance of the Eucharist and the sacrament of reconciliation. It is an opportunity and events like these of collective prayer and worship that bring out the true faith of the faithful.


Rosario Vaz sdb, Bento D’Souza sdb
AHMEDNAGAR, MARCH 22, 2010: “India lives in its villages,” these words of Nehru proved to be truly prophetic on Sunday, March 21, 2010. 254 children from 13 villages around BGVK performed beyond all expectations and came up with an energy packed Dances and Radio Arts (songs, skits, plays, drama, speeches, jokes, mimicry and talks).

“This did not happen by chance but by dint of a year of hard regular, singleminded, persistent team work,” said Fr. Rosario Vaz, the man behind the scene. “In the beginning, there were a lot of difficulties to hold evening studies in the villages, the girl-children were not allowed to come as they had to attend to household work, funds were not available, distances were too much for children to walk for the evening classes and return late at night. Educating the village child is difficult because of their mindset. Why do girls need to study if they are to be given in marriage? This is a question most often in parents’ minds. Looking at the melava it was encouraging for the organizers and for the children themselves to realize that the sky is the limit. It brought out the best in them in terms of hidden talent and skills. Their performances made them see themselves as productive members of society. Gratitude goes to the Fr. Edwin D’Souza, Rector of the Shrine, Matunga for sponsoring the event.”

The whole program began with a prayer recited by a child and a speech by Fr. Alex Gonsalves. The Director of CSRD, Dr. Suresh Pathare was the Chief Guest. An entire galaxy of dances was performed with gusto and verve. On stage, they were transformed into dancing queens, princesses and ballerinas. In all, 89 participants performed on stage in a total of 25 items. At the start of the music as if touched by magic, decked in beautiful ornamented costumes they danced with josh, pomp and timing making it an event difficult to forget. The children needed no supervision during the event and the discipline was praiseworthy.

After lunch, a few dances still carried on. The children prepared the dances and performed without any adult help. All received prizes. Each one left with a T- shirt and token prizes. With the BGVK idols shining, the future of India is bright. BGVK, the premier institution that takes care of the grassroots has arrived at a point of focus, caring for the education of the future generation. Truly, the villages are lovely, dark and deep and there are promises to keep, and miles to walk before we sleep, but for now it is, “Bravo BGVKan Idols!!!”


Kamlesh Dodia
NARUKOT, MARCH 22, 2010: The campus of Don Bosco, Narukot was vibrant and vivacious from dawn to dusk on March 14, 2010, when nearly five hundred children from 28 villages had a march past of sorts with their tutors. The Balmela organized by Narukot Education Society under Village Education Project managed by Fr. Brian and Coordinator Ms. Bharti saw these children enjoying themselves singing songs, dancing ‘timli’ and having scrumptious food generously served by the students of the technical institute. Innovative and children friendly games put up in well organized stalls by the boarders trapped the attention of the children where they had a chance to win a variety of prizes.

A splendid cultural show prepared by the little children and students of both school and technical followed. It was marked by the esteemed presence of the chief guests Rev. Frs. Richard and Byron sdb, sarpanchs of nearby villages and other invited guests. Fr. Byron in his speech stressed on three important things: positive thoughts, hard work and honesty.

Fr. Brian in his thanks giving speech took a note of meticulous efforts of Frs. Stanny, Bros. Damodar, Ajay, Ruban, Justus, Romero and other staff members for organizing this magnificent ‘mela’.


Dominic Martis sdb
March 13, 2010 was an important day for the adivasi women of Alirajpur, who came together for their very first Women’s Day celebration at Alirajpur Shaikshanik Samajik Kendra (ASSK). About 130 women from the villages around Alirajpur attended the celebration.

The festivities began with the women welcoming the special guest, Ms. Shobna Omkar (President of the Women’s Congress, Alirajpur), as well as the oldest and youngest members in the gathering. After this, the entire crowd proceeded to the hall for the lighting of the lamp and the Chief Guest’s address. The programme continued with groups from various villages performing songs in their traditional style. Later in the day, the SDM of Alirajpur District, Ms. Jamuna Bhinde, also joined the celebration.
The highlight of the programme was the inspiring speech given by Kavliben from Bhedwa village, who spoke about the power of collective action by women, the strength and capabilities of rural people and her own pride in being an adivasi woman.

The programme concluded with dancing, singing and gifts for all the participants. For the women of Alirajpur as well as the staff of ASSK, the event underlined the importance of building the strength of the community, and especially of the women.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


NEW DELHI, MARCH 20, 2010: The Salesians of Don Bosco work to strengthen the participation of the young and those living in poverty in the discussions at the UN and in formulating policies and decisions that affect their lives. Salesians have a preferential option for marginalized, vulnerable, and/or excluded youth. They partner with the young to strengthen and support their human and spiritual development, responding to their perceived needs and accompanying them as they become agents for change in their individual lives and in society.

The new website is designed to provide easy access to information about the work of the Salesians, especially in areas that are of special concern in the deliberations of the United Nations member states. Additionally, it provides access to links within the UN system and to other resources to help educate the visitors to the site in areas of interest, with special concern for the young. In addition to providing regular updates from UN and Salesian sources the website will be using the social networks of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to keep visitors up to date with tweets, comments and videos. The readers are invited to become fans of those sites as well as to make a favorite in their web browser.

Members of the Salesian family are encouraged to provide a link to this site from their own websites. News of any projects, with photos and videos that you would like to submit for consideration for inclusion on the site can be sent to the UN Office of the Salesians by simply clicking the email link found on the site. Be sure to visit from March 19, 2010.

Friday, March 19, 2010


AHMEDNAGAR, MARCH 19, 2010: As the time draws near to commemorate the passion, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Church calls the faithful to practice holiness. For the common preparation of this mystery, the CRI Ahmednagar sub-unit of the Catholic Diocese of Nashik met on Tuesday March 16, 2010 at St. Thomas Church, Kedgaon, Ahmednagar (run by the Vincentian Congregation) for a recollection. Fr. John Misquitta sj, the Judicial Vicar and former president of the Nashik Unit spoke on the latest encyclical of Benedict XVI Caritas in Veritate. Highlighting the present situation of globalisation in the context of development, Fr. Misquitta reminded the 45 religious of the sub – unit about the real nature they possess. “There should be an integral human development, upholding the rights of each person and an equitable sharing of resources to promote social justice” he added.

There was a time for personal prayer in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament and to receive the sacrament of reconciliation.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


WALVANDA, MARCH 17, 2010: World women’s day was celebrated with much pomp at the Walvanda Centre, Jawhar block on March 10, 2010. The theme of the programme was to give “equality of right, equal opportunity to every one”. The purpose of organizing such a program was to encourage women to come forward and bring togetherness for the sustainable development of women through mobilization of women. Around 500 women participated in the event with enthusiasm.
The programme started with the welcoming of women and the chief guest Mr. M.D.Gangurde the Tahsildar of Jawhar and offering garlands to Savitribai Phule by Fr. Anaclate with other guest. The introductory address was delivered by Mr. Sanjay Shinde wherein he shared the history of celebrating women’s day and the background of the organization.

M. D. Gangurde addressed the women on women development schemes. He mainly focused on schemes and their benefits which women should avail at the village level. An action song followed in which the women took part whole heartedly. Dr. Kshirsagar focused on poverty and its linkages to women’s underdevelopment. He spoke about general problems faced by women and how it affects the development process through various live examples. He also talked about importance of self help groups. Dr. Aruna Patil talked about Women’s health and their problems.

Fr. Anaclete addressed the women and mentioned that he was happy to see a large gathering. He added that the organization is ready to support and enhance the skills of women through various training programmes.
A memorable cultural programme followed. The vote of thanks was proposed by Mr. Melvin Pangya.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Natasha Almeida
MUMBAI, MARCH 16, 2010: Approximately four hundred and fifty youngsters flocked to the Shrine of Don Bosco, Matunga on the night of March 13, 2010, and their sole purpose was ‘To see Jesus’. Till the early hours of the next day these youngsters had a colloquy with Jesus by way of the DBYS Night Vigil 2010.

Fr. Brian Moras sdb, Coordinator of the night vigil along with his lively volunteers, most of them Youth Paschers, animated the vigil in keeping with the Strenna of the Congregation, ‘Sir, we want to see Jesus’. The program began with the customary registrations. As the crowd was trickling in the shrine the Vigil Lights In Praise Foundation an eighteen member spiritual musical group set the tone to the prayerful evening by leading the participants into Praise and Worship.

The early hours of the night vigil saw an interactive, spirited, & creative session on the theme ‘Quest for Jesus’, wherein the participants were asked to fill in a very personal questionnaire on meeting Jesus face to face. As the session progressed it was the creativity of one of the volunteers who beautifully and literally put a face to the questions on Jesus. Jesus is amongst us, he could be any one of us – we are invited to recognize him in the mundane.

The next segment was a talk show ‘Jesus 24 x 7’, which touched on the questions that today’s youth would like to ask Jesus. During the weeks of preparation for the vigil a group of volunteers documented the various questions of youngsters in a visual road show format. This video led to the participants of the night asking questions to the panel which included a mix of a priest, a parishioner, a professional, and a youth. This segment portrayed that the youth, inspite of taking the risks and doing it all still haven’t found what they are looking for. The session led to the genuine realization that Jesus is the answer to all our questions.

After a refreshing coffee break it was time to celebrate the sacrament of reconciliation. Fr. Wilfred D’Souza sdb, very candidly threw light on the healing love of Jesus and encouraged the youngsters to experience the loving embrace of the father through confession.


BORIVLI, MARCH 16, 2010: Bosco Boys Home celebrated International Women’s day with a programme for all slum women from Borivli and Dahisar areas. It was a magnificent gathering of the more than 600 women from the slums to celebrate their unity on March 13, 2010.

The programme began with welcoming the guests by way of Aarti and garlands. Mrs. Nanda Kambli along with Mrs. Dolcy D’Souza introduced the chief guest and other honorable guests. This was followed by lighting the lamp by Fr. Anaclete D’mello, Fr. Anthony Santarita, Mr. Prasad Mokashi, Assistant Editor of Loksatta, Mr. Vijay Kadam, Mrs. Kunda Nilkhanth, Mr. Suresh Mangoakar, Director of Jan Shikshan Sanstha and Mr. B Bhalerao, Aparna Kulkarni from the BMC office were also present for this occasion.

Mr. Melvin Pangya gave the introductory speech and Mrs. Kunda Nilkhanth spoke about how the reservation bill will help in empowering women. Mr. V. N. Kulkarni, Retired Deputy General Manager of Bank of India spoke about the new programmes that banks in Mumbai have launched. Fr. Anaclete stressed that women have a lot of power and courage to prove. The women should not limit themselves with only savings but also involve themselves in other activities to support their families. The organization is ready to expand its support not only to women but also wants to reach out to youth and children of the area. He also mentioned the various courses that are conducted in the premises for poor and drop out youths.

Mr. Prasad Mokashi, threw light on the importance of women’s unity. He emphasized that women have a lot of potential and should look beyond the Papad and Pickle business.

Mr. Dayanand Patil and Br. Maurice took eager interest in making this programme a success by mobilizing the local Mandals and people. A big thank you to Bank of India and Genesis Academy of Banking and Finance Trust who were the main sponsors for the programme.


Surekha Pednekar
MUMBAI, MARCH 16, 2010: It was an afternoon packed with great energy and good cheer as Women’s Day was celebrated in Dharavi on Saturday, March 13, 2010. This event, organized by Don Bosco Development Society (DBDS), witnessed the turnout of well over a 1000 women from different slum communities in Mumbai. Besides the women from the Self Help Groups promoted by DBDS in Dharavi, there were women from Matunga, Mahim, Wadala, Sewri, Kurla, Santacruz, Andheri and Jogeswhari.

The programme got underway with a prayer song and dance, after which the lamp was lit by the dignitaries on the stage. These guests of honour included Ms. Ramila Begum from Yuva; Ms. Varsha Parchure from Apnalaya; Mr. Robin Thomas from Tata Trent; Mr. Savrimuthu, General Manager of Indian Bank; Fr. Edwin D’Souza, Rector of Provincial House; and Fr. Elson Barretto, Director of DBDS. Other senior officials from the Mumbai Municipal Corporation were also present on the dais.

The afternoon saw a good mix of speeches by the dignitaries and cultural items by the women. While Ms. Ramila Begum and Ms. Varsha Parchure spoke on the theme of water, Mr. Robin Thomas focused on the issue of plastic bags and the environmental problems they caused. Mr. Savrimuthu enlightened the audience on the micro-credit schemes being promoted by the Indian Bank and also distributed loan cheques to 18 different SHGs amounting to a total of Rupees Forty Five lacs, to be used for launching small business enterprises. Fr. Elson Barrreto described the various initiatives undertaken by DBDS in the city, especially the women’s development programmes. The highlight of the evening was a Fashion Show Contest in which 25 women participated. These contestants, decked up as ‘new brides’, walked the ramp to the enthusiastic applause of the audience. The programme concluded with the distribution of certificates to 175 women who had successfully completed a variety of skills training courses organized by DBDS in different slum areas in the city.


Denver D’Silva sdb
NASHIK, MARCH 15, 2010: The young clerics had a wonderful three day session on Salesian Youth Spirituality (SYS) in Nashik from March 12- 14, 2010. They were led to a self discovery of their vocation in the light of the SYS by Fr. Ajoy Fernandes and Fr. Glenn Lowe. They facilitated this as a part of the province program for training the confreres in youth spirituality.

The first day was conducted by Fr. Glenn. He gave the brothers insights on the whole aspect of understanding the youth and dealing with them. He prepared the ground for them to think in ways that they can not only identify with the youth but also be able to get them closer to themselves and be able to get optimum results from the energy they possess. Fr. Ajoy stressed on the importance of having a vision for the young and in implicit ways teaching them to realize their potentials. While doing so the Frs. helped the brothers to stretch their minds and discover the talent within them. They presented to the brothers the 12 elements of the SYS and challenged them to prepare forty minute sessions on 5 of the elements. Each session was planned to cater to the needs of different target groups. This was necessary to help the brothers understand the need to be able to adapt the one Salesian Spirit in different contexts, for example, the rural youth, urban youth and the street youth and even these were divided into different age groups.

The second and the third day were spent by the brothers in preparing and presenting the sessions. The Frs. were very helpful in giving timely insights and questioning the practicality of the sessions. The brothers were very creative in making use of not only the high tech media but also being able to make use of natural and simple tools which are the only things available in the villages. The animating group would conduct the session for the brothers treating them as their target audience and the brothers whole heartedly behaved like the target group thus further more enlivening the sessions. The sessions consisted of a starter which led to the theme and it was interspersed with songs and other aids which would be there abundantly in the target settings. This subtly kept imposing the theme and it ended with commitments being made by the youth for a betterment of their behavior and thinking.

Towards the end the Frs. conducted an evaluation of the three days and asked for suggestions for the future. The course ended with the brothers making commitments to go out in the world to do their best and be able youth ministers to the young. On the whole the SYS had a deep impact on the brothers. Many voiced out that this course had helped them to change their perception of seeing themselves not as youth workers but as youth ministers. The brothers were really grateful to the Frs. for helping them have a vision for their future apostolate.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Nerul Correspondent

NERUL, MARCH 15, 2010: The Salesian Cooperators of the Don Bosco Nerul Unit gathered together on the morning of March 14, 2010 for their half day with God. The Program began with an adoration service, where the group prayed for their needs, and the needs of the house and the province. A reflection on the 'Temptations of Jesus' was offered by Fr. Vivian D'Souza, the animator. The group then spent time reflecting on this gospel passage as it gave them a lot of food for thought for their personal lives. This hour concluded with a benediction service. After Tea break a power point presentation on "God speaks to us" made them rekindle the element of faith and trust in God's Word. This was followed by a beautifully animated "Way of the Cross" on power point, which took up the next hour. The final hour was devoted to personal reflection and to the celebration of the Eucharist at which Fr. Vivian initiated a lively shared reflection on the parable of the Prodigal Son (the day's gospel) and linked it up with the reflection of the 'Temptations of Jesus'. He challenged us to make a shift from a 'reckless faith' (the second temptation of Jesus & the younger son in the gospel), to a life of deep and lasting faith. This was exemplified in the parable, with the Prodigal Son's realization that his real place was not in the 'pig sty of the world' but in his Father's house, and hence the 'coming back' to the Father. He also emphasized the fact that our problems, anxieties and hurts come from our attitude of "rejection", as was manifested by the elder son. This area in our life needs a change. The Recollection concluded with a nicely prepared lunch. We thus left Don Bosco’s' nourished spiritually and materially.


Crescens Lemos sdb

MUMBAI, MARCH 15, 2010: As another scholastic year comes to a close, Don Bosco – Matunga added one more piece of silverware to the over crowded trophy cabinet - the Jesal Niranjan Ganjawalla Trophy for the Best School in Sports in Mumbai. It is one both players and coaches look forward to, at the end of each year, for Don Bosco, Matunga it is the Ninth consecutive year.

Here is a brief list of trophies won over the last couple of months alone:
Basketball Under 16 - Bandra Y.M.C.A.
Basketball Under 13 - Esmero Figueiredo Trophy ( M.S.S.A. )
Basketball Under 11 - Dr. Pramod Mehta Trophy ( M.S.S.A. )
Hockey Under 14 - Fr. Donnelly Cup ( M.S.S.A. )
Hockey Under 12 - Walter D’Souza Memorial Trophy ( M.S.S.A. )
Hockey Under 12 - Vijay Raheja Trophy ( M.S.S.A. )
Hockey Under 10 - Oliver Andrade Trophy ( M.S.S.A. )

With the junior boys doing just as well as their seniors, it isn’t hard to imagine the possibility of a Perfect TEN!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Don Bosco Summer Camps 2010

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Royal D’Souza
KURLA, MARCH 13, 2010: On the occasion of ‘Women’s day’ on March 8, 2010 NSS Unit from DBIT had organized a ‘Handicraft Exhibition cum sale’ programme at DBCL campus, Kurla. The objective of the programme was ‘To empower the women to become entrepreneurs’. The programme was organized in coordination with Women Self Help Groups (SHG) which are formed by BMC under the Suverna Jayanti Sahari Rojgar Yojna (SJSRY).

The program was inaugurated by Dr. P. Nambiar (Dean of Academics) in the presence of Fr. Edward D’Souza (Campus Administrator), Mr. Conrad Saldhana (Principal advisor) Dr. Joag (Principal, DBIT), teachers, students and NSS volunteers. In her inaugural speech Dr. Nambiar congratulated and appreciated all participants for their wonderful products and efforts which they put to make those articles. She encouraged all SHG members to come forward and take initiative to become decision makers in their families. After the inaugural function, respective dignitaries, students and teachers from campus visited the various stalls put up and patronized them.

The programme consisted of a handicrafts exhibition cum food mela. A total of 16 stalls were put up for the sale of various food items and handicraft articles. Some of these included chat stalls of Pani-Puri, Pav Bhaji, Idli and stalls for the sale of kurtas, artificial jewelleries, bags, files & folders etc...

The programme got over around 5:30pm. Ms. Tanvi and five NSS volunteers with the guidance of Mr. Royal D’souza (NSS Progamme officer) worked hard to make the programme a success.


BORIVLI, MARCH 13, 2010: The Parish Lenten Mission at St. John Bosco Church, Borivli, commenced on February 21, 2010 after the 5.30 pm mass. The Missions were scheduled for a week.

They were conducted by the Redemptorist Priests. The Parish was blessed to have Fr. Neville and Fr. Paul who spent two weeks in our parish. Visiting all the families was an important part of the mission. The mission proper began with the solemn enthronement of the Bible. Apart from the evening service, they even conducted a short service in the morning which used to begin at 6.45 am with mass. Many were seen attending the same. The evening service used to begin at 7.00 pm with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist followed by the preaching.

The service for each day focused on relevant topics that are very much needed in the world we live in. Topics like the Word of God, Parent-child relationship, Family, Confession, Blessed Mary and Suffering were few of the topics that they spoke on and helped the parishioners to ponder upon. The renewal of the marriage vows was also held on one of the days.

Being the season of Lent, the Way of the Cross was held on Friday. The Mission service ended on Saturday, February 27 with the Holy Eucharist. The week was truly an amazing and enriching time helping he parishioners to come closer to God and making them aware of their sinful lives. People from other parishes also participated in large numbers.

The Mission and the preaching might be over but not the mission of living good and fruitful lives. May this season of Lent be a holy and meaningful period to reconcile with God and our neighbours and thus add meaning to our lives.


Hema Shah
BARODA, MARCH 11, 2010: The Sixth annual day and sports meet of the Roshni Project of Don Bosco, Makarpura Road was celebrated on February 27, 2010 with great enthusiasm and happiness by 435 children from 16 slums of Baroda city. The annual day has been conceived as an important event under the Roshni project, as it provides an opportunity to showcase the multifarious talents of the underprivileged children regularly attending the non formal education program in the slum communities. The cultural program comprising of plays, dance dramas, folk songs and dances, bal geet or nursery rhymes brings out the confidence, grace and creativity of these young children.

This year’s cultural program had 15 such items –one from each slum community – and 272 children got the opportunity to participate in the cultural program whose broad theme was ‘Shikshan’ or Education. Thus each item talked about the various aspects of education including girls’ education and environment education. A play and a few songs also clearly highlighted the objectives and activities of the Roshni program.

The program was graced by the Chief Guest of the function, Mr. Joshi (retired DGM of ONGC) and the Guest of Honor, Mr. Patankar (an industrialist and a long time friend of Don Bosco, Baroda). Other guests included many Salesian friends such as Fr. Steve Director, Don Bosco Snehalaya; Sister Superiors from Auxilium Convent and Mother Theresa’s Home; Executive members of the ONGC Mahila Samiti and Fr. Brian from Narukot who very kindly helped with the sound system. The one hour forty five minutes cultural program began at 10.15 and by 11:45 Br. Tony, Administrator and In charge of the Roshni project gave the vote of thanks to all the benefactors and friends of Roshni who had contributed and had been instrumental in making the program a success .The guests were then taken for a small snack and the children enjoyed a free for all dance program. This was followed by a sumptuous lunch and by 3:00 pm the children were ready for the sports meet. Every class put up a small drill for the sports meet and every child participated in the drill. Thus all the 435 children got the opportunity to participate. However, the highlight of this program was the lezim drill done by the Akashwani class; this difficult traditional drill was performed to perfection by the young children. Later the children competed in different races organized for each ability group from all the classes.

The semi finals for all the races had been conducted on the previous day when the children had come for the stage practice. By 5 pm the children had their fill and were taken back home by the special transport arrangements made for getting the children from the different areas of the city. Before departing each child was given a small gift and a snack to remind them of the wonderful day spent with friends and teachers at the Don Bosco School, Makarpura Road.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


ANDHERI, MARCH 11, 2010: On March 6 and 7, 2010, Fr. Crispino D'Souza, the Principal of St. Dominic Savio High

School, Andheri, organized a Savio Hoop Basketball Tournament in Mumbai at the basketball courts of the school. There were nine girls’ teams and ten boys’ teams that participated in the U13 tournament. The purpose of the tournament was to encourage young talent in basketball so that one day there would be good players in the game who would be selected to play for the State, the Nation and perhaps also for NBA.

The girls teams were St. Anthony's; JB Vacha (Wadala); St. Paul's (Parel); Vibgyor; Cathedral A (Fort); Cathedral B (Fort); Canosa (Andheri); Auxilium (Wadala); & Divine Child (Marol) whilst the boys teams were Don Bosco A (Matunga); Don Bosco B (Matunga); Our Lady of Perpetual Succour; Dominic Savio (Andheri); St. Joseph's (Wadala); Vibgyor; St. Mary's (Mazagaon); PG Garodia; Cathedral (Fort); & IES.

The games began on Saturday March 6, and the finals were played on March 7. In the girls section, St. Anthony's girls’ team won the trophy while Divine Child came in as the the runner's up. PG Garodia were the winners in the boys section and Don Bosco A Team were the runner's up. The youngsters were encouraged to participate in the forthcoming tournaments that would take place every two months to help them increase their love for the sport and also help them get better as players. It was also an encouragement to meet other budding players and come to know one another just making more friends in the field.


Savio D’Souza sdb
YERWADA, MARCH 10, 2010: On March 7, 2010 the Youth Group of Sacred Heart Parish Yerwada, visited Maria Ashiana (Lonavla) as an outreach programme.
Perhaps the term “good turn” is heard in scouting nevertheless for the youth group of Yerwada it was a “Lenten Joy” to take a day out of their busy schedule of studies and call center jobs and spend a day with the boys of Maria Ashiana.

On their arrival, Fr. Barnabe D’Souza along with the boys welcomed them. The boys were then taken to the hall where the youth animator along with the youth enacted good value based skits and then conducted some actions songs and variety of games.

Couple of hours later, Fr. Barnabe celebrated the Eucharist. The friendly way of interacting with the boys and the youth members during the Eucharist made the Eucharist more lively and meaningful for the boys as well as the youngsters. At the culmination of the Eucharist the boys too expressed their gratitude by sharing their life story that changed after their stay at Maria Ashiana.

Fr. Barnabe too expressed his thanks to the youth animator and the youth group appreciating the fact that the spent time with boys was of great value to them.
After the Eucharist, through the kind generosity of Fr.Barnabe, the youth were invited to have lunch along with the boys which perhaps contributed once again to interaction with them.

An hour later the youth voiced their thanks to the staff and the boys for their friendly and loving approach which ended up with a photo session along with the boys.


VIRAR, MARCH 10, 2010: The Community Care Centre (CCC) at Resurrection Parish, Virar was inaugurated on January 31, 2010. As soon as the CCC was formed, it began making plans of how to help the economically disadvantaged people of our parish. Of the many plans which the CCC has drawn up, one was to organize a medical camp.

The CCC organized a medical camp for the parishioners on Sunday, March 07, 2010 from 9.00 am – 1.30 pm. Dr. Theresa Pereira, a parishioner of the parish, along with the CCC members, coordinated with three technicians and organized the medical camp. The Camp focused mainly on diabetes, asthma related problems and various allergies.

Many parishioners availed of this facility which was provided by the CCC. Those suffering from asthma were made to undergo pulmonary function test. This test would have amounted to Rs. 1000/- or more in a laboratory. Thanks to the members of the community care centre, all the tests were made available to the people free of cost.

All those who have been diagnosed to have some health problems will now be closely followed up by the doctor who lends her service as a member of the CCC.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Night Vigil Service !

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A Night Vigil is being organized for Catholic Youngsters, Working Young Adults, from 9 pm to 5 am on Saturday 13 March 2010 at Don Bosco Matunga...

It is a night of prayer, singing, worship, adoration, confessions... culminating in the Holy Eucharist at dawn.

you are most welcome... but even if you can't due to unavoidable reasons... Spread the word around...
Let our young people experience Jesus!!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Manish Parmar
The first batch of 52 students who successfully completed the ‘Accenture-Taj Skills Development Course’ were awarded their certificates during a simple yet solemn valedictory function held at Bosco Boys, Borivli on Saturday, March 6, 2010. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Mr. Vasant Ayyappan, Director Corporate Sustainability, Taj Group of Hotels. Also present on the dais were Fr. Ajoy Fernandes, Vice Provincial, Fr. Savio Silveira, Fr. Anaclete D’Mello and Fr. Anthony Santarita.

This three months training programme promoted by DB Tech India and funded by the Accenture Company, had the Taj Group of Hotels as the knowledge partner. The four domains in which training was offered included Hospitality Service, Restaurant Service, Indian Cookery, and Bakery and Confectionery. Besides this, the students also received training in Conversational English, Computer Basics and Life Skills. The good blend of theory and practice that the training offered enabled the students to gain a fair amount of competence over the different domains. Further, besides the classroom sessions, the students received hands-on experience in different hotels, and were taken for exposure visits to the Taj President Hotel at Cuffe Parade and to the Taj Sats Air Catering Centre.

Speaking during the function, Mr. Ayyappan complimented the students for the keen interest they had displayed throughout the training period. He encouraged them to keep working hard and assured them that Taj would assist them in building their careers. Some of the students came forward to share their experience of the past months and to express their gratitude to the institution. They were full of praise for the excellent training that they had received and for the personal interest taken in them by the management and staff. After the certificates were awarded to the successful students, the programme came to a close with the vote of thanks proposed by one of the students.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Provincial Chapter 2010 - Photo Gallery


Ranald Lopes sdb
CHHOTAUDEPUR, MARCH 8, 2010: The 45 day Beautician course drew to a close on March 7, 2010 as 27 girls from the tribal area culminated their course in Beauty, sponsored by the NABARD bank. Though the World Fashion Centre is at Paris, LSK vouches that Chhota too will someday make its place on the Fashion Map. It was heart warming to see young girls now prepared in a new way of income generation activity. LSK organized this 45 day workshop with the help of Laura Abreo a well know beautician from Mumbai who directed the girls on beauty tips and make up. This was not all, to venture into this business one needs finance, hence called the SBI director of Chhota was called to speak to the girls and show them how to secure a bank loan with 50% deduction for their new venture. The girls are now empowered to begin their own enterprise and earn a handsome living. Certificates were also distributed and each one also got a basic make up kit to begin this needful and fashionable business.


Nerul Correspondent

NERUL, MARCH 8, 2010: The Salesian Cooperators of the Don Bosco, Nerul unit is just a couple of months old and has fifteen members at present. Ten members of this group undertook a trip to the Vaduz Bal Ashram at Panvel, on February 28, 2010. This Ashram, belonging to the MSFS Fathers, and run by the Sisters, houses 25 underprivileged girls, who attend the St. Joseph’s School, nearby. The Cooperators had collected/bought several items of clothing, toiletries, food etc. and handed them over to the Sisters. More than this, they played with the children and even organized a very interesting and competitive ‘Antakshari’ which pitted the children against the Cooperators. This not only made the evening very lively but also created a bonding, wherein the children asked the group to come again for a whole day. The Salesian Cooperators were happy at this experience and some expressed a desire to bring their families over or take a couple of children to their homes for a day or two. A Lenten Recollection to be held on March 14, 2010 is one of the programmes in the pipeline for Don Bosco, Nerul.


Renvick Pereira sdb

NASHIK, MARCH 8, 2010: This is the largest batch of brothers completing their Masters in Philosophy at Divyadaan since the introduction of the Masters course. The batch is a blend of brothers from the various Salesian Provinces in India. The group also comprises two brothers belonging to the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales (MSFS).
Besides the Universa, the defense is the culmination of their Masters studies. It was a moment they had been waiting for. The brothers successfully defended their Mph Dissertations on March 3 and 5, 2010. They were guided by Rev. Fr. Ivo Coelho, Rev. Fr. Savio D’Souza, Rev. Fr. Ashley Miranda, Rev. Fr. Robert Pen and Rev. Fr. Nelson Falcao.
The following are the dissertations defended by the brothers:
Cl. Victor Louis msfs- Human Search for Happiness and Meaningful Life beyond the Absurdity in the Writings of Albert Camus
Cl. Lawrence Jayaraj msfs- Understanding of Human Personality in the Writings of Nicolas Berdyaev
Cl. Gade Papireddy sdb (INH) - The concept of Human Being in Bhagavad—Gita
Cl. Augustine Justin Arulraj sdb (INM) - The Philosophical basis of Ambedkar’s fight for the Marginalized
Cl. Chithambaram James Sundar (INT) - Tēmbāvani: A Christian-Hindu Encounter—A Study of the Philosophical foundations of inculturation and Inter-religious dialogue in the writings of CJ Beschi, S.J. (1680-1747)
Cl. Jujjavarapu Bala Raju sdb (INH) -Rehabilitation of the concept of Phronesis in the writings of Hans-Georg Gadamer
Cl. Kharmawlong Clarence sdb (ING) - The Mystery of Evil: A Christian Approach
Cl. Pereira Renvick sdb (INP) - An Analysis of Consciousness in Maurice Blondel’s L’Action (1893)
Cl. Savarimuthu Abraham sdb (INT) - An Analysis of Marshall McLuhan’s Understanding of Media
Cl. Sumer Anthony sdb (ING)-Understanding the relational aspect of Human Nature in the Light of Martin Buber’s Philosophical Anthropology.

The clerics through their philosophical works hope to come to a greater understanding of their faith and life. They are grateful to the community of Divyadaan for supporting them in their philosophical studies.


Rohini Patrao
MUMBAI, MARCH 8, 2010: The young sportsmen of St. Josephs High School, Wadala U-11 Basket ball team showed a remarkable performance in the MSSA Tournament held at St. Joseph's court. They gave a tough fight to the opponents (Don Bosco, Matunga) and marked the second place for themselves in the Tournament.

Kavan Napanda of Std V bagged a special prize for his performance.

Constantly keeping in mind the all round development of a child, St. Joseph's not only excelled in sports but also marveled in other extra-curricular activities.
In the interschool Ganit Pravinya exam held on February 14, 2010 at D.S. High School three students from Joseph's qualified for the next round. Vatsal Modi (VIII) Vidit Dedhia (VIII) and Saurabh Meher (V).

Shahzad Faroodi of Std VI stood first in late Manek Dhunjisha Dhanloma Elocution Competition in the junior group. He also stood first in Western Vocals Singing in the Musical Talent Competition.

Saurabh Chavan of Std. IV stood meritious in the yearly State Level Scholarship and scored an overwhelming 99.99%.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Kailash Parekh
MUMBAI, MARCH 4, 2010: Don Bosco Alumni organized a family get-together on the evening of February 27, 2010 at the Don Bosco High School, Matunga quadrangle for the past pupils and their family members. Fr. Michael Fernandes, Provincial; Fr. Elias Dias the Provincial Delegate and Fr. Jude D’Mello, Rector were present for the occasion. The school teachers who completed twenty five years in service graced the event.

A musical evening added colour to the get together where every body listened to Hindi songs and a variety of mouth watering south Indian delicacies added to the flavor of the evening. Amidst the action Fr. Michael inaugurated the Don Bosco Alumni Souvenir 2010, which consisted of messages from the Provincial, Delegates and the Principal, and the activities of the Matunga unit from 2008-09. The list of advertisers and sponsors who contribute and help every year also featured in the Souvenir.

The Past Pupils’ turn out was much more than last year. They gathered to the reputation of Boscoites doing things in a grand manner with fun, frolic and gaiety but most of all in a peaceful way.

Thanks to the President Mr. Jayesh Chandan, Mr. Roger D’Mello, Vice President, Mr. Jeeghar Karani, VP-GEX and the hard working office bearers’ team of the Past Pupils’ Association, who worked to make this event a great success.


Savio D’Souza sdb
PUNE, MARCH 3, 2010: On March 2, 2010 the book entitled Brahman and Person: Essays by Richard De Smet, edited by Rev. Fr. Ivo Coelho was released at the Jesuit Community of De Nobili College, Pune. March 2, also happens to be the Thirteenth death anniversary of Fr. De Smet.

This book is a collection of essays by the late Richard De Smet, SJ (1916-1997) on the topic of person in Indian thought. It has 14 essays on the personality of the Absolute Brahman, and the question of whether Indian thought could supply elements for an adequate notion of person, the book contains also an introduction by the editor, and the bibliography of De Smet's works, running into 700 plus items.
The programme began with a prayer song invoking the spirit. Fr. Noel Sheth then spoke a few words recalling the works of Fr. De Smet. An introduction to the book was given by Fr. John Vattanky which was then followed by the release of the book.
Fr. Ivo Coelho expressed his sentiments to the Jesuits community and shared his feelings saying that he was very glad to be a student of Fr. De Smet. Giving a short synopsis to the book, Fr. Ivo said that the contributions of Fr. De Smet’s were scattered over a hundred, mostly obscure, Indian periodicals, and therefore neither ‘visible’ nor easily available. Brahman and Person was first attempt to remedy this problem. De Smet’s contributions to the Marathi Encyclopedia of Philosophy on the topic of vyakti / person served to enshrine his contribution.

There is much more to it that Fr. Ivo has assimilated and edited, one may perhaps discover a lot in the blog:




Wilfred D’Souza sdb
MATUNGA, MARCH 3, 2010: The Third North Bombay [East] Deanery Recollection for the Sunday School Catechists and the Regular School Catholic Teachers was held at Don Bosco Youth Services, Audio Visual Hall, Matunga, on Sunday, February 28, 2010. This activity is one of the components of the multifaceted ministry of Don Bosco Youth Services, for the Archdiocese.

The Recollection saw a good turn out of 25 Teachers from 7 parishes and 8 schools. Fr. Wilfred D’Souza, Deanery Incharge, North (E) Mumbai Deanery, Don Bosco Youth Services, Matunga, conducted a lively and enlightening session on “The Power and the Joy of the Sacrament of Reconciliation”.

A meaningful Prayer Service brought the evening to a close which was followed by a good meal.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Bosco Carvalho sdb

Gratitude is born in hearts that take time to count blessings!

NASHIK, MARCH 2, 2010: The community of Divyadaan celebrated the joy of togetherness and bid a warm and hearty farewell to 37 young brothers who shared their life and being, living as one whole family. This was an excellent opportunity to reflect on the graces conferred by God and to measure growth and maturity in one’s personal and community life.

This auspicious day began with a meaningful prayer service in the morning, enumerating the good memories and the learning from challenges and shortcomings. The Eucharist in the evening was well-animated and symbolic. The offering of applications by the brothers for their renewals and perpetual profession added to the solemnity of the graceful occasion. Fr. Valerian in his homily emphasized the need to take responsibility for personal formation, to mature as good educators, and always seek strength from the Real Source, Jesus Christ. The community spent time thanking God through spontaneous prayers for the marvels worked and for the sharing of lives with one another. Prayers were also offered for wisdom and strength in the future ministries.

The Eucharist was followed by a get together programme felicitating the outgoing brothers. The get together was lively and entertaining, colored with a variety of rich songs, a dance and a meaningful address. The outgoing brothers grabbed the floor to express their gratitude and sentiments to the staff and brothers of Divyadaan through speeches and tunes. The farewell programme ended with a fellowship meal and dessert. In his Goodnight, Brother Anthony Sumer couldn’t but shout in gratitude for the nourishment and guidance received in these significant years of early formation.

The entire day was a success thanks to the hard work and team spirit of the brothers, of course coordinated by the capos of the groups. The brothers vied each other in conveying their gratefulness to the outgoing brothers.

It is apt to quote the words of Fr. Savio D’souza, the Rector of Divyadaan, at the beginning of the Eucharist: “We enjoyed living together as one family in Divyadaan sharing our moments of joy and moments of pain. Wishing you Jesus Christ in your journey ahead.”

Adieus! Dear brothers. All is well, when you are with Jesus Christ….


Chris Valentino sdb

MUMBAI, MARCH 2, 2010: This is great news! The Social Communications Commission is already working on putting into practice a few of the recommendations of the PC2010!

As per the request of some Salesians to provide an opportunity to learn the emerging trends in Media, a golden opportunity is on offer. Fr. Gilbert De Lima of Goregaon Seminary is organizing a “FREE SEMINAR ON INTERACTIVE MEDIA (SIM)” on Thursday, March 4, 2010 at St. Pius X College, Goregaon (E), Mumbai from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm.

Those especially from the Bombay region who intend to attend this seminar, are kindly requested to get in touch with Fr. Ronald Menzes (Delegate for Social Communications) or contact him on 09833121272 latest by March 2, 2010.
Equally heartening to note is that the SDBWest, the Province News Magazine is now available online at . Thanks to the prompt and immediate action by Fr. Savio Silveira, Editor of the SDBWest.
Let’s communicate among ourselves to communicate Him to others!