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Chris Valentino sdb
MUMBAI MAY 31, 2010: The first batch of Sound Engineers, seminarians from the St. Pius College, Goregaon Seminary, graduated from Don Bosco Studio Kurla with plenty to cheer.

Sound Engineering and Recording is a recently launched part- time programme conducted at the Don Bosco Studio that offers training in Audio Recording with special emphasis on Digital Audio in Sound Engineering. Sound theoretical knowledge, use of the latest Digital Audio Workstation software such as Cubase and Nuendo, coupled with demos and hands-on production in a professional studio environment form the core of this course.
A combo of industry experience with real-life simulations of Studio Recording Sessions, the programme was digitally compressed’ to fit a 6 month module in just two weeks or 45 hours to be precise. ‘Music listening’ and appreciation of various recordings and performances, apart from the technological basics made this programme a creative art form.

The students were audibly thrilled with the experience and opined: “a helpful course that was not only knowledgeable, but enhancing with hands-on training that included the latest technology,” “an easy course considering how difficult it sounds,” and “wish this continues to benefit more youngsters by providing an entry point into the music industry.” They had a special word of gratitude for Mr. Neil D’Souza who was the course instructor.

The next batch commences on June 14, 2010. Please contact Don Bosco Centre for Learning, Kurla or visit  for further details.


Dyanne Coelho
MUMBAI, MAY 31, 2010: I would say we're young, the youth of today, but in a world where tricycles are exchanged for bikes, potatoes for French fries, water for alcohol, where cyber crime has become increasingly rampant, we're called the 'New' generation, the spoilt ones.

It's a beautiful day, a beautiful world; you wake up, sit leisurely on the couch, a cup of coffee in your hand and open the newspaper. You'll read about, "So-and-so, seventeen years killed so-and-so", “Teen rapes fellow friend, "eighteen year old elopes with lover". This is today’s reality. Not the reality of what’s truly happening in this place we call the world, but it’s about what society chooses to highlight. The bad, the wrong, the dark moments of an adolescents' life is reserved for the front page of every daily.
Beneath this all, within this seemingly terrifying world is another. A world of hopes, of dreams, a different way of life that needs rekindling. Teenagers today - look for good in each one, God doesn’t make junk!

Born in Sassello, a village of less than two thousand inhabitants, sixty kilometres from the city of Genova, Italy, a girl, a ray of light: Chiara Badano. An only child, she was soft, obedient and full of love. A girl full of vitality, she always looked towards heaven in times of sorrow and doubt. She called Jesus her "spouse". She had her wants as a kid, but always gave a second thought to others needs. When she was eight, she met the Focolare Movement-- a movement that has its roots buried in love. A united world where each one loves the other is its ultimate aim. It changed her way of life completely. As the teenage years slowly crept in, it brought with it the usual attractions--parties, boys, late night outings, etc. She had her share of it all, setting reasonable deadlines with her parents.
She was seventeen when it struck- Osteosarcoma with metastasis, one of the most painful forms of cancer. She underwent long periods of hospital visits, treatments and surgery. She had to be under constant supervision. She bore it all with a smile on her face and love in her heart. Sometimes during her treatment, the doctor proceeded to give her 'morphine’, a narcotic analgesic, a chemical substance used for relieving pain, an addictive drug. She plainly refused! She wanted to share her suffering with Jesus; she wanted something to offer him. Such was her strength and will to remain spotless clothed in God's love. Her friends from the Focolare Movement with whom she learnt the art of loving visited her, providing the much needed comfort and support.

Gradually over a period of two years her health deteriorated. On Sunday October 7, 1990, Chiara Badano, left to meet the ‘One’ she loved.

Her charity didn’t end there, after her death her corneas were removed and thanks to her wish, two young people can see again.

This is an example of a teenager, one who lived right. This is our role model. After her death, her letters, words and photographs began circulating in the diocese and amongst those who knew her. The bishop of the area decided to open the diocesan process of canonisation for her. Over a period of time she was declared 'Servant of God'. And on the September 25, 2010, Chiara Badano will be beatified and given the title of ‘Blessed’.

Her life is an open book, an influence and an inspiration for us, the youth of today. Her eighteen years were lived to the full. She had all the normal experiences, yet there was something so different about her way of living, she was a teenager with a difference.
So at the end of the day as you rest your head upon a pillow, think about it, "What is it with this 'new' generation?!!”

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MUMBAI, MAY 26, 2010: Youth Animators here is some news for you! A new Blog under the initiative of Fr. Edwin Colaco has been prepared for groups and movements in Mumbai. Resource material related to the same will be uploaded on the blog from time to time. If you have interesting material to share on work done for groups and movements please send it in to

If this interests you make sure you visit


Bento D’Souza sdb
AHMEDNAGAR, MAY 26, 2010: The feast of Mary help of Christians was celebrated with devotion by 156 people in St. Anne's church, Ahmednagar. Fr. Anton was the main celebrant and Fr. Alwyn from nearby Godegaon parish as the guest priest.
After mass, there was a procession to the newly built adoration chapel and grotto and the monstrance was placed therein. The parishioners contributed towards the cost of the construction. With this, Fr. Anton completes his stewardship in charge of St. Anne's and leaves as director of youth in Nasik diocese.


Ajoy Fernandes sdb
MUMBAI, MAY 26, 2010: Nine young confreres of the Mumbai Province committed their lives in perpetuity to God’s service in the Salesian way of life as the Province witnessed their act of gratefulness to God’s call. Six of them made their Perpetual Profession at the Church of Our Lady of Dolours, Wadala on May 24, 2010. These were Clerics Charlin Chandran, Leon Cruz Ratinam, Daresh Rathwa, Rixon Nigrel, Kiran Salve and Shekar Mariadas. Clerics Pratap Damor and George D’Abreo made their perpetual profession at the Shrine of Don Bosco, Cheerapunjee on May 23, 2010. Earlier, Cl. Ashwin Mackwan made his perpetual profession in Pune a day prior to receiving his Diaconate ministry. A good number of Salesians and family members of the confreres attended the professions.
The Perpetual Professions were preceded by rich moments of preparation in order to ensure that the candidates were suitably oriented before taking this step. The preparation included a one-week program from May 7 to 14, in Pune, animated by a team comprising Fr. Michael Fernandes, Fr. Godfrey D’Souza, Fr. Godfrey D’Sa, Fr. Vincent Rasquinha, Fr. Ronald Menezes, Fr. Ashley Miranda and Fr. Ajoy Fernandes. The themes covered were Reflections on Consecrated Life based on the Scriptures, Canon Law, Tradition of the Church, Salesian Project of Life and Insights of the Social Sciences; Personalization of Formation and Drawing up a Personal Plan; and Orientation to a typical Program of formation for a Salesian student of Theology. This was topped up with a Guided Retreat in Nasik by Fr. Solomon Rapol.

The generosity manifested by our nine confreres to offer themselves to God’s service is a matter of great hope for our province as we journey in the footsteps of Don Bosco. May their labors in the Salesian Ministry bring glory to God.


Glenford Lowe sdb
MUMBAI, MAY 26, 2010: Fr. Wilfred D’Souza was sworn in as the new Rector of Provincial House, Matunga in a simple yet meaningful ceremony on May 25, 2010. Surrounded by the members of the Provincial House community, Fr. Michael Fernandes, Provincial of the Mumbai Province read the official letter of appointment from the Rector Major and his council and officially installed Fr. Wilfred as Rector for the term 2010-2013.

In the presence of the Provincial and the members of the community, Fr. Wilfred then professed his Faith and act of fidelity. Fr. Wilfred brings to the community a deep sense of Salesian and Religious life, enthusiasm for pastoral and catechetical ministry, openness and availability to the needs of the confreres and staff and an ever growing optimism for the Salesian Family in the Province.

Fr. Provincial took the opportunity to thank Fr. Edwin D’Souza, the out-going rector for his dedicated service in leading the community during the last six year period. In spite of shouldering many other responsibilities as Rector of the Shrine, Propaganda Office and Secretary to the Provincial Council, Fr. Edwin was able to guide the community with his availability, sense of direction and welcoming presence. The space that Fr. Edwin provided for the confreres of the various sectors of the provincial house to operate fully and responsibly was also highly appreciated.

In a symbolic gesture, Fr. Provincial presented Fr. Wilfred with a manual ‘The Salesian Rector’, while Fr. Edwin presented him with the key to the Tabernacle. Fr. Wilfred now joins a band of illustrious Salesian Rectors who over the last forty years have guided the Provincial House of the Mumbai Province.


BIS Correspondent
NASHIK, MAY 26, 2010: On the Solemnity of Mary Help of Christians, May 24, 2010, fourteen young men made their First Religious Profession in the Society of St. Francis de Sales at 6.30 p.m. in the Don Bosco Parish Church, Nashik. Nine belong to the Mumbai Province and five to the Konkan Province.

Fr. Michael Fernandes sdb, the Provincial of the Salesian Province of Mumbai, presided at the solemn and well-animated Eucharist; seventeen priests concelebrated. In his homily, Fr. Provincial shared his reflections on the theme the newly professed had chosen: “God Assists; We Persist.” He said that our call is God’s initiative; the God who calls us, assists us to respond to his call. Persistence holds firmly and steadfastly to our commitment despite obstacles, discouragement, opposition, or setbacks. After the homily, the fourteen young men professed their vows; received the cassock, and the book of the Constitutions and Regulations.

After the Eucharist, there was a short felicitation and thanksgiving at the Novitiate. The newly professed expressed their gratitude to the formation staff.
After supper, Fr. Provincial officially entrusted sixteen new novices to the Novice Master, Fr. Solomon Rapol. In his brief homily before the entrustment, the Provincial reminded the novices that detachment is the core of religious life; that the novitiate is the foundation of their Salesian life. He exhorted the novices to develop their convictions and be totally open to their Novice Master.

Our congratulations to the newly professed Salesians and the new novices! May they persist in responding whole-heartedly to the call of the Lord who assists!


Glenford Lowe sdb
MUMBAI, MAY 25, 2010: The holiday season is now over. The Don Bosco Summer Camps 2010 (DBSC ’10) will slowly, more than fade into memory, act as a catalyst to bring new meaning and purpose into the lives of many youngsters. The adventure, the fun, the personal growth accompanied with quality ‘me-time’, the making of new friends, living in tents under starry skies, visiting the mission centres in Gujarat, interacting with young energetic Salesian priests and brothers, the deep prayer moments leading to a personal encounter with Christ were all experiences of a kind. Back to school, for many non-campers, the classrooms will soon be their ‘cocoons’ for the next few months… limited to bench-work: reading, writing, arithmetic. For the Bosco Campers, life will be different… ‘Home – School – Church – Playground’ will be the benchmarks for total growth in ‘Body-Mind- Soul-Heart’.

DBSC ‘10 was indeed a new learning experience for many a youngster. The freedom of the open spaces and a youthful family spirit provided the necessary arena for holistic growth. No one who attended the Bosco Summer Camps 2010 ever felt isolated or alone. The secret of the Bosco Summer Camps was simply this: Everyone is Special. I am Gifted, Loved and Capable.

Salesian Youth Ministry revolves around Don Bosco’s insight, ‘love what the young love and they will begin to love you’. Put differently, it simply means ‘when you make what is important to the young important to you, then what is important to you will also become important to them’. Entering through the door of the young person’s world takes courage and confidence. But when we get in there; we realize there is light and shadow, success and failure, hope and despair, meaning and emptiness, the divine and the secular… Salesian Youth Ministry is basically ‘journeying with the Young’ because they are ‘special’, very special indeed.

Youth are the young face. Pope Benedict XVI rightly affirms: “Without this young face, the Church would appear disfigured” (San Paulo, Brazil, May 10, 2007). DBSC ’10 were an opportunity for the young to discover their place in Church and Society. For us Salesians, we make Don Bosco’s vision our own: To accompany them to become Good Christians and Responsible Citizens.
Don Bosco Youth Services (DBYS), Matunga, has over the years been instrumental in enabling young people to discover themselves and to respond with love, hope and meaning to the challenges that life offers them. The numerous Summer Camps: the Mission Camp (Gujarat), the two ‘Beat the Heat’ Leadership camps at Boscowadi (Uttan), the Youth Pasch – an Easter retreat for working youth and the two Vocation Camps for those seeking to discover God’s call were wonderful opportunities for the young to live life more meaningfully.
Accompanying the young is a whole process. It does not end with the Summer Camps alone. The Don Bosco Youth Services (DBYS) continues to provide young people with nourishment for growth in love and life. Lest the Church’s face be disfigured….. Let us give young people an opportunity to reconnect with Church and Society.

If you have a heart for the young, why not join hands with us? Contact us at
or call us 24154118 / 24154106

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Evangelo D’Souza sdb
MUMBAI, MAY 23, 2010: The children of the parish of Our Lady of Dolours, Wadala (W) were privileged to have an enjoyable, enthralling and joy-filled vacation this summer. The Summer Club in the parish was held from April 12, 2010 to April 26, 2010. It was initiated by Fr.Bastin. He set the tenor for the Club. After a week, Fr. Kenneth and Cl. Evangelo took over and set the Club sailing till the grand finale.
The Summer Club is an extension of the parish work. It aims at developing the gifts and discovering the talents of our young and enthusiastic kids. At the same time, it focuses on bringing them closer to Jesus Christ and building them holistically.

The day commenced by giving thanks to God as the children gather around the Lord’s Table as one family. The masses were well-animated and the relevant and creative homilies added flavor to the Eucharist. The Eucharist was followed by indoor games in the morning. In the evenings, organized games were held.

Drawing, Singing, Dance and Joke-Telling Competitions enabled the kids to discover their potentials. Indoor tournaments created cheer and enthusiasm and filled the Club with laughter and joy.

The overnight picnic to Lonavala and the Mumbai Darshan were the catching moments in the Club. One of the striking aspects of the Club was the “Grand Camp Fire.” Enthusiasm reached its peak at this event. Entertaining and creative claps, yells and dances were displayed by the young folk. To sum up the Club, the children staged the musical – “The Emperor’s New Clothes” under the able guidance of Lloyd Nunes.

The Summer Club would not be a success if it were not for a dedicated, committed and talented team of volunteers. The generous benefactors and the confreres of the parish house were also instrumental in organizing this important activity of our parish.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Gregory Almeida sdb
KAWANT, MAY 18, 2010: For a long time, we have been wondering why Kawant taluka has remained underdeveloped despite the Salesian presence in this area for more than 25 years. We have now realized that there are two main factors that need to be addressed to bring about development:
1. A change of leadership
2. Practical exposure in education
A change of leadership is possible only if youngsters are trained to become sarpanchs, talatis, mamlatdars or work for government organizations that will transform the villages.

Second, education must include practical exposure. Students in schools and colleges should be taken to the villages to understand why development is not taking place and how they can help solve this problem. Perhaps there are government schemes that should be made to work; maybe they can educate their parents on these matters. Exposing children to the realities of village life will make their education more relevant.

To achieve this aim, Kawant Education Society organized a training-cum-exposure programme to enable children to understand and solve the issues in their own villages. On May 6, 2010, the standard Ten students of Don Bosco, Kawant attended a one-day workshop on the provisions of the NREGA. The next day, May 7, 2010, they returned to their villages to document the progress of the NREGA works, explain the Act to their parents and other workers, and interact with village functionaries regarding the implementation of the NREGA.

The students identified the problems related to the NREGA and also checked documents such as the job cards of workers. They learned that some government functionaries can be helpful while many others resent anyone checking or questioning their work. The entire exercise was also an opportunity for parents to learn something from their children and to understand the benefits of practical education.

Kawant Education Society firmly believes that students should be exposed to all the issues in rural areas, so that they can help their own people in their villages. Many schemes do not work because of lack of awareness and information. Creating awareness is the first step towards change in the rural areas. Let’s HOPE and begin the change from the bottom.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Geeta Menezes
MUMBAI, MAY 18, 2010: Two parishioners from St John Bosco Church, Borivli namely Mrs. Isabelle Martin and Geeta Menezes were encouraged by the parish priest, Fr. Ronnie Menezes to attend the Training in Family Animation Program conducted by Snehalaya. The resource persons were Fr. Cajetan Menezes, Dr. Yolande Pereira, Dr. Jeevan D’Cunha and Mrs. Genevieve. There were ten participants in all.

The curriculum included an analysis of self (life history, the events and occasions which had a great impact on our lives), family tree, family life, spousal relationship, and parenting skills. The whole training program dealt with how one could enhance the quality of our family life. The program also made the participants aware that they have to be creative and innovative and think of various ways of enhancing family life and thereby avoid the pitfalls of crisis situations that befall many families today. One such tool was the ‘Family Vision Statement’ wherein each family lists a few steps to be taken (some by each individual member of the family, some jointly) on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis, and then make it a mission of diligently following these steps.
The program was truly enriching and empowering. The efforts of the participants were lauded with approval by the resource team and the final crowning was the Certificate awarded to each participant in May in their respective parishes to be formally commissioned into the Family Cell.

Friday, May 14, 2010


DAKOR, MAY 13, 2010: Don Bosco, Dakor organized for the first time a “Faith Formation Certificate Course” for duration of ten days for the students of standards Fifth, Sixth and Seventh in the Umreth Deanery. The students came in on April 25, 2010 evening and stayed on till the morning of May 6 filled with joy, happiness and longing to come back again. The day’s programme began at 7:00 am and ended by 10:00 pm daily. All in all 41 students took part whole heartedly. Everyone was pleasantly surprised to see the smartness of every child. The staff comprised of Seventeen members made of Fathers, Brothers, Sisters and dedicated Lay people.

The main theme of the course was “Sir, we want to see Jesus”. This theme was well spelled out for the 10 full days of the camp. The first day focused on the person of Jesus Christ. The next three days on the faith we profess - the Creed. The following three days focused on the celebrations of Sacraments, and finally the remaining three days on the Faith we live - the witness. There were four inputs with one hour of study to assimilate the day’s learning. The daily Eucharistic celebration was another peak moment of learning & experiencing the Lord. The celebrations were well animated with power points and different parts of the Eucharist were focused with variety of animation. The daily singing class too was a preparation for the Holy Eucharist as well as number of action songs were learnt. Varieties of outdoor games were played in the evening and children really enjoyed themselves. Every child looked up in a creative way to take part and got himself involved. The point system in no time became part and parcel of their lives. Reporting was always conspicuous. Well one does not know when the day began and when it all ended as there was not a single dull moment. Every day was a unique experience with special highlights which was a novelty and a treat to every child.
On May 6, the feast of St. Dominic Savio - the solemn Eucharistic celebration of thanksgiving was followed by a short programme, and with that the camp came to an end. Every child received a certificate and a gift. A few children received special gifts for topping in the point system. Last but not the least all left the place with a tear of joy in their eyes expressing “Sir, We have seen Jesus and we would like to come back to experience Him much more”.

All said and done, the success of the Camp goes to the Parish Priest of Christ the King Parish, Dakor and the Dean of the Umreath Deanery, Fr. Alex Fernandes sdb with the able help of the new deacon Ashwin Macwan sdb who did a fantastic job in coordinating and running the entire camp.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Melvin Pangya
BORIVLI, MAY 12, 2010: Bosco Samjik Vikas Sanstha, Walvanda conducted three day training for the staff and the village Animators to prepare the perspective plan of BSVS. at Dominic Savio School, Andheri from May 4- 6, 2010. Mr. Saby Francis was the resource person for the training. The process began three months back at Jawhar Jungle Camp Centre by conducting Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) in the villages. The purpose of the conducting PRA was to find out the need of the community.

These three days helped the participants to finalise the area of operation for giving the priorities to interventions. The five areas of intervention that were finalised by participants were Sustainable Livelihood, Life Skills Education, Preservation, Prevention of Culture, Self Governance and Management of Natural resources. The BSVS also prepared their Vision, Mission, Strategies, Role and SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis of the organization.

Towards the end of the training many participants expressed that it was a good experience for them and that the organization involved them in the process from beginning. Fr. Anaclete D’Mello, Director of BSVS took keen interest to make the training successful. Special thanks to Fr. Godfrey and Fr. Blaise from Dominic Savio, Andheri for their excellent hospitality.


Michael Gaikwad sdb
LONAVLA, MAY 12, 2010: The vocation camps for this year were held at Lonavala from May 2-5, 2010 for students who have completed standard Ten and from May 7-10, 2010 for youngsters going to the Eighth and Ninth standard. In all 88 youngsters participated in the camps to discern Gods call in their lives.
On arrival the boys were welcomed by Fr. Thomas D`Costa and the camp organizing committee. Post lunch the boys had recreation and games. In the evening Fr. Thomas D` Costa introduced the Salesians and volunteers to the boys and gave them an introduction to the Lonavla house and its activities. Following this, Fr. Brian gave the youngsters an orientation to the purpose of the camp. The solemn Eucharist was celebrated by the vice-provincial Fr. Ajoy Fernandes. The day came to an end with a thrilling movie, entitled “Evan Almighty”.
The second day saw the youngsters attending classes in value education, English and catechism by Clerics Jesu, Sunil, Kiran, Rickson, Ranson, and Michael. The youngsters then put up songs, short skits and poems on the theme ‘Change the World’ based on the movie they had seen the previous night. This was followed by a bout of lightening tournaments. The evening time was spent in knowing Don Bosco a little more by reading the books of Peter Lappin on Don Bosco, followed by a prayerful adoration conducted by Fr. Glen. The evening special was full of entertainment and show of talent as the boys took part in 30 seconds to fame competition.

The third day the youngsters had classes conducted by the nine volunteers who are candidates for Pre Novitiate Course (PNC), namely Avil, Elvis, Derek, Cycril, Ryan, Chris, Sagar, Kiran, and Liam. In the afternoon the brothers took the boys to the legendary Tungarli Dam for a trek and treasure hunt. The day ended with gusto with a grand campfire lit by Fr. Ajoy.

During the camp days the youngsters were discerning Gods call for them. The constant presence of Fr. Brian, Fr. Gregory, Fr. Richard, Fr. Godfrey (who was present for the second camp) and Fr. Glen made the boys feel at ease and make their decision. Fr. Cletus, the Rector elect, met each boy personally for a friendly chat to get to know the youngsters. The boys had a wonderful experience of Lonavala to help them grow intellectually, spiritually, physically and socially. They learnt to live together and be companions to one and other. Our heartfelt thanks to the community of Lonavla: Fr. Thomas D’costa, Fr. Thomas Chalisary, Fr. Lorenzo, Fr. Salu, Br. Savio, Br. Kiran and Br. Rickson for their support and help.


Rohini Patrao
MUMBAI, MAY 10, 2010: As the academic year drew to a close the flag of St. Joseph's High School, Wadala flew high as the U-16 football team closed in on the Tata Tea Jagore-Arsenal Tournament by beating Don Bosco, Matunga (A Team). 55 teams from all over Mumbai participated in the Tournament held on April 17 and 18, 2010 at the Cooperage Grounds. In the finals St. Joseph's High School overpowered Don Bosco, Matunga (A Team) 3-1 in the Penalty shootout. The scorers were Mohan Bhandari, Zenon Aglem & Mohanty Roshan.

While the whole team of St. Joseph's contributed to the success of the tournament the flair of Mohan Bhandari and Zenon Aglem (The Captain of Team) drew much applause. As winners the team now proceeds to Shillong to play with the winners of different states.

Friday, May 7, 2010


Mylin Norenha sdb
ALIRAJPUR, MAY 7, 2010: A select group of 32 boys and 26 girls ushered in the new month by stepping into the campus of Don Bosco, Alirajpur for the Annual English Camp.  They hope to learn some English and merit an entry into the School of Excellence (SOE).  The boys and girls who had completed their Std. V from Hindi medium schools began their month long course in English on a spiritual note with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist at 6:15 p.m. Fr. Leslie Pereira, the Rector, welcomed the students and informed them of the three rules of the camp:  1) stay cheerful 2) stay healthy 3) speak only English.

The fathers and brothers ensured that the grand opening of the camp was not all prayer but entertainment as well.  The Eucharist was followed by a family circle that was organized by the Salesians, SSpS Sisters and volunteers to welcome the students.  The family circle was a wonderful potpourri of dance, action songs, comedy skits and plenty of music.  Cl. Osborn, the main camp coordinator, while explaining the theme of the camp ‘Glow and Grow’, recounted the poet-sage Kabir who said that every star has the right to shine and every bud has the right to flower.  The most touching moments were that of the testimonials of some of the volunteers who, as young campers, overcame their inhibitions and weaknesses to grasp English.

The well executed inauguration was an apt indicator of the many days of preparation that the Salesians of Don Bosco, Alirajpur had put in.  It reflected the commitment of the community to enable every dedicated student of the diocese to have an opportunity to learn English irrespective of any financial limitations.

Indeed, the month full of songs, music, games, math and English classes will go a long way in forming good leaders who with their skills in English will attain all the success life has to offer.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Kamlesh Dodia
ALIRAJPUR, MAY 6, 2010: There was a special gramsabha held at Indarsinh ki Choki to commemorate the hundred and ninetieth birthday of Dr. Bhimrav Ambedkar on April 14, 2010. A hundred and one villagers along with Nodal officer Mr. Sisodiya, Cluster Resource Coordinator Mr. Vincent, a renowned sanyasi turned Sarpanch Mr. Chandarsinh Bhagat, Dt. Sarpanch Mr. Lalusinh, Panchayat Secretary Mr. Joharsinh, Mr. Kamlesh and Mr. Irshad from Don Bosco marked the day with their esteemed presence.

The Gramsabha was tactfully organized early in the morning for two reasons. The first one was to keep the villagers away from drinking ‘toddy’ or ‘mahuva’ (country liquor) and another one was to allow them to go to collect ‘mahuva’ in the afternoon as it was their livelihood. The strategy worked well and it turned out to be one of the best gramsabhas ever had in this village as the villagers unanimously approved all past resolutions. They also commonly agreed to all proposals made for overall growth and development of their village. They had a common consent to build a panchayat building, a school building, community hall and other development works such as shelf of project of NREGS, building RCC road etc.

Nodal officer Mr. Sisodiya appealed to the villagers to support their young and enthusiastic Sarpanch who has a dream to make his village one of the model villages in the entire district of Alirajpur. Cluster Coordinator, Mr. Vincent explained them about right to education and urged them to send their children regularly to school. Mr. Irshad Ahmed humorously showed them ways of killing two birds by throwing one stone in their own dialect namely earning their livelihood and creating local assets in their village by taking advantage of MGNREGS.
Mr. Kamlesh from Don Bosco ended his short speech encouraging them to increase the number of women present in gramsabha as no development work was ever possible without their presence.

Last but not least, the Sarpanch Mr. Chandarsinh thanked everyone for their support and cooperation and promised them to do his best to fulfill his awaiting dream.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Godfrey D’Sa sdb
MUMBAI, MAY 3, 2010: On April 30, 2010, at a function in the Youth Services Hall, Matunga, Rev. Fr. Michael Fernandes SDB, the Salesian Provincial of the Mumbai Province, gave certificates to 18 participants who successfully completed the 9 month Advanced Diploma Program in Counseling Psychology. This is the Second batch of students completing the training program organized by Prafulta Psychological Services, Andheri, in order to meet the growing need for professional counselors in the city of Mumbai.


Dayanand Patil
BORIVLI, MAY 3, 2010: April 20, 2010 was an important day in the lives of 20 women of Hanuman Tekdi, Borivali – East. The Don Bosco social Development Centre was inaugurated by Fr. Anthony Santarita and Mr. Dayanand Patil incharge of Social work at Bosco Boys Home-Borivli.

A Beautician Course was introduced for Schedule Caste and minority groups women of the locality. In his introduction Mr. Patil made the people aware of Don Bosco’s involvement in social work. He said that Don Bosco is a big name in the field of Education in Mumbai and other cities. It appears they cater to the rich. But in practice, it does tremendous good for the poor and needy. He informed the participants to strive to change their “Helpless” condition into a “Hope-filled” future.

Fr. Anthony emphasized the need to get into entrepreneurship. He cited many examples of people who started in a small way but by sheer hand work have a successful and steady business today.

There was tremendous enthusiasm from the people of the locality to enroll in many such self employment courses. In this matter, the closest collaborators CCDT (Committed Committee Development Trust) played a very important role in community building.

The Jan Shikshan Sanstha – Dharavi has supported and sponsored the programme by providing Trainers and Certification.