Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Anthony Dias sdb
DAKOR, NOVEMBER 30, 2010: The teachers made the Children’s day special for the students of Don Bosco Dakor. This was a memorable experience for the students in the school. The programme began with the prayer service which was well animated. One of the staff members spoke on the importance of children and how important children are which was followed by the Power Point presentation. Then the children were addressed expressing the importance of the children in the life of the teacher. The children had drawn and painted the school flag and gave it as a token of love and appreciation to the Principal and the staff.

Bro Anthony taught the children an action song to which the children swinged their bodies to the full. The teachers presented a comedy skit and the children enjoyed it too. Sharing of some jokes and some facts of life was put in a hilarious form by bro. Anthony which was presented to the students. The programme came to an end with the instrumental played by bro Anthony as Don Bosco would say a Salesian house without music is like a body without the soul. The programme ended with the song and the final words of Fr. Alexander Fernandes sdb. All the children were given a small token of love by the teachers with their contribution. They went home with a smile on their faces thanking the teachers for their love


MATUNGA, NOVEMBER 30, 2010: The second North Bombay [East] Deanery Recollection for the Sunday School and Regular School Catholic Teachers was held at Don Bosco, Matunga, on Sunday, November 28, 2010. This activity is one of the components of the multifaceted ministry of Don Bosco Youth Services, for the Archdiocese.

There was a good turnout of sixty five Teachers from seven parishes and eight schools. The animator was Fr. K. T. Emmanuel, of St Vincent’s Parish, Chuim, Khar. He conducted an enlightening session on the theme: “Creation: An opportunity for Stewardship”, using a Power point presentation and group discussions. There was a lively participation. A meaningful Prayer Service was conducted wherein all the teachers participated prayerfully. The ambient was very prayerful.

The evening then winded with delicious dinner.

Prior to the Recollection about half an hour was spent meeting the Coordinators of the Parishes. The attendance was admirable. We discussed about the CTC graduates of the Parish, the Choir Festival, the closing programme for the year, about what they have done on the theme “creation” during the year & each parish was given a session to conduct in their own parish and lastly the setting up of the Pastoral Teams for each Parish. All those attending felt encouraged and supported


Loreen Fernandes
VIRAR, NOVEMBER 30, 2010: November 28, 2010 will indeed be a memorable day for twenty two of our children, at Resurrection Church, Virar as they received Jesus in Holy Communion for the first time. Two years of intense and regular catechetical preparation ensured their spiritual preparedness for the solemn day.The Eucharist commenced at 8.30 am. The words, “Come into my heart” were prominently displayed on an artistically prepared backdrop. The floral arrangements at the sanctuary further enhanced the ambience of joyful celebration. Fr. Augustine, in his homily advised the children to preserve their purity by leading spiritually enriched lives. Advent reminds us of the need to be awake and alert, he said.

Post-communion, the first Holy Communicants expressed their joy by singing a lively group song before the congregation. Each child received a copy of the Bible and a snacks packet.

The solemn conduct of the liturgical proceedings was reflective of intense preparation involved in training the children. The parish team, catechism teachers and the volunteers worked selflessly to make the day memorable for the children.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Claudina Pinto
THANE, NOVEMBER 29, 2010: The members of the Salesian family went for an outreach program to Bosco Samaj Vikas Sanstha at Jawahar, Thane district on Sunday November 28, 2010. Bosco Samaj Vikas Sanstha is a social development organization working across the Thane district of Maharashtra with tribal and rural communities. Seventy members of the Salesian family, Salesian fathers, Sisters, Cooperators, Past Pupils, ADMA and VDB from different centre of Mumbai left the city by two buses. One from Matunga and the other from Andheri and Borivili at 7.30am. After a long journey of four hours they reached the destination and were welcomed by Fr. Anaclete D’Mello and other staff members with a broad smile.

Fr. Elias Dias, Fr. Wilfred D’Souza and Fr. Lloyd Rodrigues celebrated Holy Eucharist. In his homily Fr. Elias Dias spoke about advent and how to prepare for the coming of Christ. He said; 1. By giving in- whatever differences we had in the past. 2. By giving up- our sins and our weaknesses. 3. By giving out- by sharing ourselves and our goods with others we will have a wonderful Christmas.

After the mass Mr. Melvin and Fr. Anaclete explained to the members their social works in the villages and how the programs are oriented towards the education and empowering poor people to become the agents of social change for the transformation of society.

After lunch the members played a short housie game and were then divided into groups who visited different villages. When they came back they had snacks. Sr. Phyllis Fernandes thanked Fr. Anaclete on his hospitality and all the arrangements. The members of the Family contributed their mite for the development of this tribal project. The Past pupil of Andheri unit adopted one village. All admired the challenging work done by the Salesians in this neglected belt of Adivasis in Maharashtra.


Crystal D’Mello
BORIVLI, NOVEMBER 29, 2010: The feast of Christ the King was celebrated in our parish with great solemnity on November 21, 2010. To facilitate greater participation, the Eucharist was celebrated in three different places. After the celebration of the Eucharist the parishioners moved in a prayerful procession to the church. This was also a moment where we could bear witness to our faith to our Non-Christian brethren.

Children who are preparing for ‘Confirmation’ were asked to make banners and placards, to be used for the procession. The enthusiasm shown by the children was evident in the beautiful and significant banners / placards made by them.
After reaching the church, the adoration service was conducted by Fr. Allwyn who, in his own inimitable way ensured participation of the parishioners by singing hymns and by his unique prayers. The parish priest, Fr. Ronnie gave the concluding blessing.
Let us be together and spread the message of Love, Peace and Hope, as is written in the scriptures. With the blessing of our Almighty, let us pray that this happens so that the world we live in remains to be a wonderful and beautiful place.


Cl. Leon Cruz Ratinam sdb
PUNE, NOVEMBER 28, 2010: Don Bosco Youth Centre organized the annual two day box-cricket tournament for the underprivileged children from the slums on November 27 and November 28, 2010. Around seventeen teams participated in the tournament and it was an opportunity to motivate and bring out the talents of the boys. Over the years the institute has organized a number of similar tournaments for underprivileged youngsters.

The finals were played between Unique Boys and Chhatrapati Warriors. The Chhatrapati Warriors won the toss and decided to bat and posted a competitive total of forty eight runs. The batsmen of Unique Boys started off well and steadily increased their run rate. With a loss of just one wicket the Unique Boys won the tournament and Rishikesh Ahirwar bagged the trophy as the player of the tournament. The best batsman award went to Raj Shede and the best bowler award was given to Raman.

The Rector of Don Bosco Youth Centre, Fr. Vincent Rasquinha handed over the prizes to the winners. The Fathers and Brothers of Don Bosco Youth Centre created one more memorable day in the lives of the boys for whom they have dedicated their lives.


Cl. Leon Cruz Ratinam sdb
PUNE, NOVEMBER 29, 2010: The Salesian Catechetical Centre organized the ‘Faith Sharing Day’ for around four hundred school children on November 27, 2010 at St. Andrew’s School, Cinchwad for the diocese of Pune. The standard VIII catholic students from twenty different schools participated and they were assisted by fifty animators. The director of the catechetical centre, Fr. Edison Fernandes SDB and Sr. Caroline D’Souza FMA along with a team of animators lead to students to a faith sharing experience with the theme – ‘You, Me, Our World: Connected in Christ’.

The participants had come prepared with their creative chart works and they had an occasion to exchange their ideas. Fr. Edison Fernandes systematically exposed the theme of connectedness after which Mrs. Raynah facilitated the group discussions and presentations. After a lively session of the theme song, the students engaged in group games which lightened up the moment. The culminating pinnacle of the day was the Eucharistic Celebration which was entirely animated by groups of students.

The children had an enriching faith sharing experience and went back home connected with each other in Jesus Christ.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


NARUKOT, NOVEMBER 25, 2010: Don Bosco Technical, Narukot is witnessing its splendid growth in these recent years. On November 1 the institute got a special uniform for its students who are sure to get their employment because of their excellent results. Mr.Vikrant sponsored the shoes, helmet and the boiler suit for the seventy students. The students were very delighted with his kindness and expressed their gratitude by whispering genuine prayer of blessings in their hearts. Thanks to Mr. Vikrant in making this dream possible for the institution.
On November 16 about thirty five young boys came to the institution for an urgent admission in the tailoring section as per the demands of the company. A company named ‘Rishi’ is desperately in need of tailoring students who can stitch with efficiency and giving quality production. As per its urgency, the company’s demand was put forth in the village areas and surprisingly many youth of our neighborhood opted to come willingly and with determination. On November 17, the appointed persons from the company took a two hours session as per their needs. This is not the end. After this monthly training in Don Bosco’s, the company themselves will train them for the next two months and then employ them with a high salary. Additional to it, the boys on November 22 will also be taken for a company visit to broaden their horizons and reinfuse the zeal with them.

The staff and the management are very proud of their boys and extremely grateful to the Lord for these enormous blessings. Praise the Lord!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


BHINGAR, NOVEMBER 24, 2010: St. John’s Church, Bhingar witnessed a great day on November 24, 2010 as fourteen Baptisms, twelve Holy Communions and three Marriage rectifications were administered on the villagers from a remote village Gosaiwadi. Fr. Ivan Rodrigues was the principal celebrant and it was he who administered the sacraments.

Gosaiwadi is a new village, which was first instructed by Fr. Ivan, who was the Parish Priest then at Bhingar. It was a dream come true to be receiving the sacraments from the one who sowed the seeds of Christianity for the villagers. During his homily he exhorted the recipients to hold on to Jesus come what may. He said, “One should forget his past and start anew from now onwards. Putting on Jesus Christ wherever they are.” He also reminded those present that let all the sacraments in the community be administered at the prescribed age. Here he was referring about the rectified marriages. After the Eucharist, the recipients were awarded some mementos to remember the day. The event concluded with snacks and this day will be remembered by all for a long time.


Loreen Fernandes
VIRAR, NOVEMBER 24, 2010: The annual sports fiesta of Resurrection Church, Virar was officially inaugurated on Saturday, November 20 with a colourful march-past, put up by members of the different communities, attired in colours that represented their respective communities.

The sportsman’s prayer was read aloud by a senior person, after which the games were declared open by the parish priest. Carrom for the seniors and box cricket for men and women was held on Saturday, while Sunday witnessed enthralling rink-football matches for men and throw ball matches for women. A well formulated Bible quiz for children sustained the high enthusiasm levels of the participants.

The concluding ceremony was conducted on Sunday evening with trophies, medals and certificates being awarded to the winners in various categories. Don Bosco community was the overall winner while the Marian Flockreceived the runners-up trophy.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Jophin Mathai & Elvira Gonsalves

"Faith makes all things possible...love makes all things easy."

-Dwight L. Moody

BORIVLI, NOVEMBER 23, 2010:Like every year, this year too the Sunday school children of std. VII & VIII were looking forward for their Mission trip to Talsari, as a part of their Sunday school syllabus.

On November 18, fifty eight children of the VII and VIII class, accompanied by Fr. Allwyn & the animators – Brian D’souza, Adriel, Jophin Mathai & Elvira Gonsalves left for what can be aptly called as a two days faith formation-cum-mission camp to Talasari. The basic purpose of this camp was to bring the children into first-hand contact with the hardships of the people living in these villages and the zeal and enthusiasm with which our missionaries are working there to bring about a change vis-a-vis education and rural development.

On reaching Talasari, we were introduced to Fr. Dion who is one of the Jesuit priests working there in the mission at Dnyanmata Sadan. He elucidated in a loving manner to the children about the history and the culture of the people living there. It was interesting to see many of the curious children asking him questions and taking down notes .A similar routine followed when we met Fr. Vincy who is the Director at Dnyanmata Sadan.

After lunch children were divided into two groups which left for the village visits, where we were given a grand welcome with aarti & kumkum and this made us feel very special. The school we visited had put up an exclusive program for us with Prayer dance, cultural dance & some others as well. The most appreciative part was that in spite of children having their Diwali holidays, they were all present in clean & tidy school uniform only to give us this warm welcome. The visit to the villages ended by a performance of their tribal dance known as "Tarpa" and some of us even joined in with them.
Our children were exposed to the difficulties faced by so many of the village children of their age which made them realize how privileged they are compared to them .Our children had brought gifts like notebooks, pens &; other stationery which was presented to the Supervisor of the schools.

In the evening we prayed the rosary and after dinner we enjoyed the campfire where the groups presented their skits on different topics given by their animators.The next morning after breakfast we visited Dayanand hospital which is run by the Canossa sisters. We were guided by Mother superior, Sr. Paulina an Italian nun who came to India as a missionary in 1968. It was surprising to see how fluently she converses with the inmates of the hospital in Marathi language being an Italian. We were shown the good work they are doing and how the health of the people and their attitude towards diseases like leprosy has improved over the years. We returned from Talasari enriching ourselves with that “FAITH” which makes all things possible.

Special Thanks to Fr. Ronnie, our parish priest who has been leading us to give the children this kind of real life experiences of faith & love along with the Sunday school knowledge that we share. Not to forget Fr. Allwyn & his endless support & enthusiasm due to which we are glad that our children got an opportunity to witness the life & struggle of the humble villagers & the zeal of the missionary priests & nuns looking at which at least some of them may be inspired by God to be laborers in His vineyard.


Geeta Menezes

BORIVLI, NOVEMBER 23, 2010: During Mission Sunday in October 2010, Fr Isaac of Don Bosco Kapadvanj Mission, Gujarat showcased an interesting presentation of the works done by the Salesian priests and brothers at that mission. Fr Isaac concluded his presentation with an invitation to the congregation to come and witness their work. The Salesian Cooperators, Borivali Unit, took up this invitation and decided to visit Kapadvanj. On November 15, 2010 at 8.30 pm, thirteen Salesian Cooperators accompanied by their delegate, Fr Ronnie Menezes boarded the Lokshakti Express, to see firsthand the works done by our Salesian priests and brothers at the missions.

We met the eleven aspirants residing at the house, the three coordinators of the Self Help Groups (SHGs) and the other activities at the house of Kapadvanj.

After a brief talk by Mr. Shailesh, Fr Isaac took the Cooperators around two villages to witness the rural life and the work being done by the SHGs. We first visited Dholivav Village. There are two SHGs operating in this village and they are presently engaged in building a kachha road under NREGA Scheme. We next visited Motipura village, where there are five SHGs comprising of seventy five members. These villagers are engaged in agriculture, animal husbandry and plants nursery. The villagers greeted us warmly and said a beautiful prayer in their dialect. The Cooperators interacted with the villagers and bonded with them by dancing the garba.

On the second day our first stop was at the Church of Khambholaj where there is a statue of ‘Our Lady of the Forsaken (Anathoni Mata)’ which has come all the way from Spain. The next stop was at ‘Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour’ (Nityasahayani Mata) in Jitodia. The priest there gave us a brief talk about the church, which is built along the lines of the Shrine of Mount Mary, Bandra. We then moved on to see the Shrine of Divine Mercy at Salon.

We were also fortunate to meet the FMA sisters at Pansora and at Pushpanjali. After a sumptuous dinner with the Salesians at Dakor we began our return journey home.

We are very grateful to Fr Isaac for giving us an insight into their mission and allowing us to share this beautiful experience with the Salesian Family. It was indeed a very memorable trip for all the Cooperators and will be etched in our minds as a beautiful memory.


GUJARAT, NOVEMBER 23, 2010: On November 14, 2010, as is our custom every year, this year too, we celebrated children’s day as our tenth Don Bosco Bal Mela. Besides the ninety boys residing at Snehalaya, there were many other children from different railway stations in Gujarat who had come precisely for the mela celebration. A number of children joined the celebration from some of the NGOs in the city and from the neighbouring basti near Snehalaya. Some of our platform boys came in the previous evening. Quite a few of our old boys came forward to give us a good helping hand in getting things ready.

The cultural programme which started off the day began with a prayer dance followed by the lighting of the lamp and garlanding the portraits of Jawaharlal Nehru (it was Chacha Nehru’s birth anniversary), Don Bosco (our Father and Founder) and The Painting of a marginalized platform youngster in whose honor we were actually having the Mela. Soon after, the Director of Don Bosco Snehalaya gave a warm welcome to the Chief Guest and all the guests and children who were present. The MCs of the day---Masters Suraj Molvi Maherban and Chand Sheikh…two of our own Snnehalaya boys----then carried the programme forward very well. The children put up various beautifully-orchestrated dances and a meaningful skit based on the theme of Child Rights which states: “Children are our Hope, Children are our future. Let them live and grow with dignity and respect.” The Chief Guest for the day was Mrs. Neelam Kodnani, the chairperson of the CWC --- Child Welfare Committee. In her speech she congratulated the performances of the children and felt that they would be able to achieve lots of wonderful things in their life for which they would need to study well and work hard. The children and the guests enjoyed the programme very much.

After the programs the children, guests, volunteers and the staff all headed towards the sumptuous lunch with a variety of delicious food on service. At last the time came for the children to play at the different games stalls put up on the grounds. Games coupons were distributed to all the children. The children were told that the more coupons they had d bigger gifts were in store for them. So the children played with excitement putting all their hard efforts in winning coupons. They were lost in their own childhood days, and the joy and happiness they experienced was surely something which they could never have had while they were on the platforms of different railway stations. At the end of the day, there was a DJ system put up for the boys so that they could dance and spend all their energy on the floor. This went on for a good hour. The children had lots of fun, while the DJ played beautiful songs. He ended the day as a beautiful and most enjoyable Bal Mela.

Monday, November 22, 2010


NASHIK, NOVEMBER 22, 2010: Fr Mauro Mantovani, SDB, Dean of Philosophy, Universita' Pontificia Salesiana, Rome, has given us the news that Fr Robert Pen, Principal, Divyadaan, has been promoted to the rank of Reader.

'Reader' (professore straordinario) is the second rank, the first being Lecturer and the third Professor (professore ordinario).

Fr Robert can now hold the chair of Semiotics; so far he was 'given care' of it.

Warm congratulations to Fr Robert on this promotion.


Crystal D’Mello

BORIVILI, NOVEMBER 22, 2010: With the blessings of Lord Jesus and the wonderful arrangements by Don Bosco, Borivili (our Parish), I attended the four-day Retreat at Tabor during November 7 to November 10, 2010. Hence I would like to reiterate that ‘My Retreat to Tabor was neither my choice nor my parents’. Fr.Alwyn Misquita and three parishioners accompanied us, the confirmation students, during this Retreat.

When we reached there, we found the environment quite serene and different. The entire first day was spent in praying. During the first day, one of the preachers asked us “Who wants to go back home.” Many of us raised hands and i was one of them. Then he said, “It’s your first day, but when the Holy Spirit enters into you from then, you will not feel like going home”. That was the moment when I first felt a “YES” in my heart.

On the next day, there was a healing and adoration service .That day I found a change in my life. It was evening time and the lights were switched off. There was no distraction and interaction with Jesus became easier. The Priest began the healing service and I don’t know why, but looking at the Blessed Sacrament I started crying. I could feel it. As the Priest continued with the service, my weeping increased. There was the continuous presence of Jesus around me as though there is no one in the room except me and Him. I was screaming Halleluiah, Jesus Master save me. We were also told to kneel and catch the feet of the one besides us and the Priest said “This is Jesus Christ standing in front of you. If you have sinned against him ask forgiveness, and I could really see and feel as though I were catching His feet. I started asking forgiveness and at that moment a different feeling which I never felt before just caught my body as though I was getting healed from my legs and then my hands and then my heart, tongue, eyes, ears and my thoughts . Tears were flowing from my eyes as though Jesus is telling me “my child, cry until I tell u”. I felt an electric current passing through out my body and my lips and hands started to shiver. I felt the Holy Spirit entering into my body and converting my sinful soul into a pure one. During the healing service we all were told to keep our illness and our sicknesses in front of him.

The previous night we all had to have a cold water bath due to some problems. After that, my head was caught up by severe head ache. I already had some sinus related problems which added to it. Sinus is such a headache in which i could neither sit peacefully nor rest. I didn’t know what to do. Soon i applied some Vicks and somehow managed to sleep. The next morning I got up, but no improvement. My headache was all the more severe. I cried bitterly that day. That time I pleaded with Jesus to take away my headache and free me from my Sinus problem. Suddenly I just fell flat on the ground. I got up and held my head and as I came to my senses, to my amazement and excitement, my headache which was troubling for the past two days simply vanished. That moment i realised that on the very first day when my heachace began and I applied some Vicks Jesus gave me signs to just call out His name and I would be healed. No one will go empty handed unless he/she prays sincerely. Jesus always calls us, but we neglect him. Yet, when we call him, he is always there, waiting to reach out to us.



Claudina Pinto
MUMBAI, NOVEMBER 22, 2010: Seven co-operators of Mumbai Province made a visit to the jungles of Jambughoda [Don Bosco Narukot] from November 17 to November 19, 2010. Fr Stanny Ferreira, Rector of Don Bosco Narukot welcomed us. The purpose of the trip was to animate the co-operators group and see the wonderful work our Salesians are doing there. On the first day we met ten co-operators of Narukot unit and had a long session with them explaining to them in a nut shell the Project of Apostolic Life and the method of conducting the meetings. The next day we met the co-operators again where we shared our experiences discussing in depth of Don Bosco's vision of his great mission of uplifting the youth in all strata of life and the mission statement drawn at the Third South Asia Regional Congress 'RETURN TO DON BOSCO RETURN TO THE YOUNG'.

The Coordinator and the committee members were so enthused with Charism and motivation of Don Bosco that they wanted to show us the work they carry on in different villages. The first visit was to Gandhra village in the mountains of Jambughoda. There we saw the water shed project carried on by the Salesian Fathers and the green fields. It was like another Scotland. Then we proceeded to Garumal and Chalwad villages where we visited the houses of the villagers and students/boarders studying in Don Bosco School.

On the second day we went to Duma village where Fr Stanny celebrated the Mass for the villagers. About twenty people with their children attended the service. After the service some of the co-operators played with the children and distributed sweets to them. Our Provincial Coordinator Mrs Claudina Pinto explained to the people the work the Salesian Co-operators do. Some of the village people showed their willingness to work for Don Bosco's mission by becoming Co-operators. On the way back we visited another village Masabar, where the Salesians conduct a Village Education Project class for children of villages who are poor. Approximately thirty such centres are being run with the help of the Cooperators. The children were so happy that they sang Gujarati songs for us. We taught them English Nursery rhymes which they picked up so beautifully and sang without any help.
At 11am we visited the Maharaja and Maharani's Palace and had a historical background of it. Father Stanny told us that Don Bosco’s Technical Institution teaches Hotel Management and Hospitality so that many tribal youth could be trained and get better living in Narukot where family could live together and thus instilling family values. In the evening we visited Zallaria and Kesarpura villages where one community centre is opened to conduct different activities like teaching cathecism, Mahila mandal, youth centre, and adult education. Here the co-operators distributed sweets and clothes to the children and adults. We also enjoyed the adivasi food.
On the third day morning after the Eucharist we visited the farm and the families of the co-operators, in the evening on our way back home we visited Snehalya Shelter Don Bosco. Here we interacted with the boys. They were very happy to meet us and talk to us. They had so much to say and we had so much to hear but the time was not enough. We are very much inspired by the work of our Salesian family members in Narukot. We could not imagine how people live there in poverty and misery but the love and spontaneous hospitality has shaken us. The cooperators thanked the Mumbai cooperators for visiting them and encouraged them to be the long hands and feet of Don Bosco.


Fr. Roger Jones sdb

WADALA, NOVEMBER 22, 2010: Our very first YaR Day was celebrated at Shelter Don Bosco. The program began with a prayer dance followed by a power point on the plight of children in various settings. In the first half of the day about thirty boys from Don Bosco School, Matunga came over to Shelter and entertained the children with their heart throbbing dances and meaningful skits and songs.

The second half of the day began with a cultural program. There were about two hundred children. Anmol girls from Vashi, neighboring children and the children from Bosco Ke Tare, Matunga gathered at Shelter Don Bosco for half a day of fun and frolic.

Fr. Ajoy Fernandes our Vice Provincial graced the occasion by his presence as our Chief Guest. Fr. Savio Silveira and Fr. Rosario too were present. Fr. Ajoy in his speech highlighted the words of the song from3-idiots “give me some sunshine, give me some rain, give me another chance I want to grow up once again.” He explained that Shelter, Development Office, and Anmol has given you a second chance and so make full use of all that is taught and grow in life. Fr. Ajoy also honored all the children by giving a bouquet of flowers to the youngest boy and a girl. It was a touching moment and children cheered with joy.

Sing song and filmy dances and games were the attractions of the evening. The day was concluded with tea and snacks.


Robert Pen sdb
NASHIK, NOVEMBER 22, 2010: Pune Vidyapeeth (University) Marathi Department which is celebrating its Diamond Jubilee (2010-2011) held a Seminar cum Discussion on the Kristapurana of Fr. Thomas Stephens (1549-1619) on November 15 and November 16, 2010 at P.C. Ray Sabhagruha, Pune University. It was a joint venture of Pune Vidyappeth Marathi Department and Don Bosco, Nashik. The theme of the seminar was: “Kristapurana: A Review (Punaravalokan)”. The University Hall was filled to capacity which showed the great response from many intellectuals who gathered at Pune University from far and near, from other Universities as well as from the Colleges around.

There were eminent speakers both from the Christian as well as from Pune University side. There were others from the field of Marathi literature itself. From the Christian side the speakers and their themes of the talks were as follows: Bishop Thomas Dabre (Bishop of Pune - “Inauguration Talk”); Fr. Dr. Nelson Falcao, sdb (Main Talk of the Seminar on “Method and Principles of Inculturation and Inter-religious Dialogue in the Kristapurana”); Rev. Fr. Francis de Britto (“Bible and the Kristapurana”); Msgr. Francis Correia (“Shakespeare of the Konkan Land”); Rev. Fr. Caridade Drago, s.j. (“Indianisation in the Kristapurana); Dr. Cecilia Carvalho (“Language and Society in the Kristapurana”); Dr. Anupama Ujagare “(Kristapurana and Kristayan”). The speakers from Pune University and others were: Prof. Dr. Kalyan Kale (Ex-HOD Marathi Dept. Pune University - “Various Editions of the Kristapurana”); Prof. Dr. Sadananda More (Prof. Philosophy Department, “Kristapurana: From Hindu Point-of-view”); Prof. Dr. Dilip Dhondge (Prof. at Satana University – “Linguistic Style in the Kristapurana”).

Prof. Dr. R.G. Jadhav, Marathi Literary critic and Ex-President of Marathi Sahitya Sammelan, affirmed that the Kristapurana has been a proper response to Indian tradition and culture. He said that the Kristapurana cuts across all cultures, traditions and religions. Prof. Dr. Naganatha Kottapalle (Vice-Chancellor of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathawada Vidyapeeth, Aurangabad) stated that the Kristapurana has been an invitation to openness, broad-mindedness and inter-religious dialogue. Prof. Dr. Sadananda More spoke of the Kristapurana as a Great Christian Biblical Epic which was expressed and interpreted in Hindu-Vaishnavaite tradition from the Christian Greco-Hebrew-Latin-Scholastic categories. The significant words of late Dr. S.G. Tulpule were quoted more than once: “Without sliding out even a little bit from the basic truth in the Bible, putting an Eastern garb agreeable to he Hindu mind, and that also in poetic form, on to the life of Christ, was truly a difficult task. But Stephens has done it. He has kept to the language (bhasha), conduct (vritta), ideas (kalpana), imagination of poets (kavisanketa) and all other poetic forms (kavyange) in pure Marathi. The Deity inside is that of Jesus Christ, the temple is Hindu (‘Murti Khristaci, Mandira Hinduce’), such is the arrangement of this Purana.”
The whole two-day Seminar ended on a heavenly note of Mukti-Moksha (salvation/liberation) reaching Vaikuntha (heaven). The various talks and discussion created an atmosphere of Sarva-Dharma-Samabhava (equality of all) and awakened the feeling of the personal responsibility and duty to respond faithfully and generously to Sva-Dharma (one’s own Religion) among all the participants.


BIS Correspondent
WADALA, NOVEMBER 22, 2010: The art of living sessions were conducted for the shelter boys from November 17 to November 20 from 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm by the Art of living organization members Amita and Vidhi.

Amita and Vidhi gave importance towards self building with attitude and optimism. The three days session was conducted through games, PowerPoint and with laughter, making life joyful and meaningful. They also touched the spiritual part by chanting bhajans, doing sadhna and meditation to help in concentration.

We felt the Salesian liveliness among the boys through the creative games and songs from the members of other faith.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Anto Thomas
MAHARASTHRA, NOVEMBER 20, 2010: Bosco Samajik Vikas Sanstha, Valvande (BSVS) initiated a process for developing perspective plan for the tribal and rural villages across Thane district in Maharashtra. Initially, it is planned to develop perspective plan for ten villages in Jawahr and Mokhada Talukas and later all the villages will be facilitated to develop their perspective plans. In view of that, BSVS started developing the capacities of the tribal youth from the selected villages. From each village, ten to fifteen youth will be selected and trained in village Perspective Development Plan. BSVS facilitators from the selected villages also would be trained along with the village youth. These trained youth, facilitators and BSVS staff would motivate and facilitate the villagers in developing their own perspective plan.

In view of the above, BSVS has started conducting workshops for the village youth and facilitators in perspective development. In each workshop, youth from five villages and their facilitators will be the participants. First such workshop was organized in Valvande from November 16 to November 18, 2010. Duration of the workshop was for three days. Mr. Sebastian Francis from Sadan, Pune and BSVS team members was the resource persons for the workshop. Thirty eight youth from Koshimshet, Bharwarpada and Sambarpada attended the workshop. Social analysis, Classification of issues, Comparative analysis, Response analysis, Context analysis, Identification of strategic issues and Preparation of action plan etc were the topics covered in detail during the workshop.
Youth are highly impressed and motivated on the workshop. They are convinced about the importance of having a perspective plan for their own villages and confident in facilitating the process for developing it. Kashinath Nande from Koshimshet said “I learned about village concept and perspective development. I learnt different methods in developing perspective plan and it is encouraging to do so’. Ravi Bhasra from Bharwarpada expressed that “I learnt about classification of issues and comparative analysis, and I am highly impressed about this method and I got a new vision through this workshop”.


Cl. Bosco Carvalho
AURANGABAD, NOVEMBER 20, 2010: The community of Divyadaan ventured out for an Educational Tour to the famous rock- cut temples at Ajanta and Ellora in Aurangabad on November 17 and November 18, 2010. This tri-annual tour was the outcome of a lot of detailed planning and arrangement done very much in advance by Fr. Savio D’souza, the Rector of Divyadaan, Fr. Anton D’souza and Br. Jacob.

The confreres placed their mortal feet on the immortal Ellora caves after a five hour enjoyable journey. After a brief introduction on the co-existence of the Buddhist, Jain and Hindu temples, the guide led us to witness the cut-in and cut-out rock structures of the perfectly chiseled shrines. The precision of the Buddhist temple and the largest monolith of the chariot-shaped Kailash temple with graceful sculptures of Hindu gods and goddesses elevated one’s being to marvel at the ingenuity of the people. The community captured the eternal memories of the caves in their hearts and proceeded to the historic Daulatabad Fort. The guide gave a detailed history of the fort’s strategic location, the deep moat, the dark tunnels, the minaret and the city structure that reflected the intense expertise of the builders. After a wholesome lunch, the confreres moved on to enjoy the Panchakki – an ancient watermill used for grinding flour, and Bibi-Ka-Maqbara – a pale imitation of the Taj Mahal built by Aurangzeb’s son. The confreres spent their evening in the famous Siddharth garden and feasted over a sumptuous dinner at Br. Jacob’s residence. After felicitating Jacob’s parents and the other guests, the community members proceeded to spend the night at Holy Cross School, thanks to the Convent Sisters.

The new day began with the Holy Eucharist which was offered as a thanksgiving for the Educational Tour and all the persons responsible for making it a success. After expressing sentiments of gratitude to the Sisters, the community members headed for the world famous rock cut wonders at Ajanta caves. The monks and artists of early Buddhism have put an amazing show of the rock formations, hammering out temples from top to bottom, sculptural embellishments, the exquisite murals, frescos and paintings that give an insight into the exuberance and talent that existed form ancient ages.

The remote sites of Ajanta and Ellora re-echo the architecture and spirituality of rich Indian culture. The co-existence of different faiths, the engineering skills of the artists and the awe-inspiring interiors of the caves help to appreciate and understand the vastness of ancient art. It is a national pride to have such ancient masterpieces of art and paintings in India. The saying is true ‘Old is Gold.’ This ancient heritage is a ‘Divya Daan’ to all future generations. The community members also enjoyed this bonding by praying together and sharing moments of oneness by singing songs and getting closer to one another. The confreres returned with grateful hearts and everlasting memories of ancient rich art.


Mayuri Rajbonshi Rajbaruah
BORIVILI, NOVEMBER 20, 2010: The workshop on financial inclusion at Bosco Boys Home, Borivili resulted in eighty applications for PAN cards being submitted by the marginalized youth undergoing vocational training at the institution. Of these, sixty applicants received their Pan cards, which will now serve as identity proof while seeking employment in different companies. According to these youth, producing PAN cards to employers have not only helped them prove their identity but have also helped them to obtain job offers.

The “Connect All India” network of Don Bosco Research Centre is adhering to its aim of helping out more underprivileged by connecting them to the various instruments of Financial and Social Inclusion. 
To popularize the concept in rural Maharashtra a meeting was organized at Bosco Yuva Pratisthan, Karjat. Various NGOS working with the rural population participated and were made aware of the different social and financial inclusion instruments like PAN Card, no frills bank accounts, pension plans and so on. A practical demonstration of operations and the correct way of filling up forms was part of this workshop. The importance of financial and social inclusion of the poor and the benefits for the NGOs was clarified during the question answer round. The workshop concluded with a plan for administrative convenience and the sustainability of the model.

Following up with the previous meeting on PAN Card application in Lonavla in the month of October, many villagers from Thakerwadi and Pangloli have applied for PAN cards to gain valid Government identity proof.

Along with collaboration with various nationalized banks, the Centre has also been approached by Corporation Bank of India with a proposal for issuing no frill accounts to the beneficiaries through the use of “Connect All India” network.

Friday, November 19, 2010


MATUNGA, NOVEMBER 19, 2010: Reading the signs of time, a passionate need was felt to organize a course that would enhance our Salesians Parish ministry. Taking a cue from this insight, Fr. Ajoy Fernandes, the Vice Provincial of the Mumbai Province organized a three-day intensive workshop for priests of the Konkan and Bombay Provinces from November 16 to November 18 entitled, “PARISH PASTORAL MANAGEMENT- A practical vision to empower parishes.” There were twenty four participants present for the course. Well qualified resource persons from the Archdiocese of Mumbai and members of different religious congregation shared their wealth of experience and knowledge with the participants. Through their in-depth knowledge and reflections on their personal experiences they offered vision and impetus for Parish ministry.
Fr. Felix D’Souza , Fr. Aniceto Pereira, Fr. Cletus D’Souza, Fr. Savio Fernandes, Fr. Michael Fernandes sdb, Fr. Joaquim Fernandes sdb, Fr. Blanny Pinto sdb, Fr. Lawrence Correa SVD, Fr. Sundar Albuquerque, Sr. Nandita Pereira Sr. Caroline D’Souza and Fr. Ajoy Fernandes sdb were part of the resource team that enlightened the participants on issues such as Parish pastoral Attitudes, Parish cells and associations, the Parish pastoral council, Program and logistics for Sunday School, Issues in pre-marital instruction, Mixed marriage families, Pastoral visits, Setting up and animating Small Christian Communities, Parish Bulletin, Directory and Calendar and Parish Financial and Pastoral Administration.
Participants interacted actively with the resource persons, and appreciated their inputs. They look forward to empowering and energizing their parishes with renewed insight and vigor.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Loreen Fernandes
VIRAR, NOVEMBER 17, 2010: Come November and the grounds of Resurrection Church, Virar come alive with children, youth and adults sweating it out at their favorite sport, for it is that much-awaited parish mega-event-The Inter Community Sports Fiesta. The aim behind the event is to encourage every individual to participate in events, thereby promoting a spirit of camaraderie among parishioners.

On Saturday, November 13, the programme started with a drawing competition which saw a huge turnout of participants. The excitement generated by the treasure-hunt that followed was truly remarkable.

Sunday, November 14 witnessed an impressive solo singing competition followed by an even more impressive display of creativity in a fancy dress competition. Badminton and table-tennis tournament which followed kept the spectators on the edge of their seats.

The second part of the sports fiesta which includes carom, throw-ball, cricket and football tournament is still to come.


William Falcao sdb

MATUNGA, NOVEMBER 17, 2010: Smile even if it is toothless, it adds great value to your face regardless of your gender, age and looks and even status. It brightens up the faces not only of those who smile, but even of those who look at it. We at Shelter Don Bosco this year celebrated the Annual Mela on November 15, 2010. We tried our best to put the smile back on the faces of around two thousand five hundred underprivileged children, in the Quadrangle of Don Bosco High School Matunga.

The programme started with a prayer song. The inauguration ceremony began with the children releasing the balloons in the presence of the Chief Guest Mr Niranjan Negi (Founder of ABHI Foundation) and Fr. Michael Fernandes (Provincial Superior). Fr. Xavier Devdas said the initial prayer.

Along with us there were various NGOs and Companies like, Kotak, Yuva Parrivartan, Reliance Retail, Dream Foundation, Paws, Go-Gola and many others who supported us whole heartedly to fulfil our dream to bring a smile on the innocent faces. Dimdima Magazines and Toy Banks provided toys and story books to these children for the day.
There were around ten games stalls put up by the students of Don Bosco School Matunga. A team of doctors from Kem Hospital along with Dr Shanbhaug were there with their full support working hand in hand to create awareness of various diseases and their repercussions. We also had Care and Support team who are handling all types of medical checks and care. Different types of drawing competitions were held for these street children so they could also enjoy and express their creativity. Thirty two NGOs from all over Mumbai participitated. They took part in the cultural activities and dances. There were skits and plays by volunteers groups.

There was a grand finale to this mega event by the nature itself. As the Director proposed a vote of thanks along with the whole staff and boys on the stage a strong gust of wind brought down the back drop curtain on their heads amidst peals of thunder and lightning with showers of blessings. But it has been possible because of the support and networking of the above mentioned NGO'S, Companies and persons.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Glenford Lowe sdb
MATUNGA, NOVEMBER 16, 2010: Over three hundred and fifty Altar Servers from ten Salesian Institutions gathered together at Don Bosco Provincial House, Matunga on Monday, November 15, 2010 to rally together in support of ‘Care for Creation’. Participating for the first time were Altar Servers all the way from Don Bosco’s Naigaon, Nashik and Pune. After a very colorful march past, the guest of honor, Fr. Edwin D’Souza, in a very novel way, invited the Altar Servers to declare open their own celebration with one voice, “We, the Altar Servers declare open our Rally”. He invited the youngsters to serve the Lord with joy and to Care for Creation. Citing very down-to-earth practices, he challenged the youngsters to give God thanks and be protectors of Creation. Representatives from the various intuitions lit the lamp together with the guest of honor.

Through songs, dances, drama and colorful exhibits, Fr. Brian Moras guided the young Altar Servers to appreciate the Gift of Creation and to Care for it. The participants responded with commitments they resolved to keep on a personal and community level. During a very prayerful Eucharistic celebration, Fr. Michael Fernandes, the Provincial, together with a number of concelebrants, once again invited the young Altar Servers to be responsible caretakers of God’s wonderful creation. Various institutions took active part in animating the liturgy and the singing.

The Altar servers were then given a brief opportunity to participate in the Shelter Don Bosco – Children’s Day Celebrations ‘Baccho ki Muskaan, Desh ki Shaan’. After a sumptuous lunch, the long awaited friendly games began. The games played were cricket-football, bucket-basketball, dodge-ball and square-ball. The sporting pledge, that was made right at the start, was kept by every team.

In his charismatic and youthful style, Fr. Allwyn Misquitta guided the young Altar Servers in a meaningful experience through Praise and worship, to once again reaffirm their commitment to ‘Care for Creation’. Fr. Ajoy, the Vice Provincial, proposed the vote of thanks. St. Dominic Savio, Andheri were declared the overall winners. Resurrection Church, Virar followed closely. Thanks to Bro. Matthew who generously donated a bible to every participant of the rally.

A special word of thanks to Fr. Edwin Colaco, Province delegate for Groups and Movements, Fr. Brian Moras and the many young volunteers and animators for making it a truly wonderful experience. Rallies such as these are truly opportune moments to sow vocational seeds and to pray to the Lord of the harvest. Our Salesian Mission began with an encounter that Don Bosco had with a non-to-familiar altar server. It is time we all take greater care and responsibility to nurture all our groups and movements in the province.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Ashley Miranda sdb
MATUNGA, NOVEMBER 13, 2010: The Shrine of Don Bosco’s Madonna, Matunga was packed to capacity on the evening of November 11 as the Salesians of Don Bosco of the Mumbai province gathered together with benefactors, relatives and friends to celebrate the jubilees of sixteen of their confreres. Among the jubilarians was Fr. Michael Fernandes, the provincial, who was celebrating the silver jubilee of his ordination. Others celebrating the silver jubilee of their ordination were Fr. George Carlos, Fr. Thomas D’Costa, Fr. Bonnie Borges and Fr. Augustine Pereira. Two confreres, Fr. Mathew Thalanany and Fr. Richard D’Souza celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of their Religious Profession. For Fr. Richard it was a double jubilee, since this year is also the Golden Jubilee of his ordination. Fr. Aloysius Furtado celebrated the Golden jubilee of his profession while as many as eight confreres, Frs. Anthony Santarita, Cletus D’Souza, James Tuscano, Jeffery Fernandes, Jude D’Mello, Manuel Murzello, Savio D’Souza and Savio Silveira, celebrated the Silver Jubilee of their profession.

Fr. Michael, the provincial was the main celebrant at the thanksgiving Eucharist. He was joined by as many as fifty concelebrants besides the other jubilarians. Fr. Aloysius Furtado was the homilist. The overwhelming mood was that of gratitude to God not only for having called our confreres to the Salesian way of life but also for all that God has done through them in spite of their limitations and failures.

The Eucharistic celebration was followed by a very well animated felicitation programme for our jubiliarians in the Don Bosco School Quadrangle. The traditional toast to each of the jubiliarians was replaced with a single common toast raised to the jubiliarians by Fr. Elson Baretto, the provincial Economer, followed by a well animated and crisp power point presentation on the Salesian life and ministry of the confreres celebrating their jubilee. Another significant feature of the celebrations this year was the personally prepared memento handed over to each confrere by the provincial containing a brief but very touching commendation of his unique personal traits and his contribution to the apostolate of the province. The provincial was handed his memento by Fr. Ajoy Fernandes, the vice-provincial.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


NASHIK, NOVEMBER 11, 2010: As our Hindu brethren celebrate the Festival of Diwali, our Parish of Don Bosco Nashik held an Indian Rite Mass. The whole ambient was decorated with flowers and Deepas (lights). As the congregation gathered a Tilakam was put on each one’s forehead by Tanamaya Novices; light Indian Sitar Music created a spiritual atmosphere; one could feel and experience God in every inhale and exhale.
The Indian Rite Mass consisted of: i) reception and welcome; ii) five-fold reconciliation or purification (Jala Shuddhi, Sthala Shuddhi, Dehatma Shuddhi, Janaloka Shuddhi and Purna Shuddhi); iii) Lighting of the lamp and receiving of Christ the light; iv) Liturgy of the Word (homage to the Bible, the readings and the Homily); v) Liturgy of the Eucharist (preparation of the gifts, Eucharistic Prayer); vi) Communion Rite (receiving communion, Manasa Puja).
The main celebrant was our Parish Priest, Fr. Nelson Falcao, who spoke on the significance of Deepavali. He spoke of the six days of Deepavali: Govatsa Dvadashi, Dhanatrayodashi, Narakachaturdashi, Lakshmi-Pujan, Balipratipada, Bhaubija. He highlighted the significance of each day and from significance he drew something relevant for our lives. The STI Novices sang beautifully the Indian hymns. Grateful thanks to Don Bosco House Brothers, the sacristan Mr. John Borde, the youth and all the volunteers who helped in the preparation and the execution of the whole Indian Rite Ceremony. The Brothers of Divyadaan, the STI Novices, the Sisters of the various Convents and the Parishioners both from Don Bosco and Dominic Savio Satpur were of the opinion that they were really able to concentrate and pray effectively. After the Indian Rite Mass all present shared some Deepavali sweets.

May every Deepa of this Deepavali Season remind us of lighting the Deepas of personal and social change! Happy Deepavali to one and all.


Crescens Lemos sdb

PUNE, NOVEMBER 11, 2010: The practical trainees from all over the Salesian Province of Mumbai trickled in the campus of DBYC Koregaon, Pune for the practical trainees meet. Fr. Ashley Miranda the Councillor for Formation was there to greet and welcome the brothers as they arrived. The meeting began with the Holy Eucharist.

The next day the practical trainees were filled with joy and enthusiasm as they headed for their well-deserved outing to Sangam. There the brothers spent some time relaxing in the swimming pool followed by a game of Football. A sumptuous meal provided by Fr. Damien culminated the outing. However seemed like that was not enough, the community of Chinchwad gladly welcomed the Practical Trainees for a come and see. Fr. Qualis and Fr. Jeffrey gave the brothers a tour of the entire campus and later on shared in a fellowship meal.

The next day with the arrival of Fr. Ajoy and Fr. Isaac the brothers plunged into the pool of the Salesian Youth Spirituality. Fr. Ajoy began the sessions with the basic outline that our institutions must not be just mere institutions but they must be a home, school, church and a playground for our youngsters. Developing further on the topic Fr. Isaac highlighted the seven aspects of the Salesian youth spirituality. The following day Fr. Glenn Lowe charged the brothers with a high voltage of Salesian Youth Spirituality. The sessions were an outline for the brothers to make their classes more meaningful by lavishing it with Salesian Youth Spirituality. The last two days the brothers were given topics and were asked to present it to all. There was an outbust of creativity among the brothers during these sessions. Appreciation and constructive feedback followed each presentation. The Practical trainees meet concluded at 4:00pm with the brothers making a commitment in the Chapel of DBYC Pune.

The days of the meeting were moments of renewal and enrichment. The Salesian Youth Movement is on the move for a better Salesian world. A word of gratitude to Frs. Ajoy, Glenn, and Isaac. A special word of thanks to the community of DBYC Pune for going out of their way to make the Brothers feel at home.


Reuben D'Souza and Brian Moras sdb

MATUNGA, NOVEMBER 11, 2010: “Retreatainment”, the very name of the program aroused curiosity in many minds. The word very evidently surfaced the combination of Retreat and Entertainment. The question arising was, ‘How can the two be possible together’? The thought of Entertainment coupled with a Retreat seemed like a ‘Paradigm Shift’.

But Retreatainment was not left a secret for long, and the idea was rolled out on November 6 and November 7, 2010. Welcome to experience Christ and His Gospel through ‘Inspiring Movies’ was the clarion call.

Our beloved Holy Father of happy memory, Pope John Paul II, being an actor in his early days, was also known to be a man of the media. Our present leader, Pope Benedict XVI, also advocates the use of the power of media in spreading the Word of God. No surprise then that a tremendous inspiration which touched the minds of Frs. Glenford Lowe and Brian Moras to present “Retreatainment”.

Four movies were screened over a span of two days, with enough time for reflection, group-work and sharing. This turned out to be a very fulfilling experience for the Retreatants.

The first of the movies was ‘Letters to God’, a touching story on the power of prayer. We can communicate to God even through letters and He always responds.

The next movie on Forgiveness was based on a true story. ‘Crossroads’ tells the story of a man whose feelings of anger, blame and sadness transform when he decides to forgive the youngster who kills his wife and daughter via a reckless car accident. A good point to reflect here was on the selfish logic of our mind. It seeks forgiveness when we are wrong, but seeks justice when others are wrong. A very strong message God gives us here is to forgive always.
The next action packed movie was a drama about a Christian High School football coach who uses his undying faith to battle the giants of fear and failure, proving that with God nothing is impossible. ‘Facing the Giants’ a movie all about us having to put Faith in Action, when we meet challenges. What is the source of such Faith? The coach in one of his speeches to motivate his team says “The more I read this book, I realize……..” He was holding the Bible in his hand.

No Retreat is complete without ‘Jesus’. Unlike other movies on Jesus, the television miniseries named ‘Jesus’ first aired in 1999, was very interesting to watch. It showed the human side of Jesus. It felt very good to see Jesus enjoying himself like any one of us, dancing, playing with children, having a good sense of humor, throwing stones in the river.….. We also saw the mature and emotional side of Jesus, in his ways of respecting the sentiments of people, crying at the loss of Joseph his father and Lazarus his cousin, and more importantly how he accepts the call to do the will of his Heavenly Father.

It is your turn now to watch and benefit from these movies. God inspires in amazing ways, only very often we are not at home. Like the television advertisement caption for a telecommunication product brand says “An IDEA can change your Life”…this idea has done likewise.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Cl. Mario D’Couto sdb

DIVYADAAN, NOVEMBER 10, 2010: As the slogan of FIFA goes, “For the good of the game”, November 7, 2010 was an exciting day for all the youth of different parishes of the diocese Nashik as we had the inter-parish football tournament. Besides this we also had a throw-ball tournament for the girls. This year, the inter-parish football tournament was organized by the youth of St. Patrick’s, Devlali. A lot of preparation had gone into the setting up for this tournament and there is no doubt that the youth did a commendable job.

Altogether, four parishes had taken part in the tournament, St. Patrick (Devlali), Don Bosco (Nashik), St. Anne (Nashik Road) and Sacred Heart (Igatpuri). The tournament began with a short prayer led by Fr. Ivo Coelho sdb, after which the match kicked-off with St. Patrick’s and Don Bosco’s as the first ones to play the match. There were a lot of skills and tactics displayed on the ground but more than just that it was nice to see the cordiality that was there among the teams. It was a wonderful occasion for all the youth of the diocese to come together and share their joy. Since there were only four teams, a league system was followed. Ironically, the teams that began with the first match also played in the finals (that is St. Patrick and Don Bosco). For a minute it seemed as though the match was going to go into penalties but when Trent, one of the members of the St. Patrick’s football team fired a fierce shot into the top corner of the goal, it changed the full situation. Thus, St. Patrick’s defeated Don Bosco by a single goal. The tournament ended with an inspirational message by Fr. Ivo in which he congratulated the winning team and the participants, exhorting them to use the same youthful spirit for the greater glory of God.

All in all, the youth had a good time and I am sure that they will have many good moments to take home.