Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Shawn D’Lima sdb
KAWANT, NOVEMBER 2, 2010: In preparation for Boscoree, which will be held in Dimapur in the month of December 2010, there was a preparation camp held in Don Bosco Kawant, from the October 30, 2010 till November 2, 2010. Two schools participated in this camp that is Don Bosco Kawant (24) and Don Bosco Chotaudepur (31).
The camp schedule was prepared according to the Boscoree schedule so that the scouts and guides familiarize themselves to the needs that are required. In the schedule there were March pass, Theme presentation, Camp fire items, Cultural songs and dance, Gadgets making, Pioneering projects and cooking competition.
The scouts and guides got a really good picture and idea on what was being demanded from them and what was going to happen in the Boscoree which will be held in Dimapur.

There were four patrols in the camp and among them there was a really good competition in all the activities and projects that were conducted for them.
The theme of the Boscoree this year is Peace on Earth. Educating the younger generation of the importance of peace and respect for life is very important and all this is reflected through the skits and charts that are made by the scouts and guides. Through the skits and charts a lot of beautiful values were conveyed about love for life, animals, nature and one another.

Preparation for the Boscoree was indeed fun and enjoyment for all, as they just finished their first term in school and they were all set for some practical activity. The children at the very out set enjoyed themselves as they got themselves in union with nature. Gadget for all the kids were something very interesting as they were making use of all the natural resources to get themselves organized in the camp. In the hike the kids enjoyed trekking and woodcraft signs and the many games that were organized during the journey. Pioneering project in a very special way was a discovery for all the scout and guides, as all the theory of knots and lashings had all become practical. The grand camp fire was enjoyed by all the kids as they each performed contributing something that was their very own.

At the end of the camp the Lion patrol appeared to be the champions of the whole event that was held. This patrol represented Don Bosco Kawant. In the second place was the Tiger patrol representing Don Bosco Chotaudepur.

My personal experience about this camp is geared towards the motto Be Prepared and the Scout Laws. A good scout or guide who has all this in born talents or develops them within them does not make only a camp successful but also his/her life. Once a scout, always a scout.

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