Thursday, November 4, 2010


Nv. Dustin Yarde
NASHIK, NOVEMBER 4, 2010: The community of STI, Nashik had five days of animation and lively participation offered to Don Rua, as a tribute to a true titan of our Congregation.

The house was given a facelift with the notice boards and corridors being decked with quotes and pictures of the Saint. The week to Rua was then inaugurated by the unveiling of his portrait and a Solemn mass. Days of Animation involved a prayer service to Rua, an Adoration seeking our Lord’s help in imitating at least one of Rua’s heroic qualities and a Rua Quiz to know him in order to imitate him better. Homilies and good nights highlighting his remarkable life also kept the spirit throughout the week.

All the build up led to the feast day began by reliving the promise made by Rua at the body of Don Bosco. A day of activities and prayer reached its climax in a well animated Eucharistic celebration and a festive meal. The occasion was also graced by the presence of the Staff and the Novices of the FMA novitiate thus, giving the evening a feeling like one lived before the separation in Don Rua’s term.

The celebration of the Rua’s feast continued till October 31 as novices lend their voices for the celebrations of the feast in the Parish.

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