Thursday, November 11, 2010


Crescens Lemos sdb

PUNE, NOVEMBER 11, 2010: The practical trainees from all over the Salesian Province of Mumbai trickled in the campus of DBYC Koregaon, Pune for the practical trainees meet. Fr. Ashley Miranda the Councillor for Formation was there to greet and welcome the brothers as they arrived. The meeting began with the Holy Eucharist.

The next day the practical trainees were filled with joy and enthusiasm as they headed for their well-deserved outing to Sangam. There the brothers spent some time relaxing in the swimming pool followed by a game of Football. A sumptuous meal provided by Fr. Damien culminated the outing. However seemed like that was not enough, the community of Chinchwad gladly welcomed the Practical Trainees for a come and see. Fr. Qualis and Fr. Jeffrey gave the brothers a tour of the entire campus and later on shared in a fellowship meal.

The next day with the arrival of Fr. Ajoy and Fr. Isaac the brothers plunged into the pool of the Salesian Youth Spirituality. Fr. Ajoy began the sessions with the basic outline that our institutions must not be just mere institutions but they must be a home, school, church and a playground for our youngsters. Developing further on the topic Fr. Isaac highlighted the seven aspects of the Salesian youth spirituality. The following day Fr. Glenn Lowe charged the brothers with a high voltage of Salesian Youth Spirituality. The sessions were an outline for the brothers to make their classes more meaningful by lavishing it with Salesian Youth Spirituality. The last two days the brothers were given topics and were asked to present it to all. There was an outbust of creativity among the brothers during these sessions. Appreciation and constructive feedback followed each presentation. The Practical trainees meet concluded at 4:00pm with the brothers making a commitment in the Chapel of DBYC Pune.

The days of the meeting were moments of renewal and enrichment. The Salesian Youth Movement is on the move for a better Salesian world. A word of gratitude to Frs. Ajoy, Glenn, and Isaac. A special word of thanks to the community of DBYC Pune for going out of their way to make the Brothers feel at home.

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