Monday, November 22, 2010


Crystal D’Mello

BORIVILI, NOVEMBER 22, 2010: With the blessings of Lord Jesus and the wonderful arrangements by Don Bosco, Borivili (our Parish), I attended the four-day Retreat at Tabor during November 7 to November 10, 2010. Hence I would like to reiterate that ‘My Retreat to Tabor was neither my choice nor my parents’. Fr.Alwyn Misquita and three parishioners accompanied us, the confirmation students, during this Retreat.

When we reached there, we found the environment quite serene and different. The entire first day was spent in praying. During the first day, one of the preachers asked us “Who wants to go back home.” Many of us raised hands and i was one of them. Then he said, “It’s your first day, but when the Holy Spirit enters into you from then, you will not feel like going home”. That was the moment when I first felt a “YES” in my heart.

On the next day, there was a healing and adoration service .That day I found a change in my life. It was evening time and the lights were switched off. There was no distraction and interaction with Jesus became easier. The Priest began the healing service and I don’t know why, but looking at the Blessed Sacrament I started crying. I could feel it. As the Priest continued with the service, my weeping increased. There was the continuous presence of Jesus around me as though there is no one in the room except me and Him. I was screaming Halleluiah, Jesus Master save me. We were also told to kneel and catch the feet of the one besides us and the Priest said “This is Jesus Christ standing in front of you. If you have sinned against him ask forgiveness, and I could really see and feel as though I were catching His feet. I started asking forgiveness and at that moment a different feeling which I never felt before just caught my body as though I was getting healed from my legs and then my hands and then my heart, tongue, eyes, ears and my thoughts . Tears were flowing from my eyes as though Jesus is telling me “my child, cry until I tell u”. I felt an electric current passing through out my body and my lips and hands started to shiver. I felt the Holy Spirit entering into my body and converting my sinful soul into a pure one. During the healing service we all were told to keep our illness and our sicknesses in front of him.

The previous night we all had to have a cold water bath due to some problems. After that, my head was caught up by severe head ache. I already had some sinus related problems which added to it. Sinus is such a headache in which i could neither sit peacefully nor rest. I didn’t know what to do. Soon i applied some Vicks and somehow managed to sleep. The next morning I got up, but no improvement. My headache was all the more severe. I cried bitterly that day. That time I pleaded with Jesus to take away my headache and free me from my Sinus problem. Suddenly I just fell flat on the ground. I got up and held my head and as I came to my senses, to my amazement and excitement, my headache which was troubling for the past two days simply vanished. That moment i realised that on the very first day when my heachace began and I applied some Vicks Jesus gave me signs to just call out His name and I would be healed. No one will go empty handed unless he/she prays sincerely. Jesus always calls us, but we neglect him. Yet, when we call him, he is always there, waiting to reach out to us.


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