Thursday, November 25, 2010


NARUKOT, NOVEMBER 25, 2010: Don Bosco Technical, Narukot is witnessing its splendid growth in these recent years. On November 1 the institute got a special uniform for its students who are sure to get their employment because of their excellent results. Mr.Vikrant sponsored the shoes, helmet and the boiler suit for the seventy students. The students were very delighted with his kindness and expressed their gratitude by whispering genuine prayer of blessings in their hearts. Thanks to Mr. Vikrant in making this dream possible for the institution.
On November 16 about thirty five young boys came to the institution for an urgent admission in the tailoring section as per the demands of the company. A company named ‘Rishi’ is desperately in need of tailoring students who can stitch with efficiency and giving quality production. As per its urgency, the company’s demand was put forth in the village areas and surprisingly many youth of our neighborhood opted to come willingly and with determination. On November 17, the appointed persons from the company took a two hours session as per their needs. This is not the end. After this monthly training in Don Bosco’s, the company themselves will train them for the next two months and then employ them with a high salary. Additional to it, the boys on November 22 will also be taken for a company visit to broaden their horizons and reinfuse the zeal with them.

The staff and the management are very proud of their boys and extremely grateful to the Lord for these enormous blessings. Praise the Lord!

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