Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Anthony Dias sdb
DAKOR, NOVEMBER 30, 2010: The teachers made the Children’s day special for the students of Don Bosco Dakor. This was a memorable experience for the students in the school. The programme began with the prayer service which was well animated. One of the staff members spoke on the importance of children and how important children are which was followed by the Power Point presentation. Then the children were addressed expressing the importance of the children in the life of the teacher. The children had drawn and painted the school flag and gave it as a token of love and appreciation to the Principal and the staff.

Bro Anthony taught the children an action song to which the children swinged their bodies to the full. The teachers presented a comedy skit and the children enjoyed it too. Sharing of some jokes and some facts of life was put in a hilarious form by bro. Anthony which was presented to the students. The programme came to an end with the instrumental played by bro Anthony as Don Bosco would say a Salesian house without music is like a body without the soul. The programme ended with the song and the final words of Fr. Alexander Fernandes sdb. All the children were given a small token of love by the teachers with their contribution. They went home with a smile on their faces thanking the teachers for their love

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