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SOLOMON ISLANDS, DECEMBER 2, 2010: A spirit of joy, happiness, contentment and thanksgiving filled the air as seventy seven students who completed their secondary and trade courses at Don Bosco Technical Institute, Henderson graduated on November 26, 2010, in the presence of an august gathering.
Archbishop Adrian Smith sm, Archbishop of Honiara, presided at the Solemn Eucharistic celebration which commenced at 9am. Fr. Cor Hooymayers sm, Fr. Michael Laap sdb, Rector of Don Bosco Rural Training Centre, Fr. Pankaj Xalxo sdb, Administrator, Fr. Ambrose Pereira sdb, Rector of DBTI and Fr. Mario Vaz sdb, Don Bosco Engineering and Management College, Mumbai were concelebrants.
The theme was: We carry forth your flame. In his homily Fr. Cor challenged the youngsters to visibly demonstrate what they have learnt at Don Bosco. “Carry the flame of Christ and show to your family, community and country what you have learnt”, he said. The Eucharist was animated by lively singing and had a variety of custom dances right throughout the liturgy.
The Graduation Ceremony then followed. Sir Peter Kenilorea and Margaret Kenilorea were the chief guests for the occasion. Mr. John Wate, TVET division, Mr Bernard Rapasia, TVET, Mr. Tom Joyce, Curriculum Development centre, Mr. Jullian Tradeway, Dr. John Roughan, Industrial representatives, friends, relatives and well-wishers graced the occasion with their presence.

Welcoming the gathering, John Kaura, DBTI head boy congratulated the graduates and expressed his gratitude for the possibility of being educated at Don Bosco.

Congratulating the graduates, Fr. Ambrose Pereira, Rector encouraged them to light up the path for many other young boys and girls.“You make us proud”, he said and praised their achievements that have been based on deep commitment, attention to safety, a stress on honesty and a firm commitment to duty.

Highlighting the Educational system of Don Bosco, Fr. Mario Vaz sdb, Director of the Engineering and Management College, Mumbai, India said, “Here at Don Bosco, you have not only learnt to use your head and your hands, but also your heart”.
The graduates then proudly approached the dais to receive their certificates, symbol of the years of commitment to duty, study and sacrifice. Embraces, hugs, wishes and tears were exchanged as friends and family congratulated the graduates.
Sir Peter Keniloria reminded the entire gathering of the motto of Don Bosco, “Give me souls, take away the rest”. “In our great excitement to put to use our qualifications to enrich ourselves, it would do us good to remember the value of self-sacrifice and living for the good of others, especially the youth of our nation, for which Don Bosco Technical Institute and its founder is known throughout the community and around the world”, he said.
Sir Peter Kenilorea encouraged a positive relationship between children and parents and between students and teachers. “Learning begins at home”, he reminded the parents and continued. “Your words of encouragement, your willingness to listen to their enquiring questions, and your enthusiasm over their success are a great impetus to your children’s pursuits of excellence and positive pride”, he continued.
He highlighted the responsibility of the teachers as they develop and guide the students’ academic faculties and expand their technical potentials, but also their spiritual growth and maturity. He also expressed his sadness at the negative and unprincipled behavior of unprincipled teachers.
In conclusion, Sir Peter congratulated and thanked Don Bosco on the Tenth Anniversary of its existence. “It is no secret that your period of establishment has been a period of unprecedented national, social and security upheaval. Yet your commendable success is a witness to the spirit of sacrifice, dedication and self-denial, which is the epiphany of Don Bosco”, he said.
Don Bosco looks forward to an exciting future of creativity, innovation and excellence. In keeping with changing times and changing technology, Don Bosco is updating its courses, programmes and its instructors. Together with the TVET Division of the Ministry of Education , European Union, AusAID and other donors – it strives to build up a Qualification standard and framework. This has been made possible with a genuine engagement with the Industry of Solomon Islands, close collaboration with the Ministry of Education, in dialogue with the many persons involved in Technical Education in the Pacific and with the support of the European Union, Japanese and Australian people and all those interested in Education for the young.
The students entertained the audience with creative dance items. About eight hundred persons then joined in the festive meal. The entire programme was coordinated by Fr. Pankaj Xalxo sdb, Administrator and Spiritual Director, Ms Camari Bainivalu, Principal together with the Salesian sisters, instructors, teachers, staff, students and well-wishers.

Don Bosco will open its courses for 2011 for a new intake in Mid-January, 2011.

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