Friday, December 3, 2010


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NAPLES, DECEMBER 3, 2010: The Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici (IISF – The Italian Institute for Philosophical Studies) at Naples, and the Pontifical Faculty of Theology of Southern Italy (PFTIM) held a brief Conference on The Centrality of the Subject for the Foundations of a Method in Theology by Bernard Lonergan on December 2, 2010.
This was a follow up of the International Conference on the Thought of Bernard Lonergan held at the same Institute two years ago, in 2008.
The meeting was organized by Dr Edoardo Cibelli and Dr Cloe Taddei-Ferretti, both Lonergan scholars. William Mathews, SJ, author of a ‘Lonergan biography’, scheduled to be the principal speaker, could not come due to ill health. Other speakers included G Guglielmi, E. Cibelli, G. Piccolo, S. Muratore, P Giustianiani, A. Trupiano, C. Taddei-Ferretti, and myself. I spoke on postmodern elements in Lonergan’s notion of the subject.

Interestingly, a conference on the work of the recently deceased Raimundo Panikkar was going on in the adjacent hall. A huge collection of his writings, translated into Italian, was on display.

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