Friday, December 10, 2010


Selvin Paul
WADALA, DECEMBER 10, 2010: It all began with a short lecture by our class teacher and E.V.S. teacher, Mrs. Padmini, on the menace of plastic pollution. It was quite easy for her to convince us to take up activities to bring about awareness among the public against overuse of plastic. Plastic is a non-degradable substance and plastic pollution is caused because it keeps accumulating. Thus we need to convince people regarding its dangerous effects. Charity begins at home. Every day our parents bring about four to five plastic bags from vegetable vendors, grocery stores etc. In order to rectify this mistake, our teacher suggested that we educate our parents about the plastic pollution.
To avoid plastic pollution at global level we should first avoid using plastic at our homes. Hence we came up with an idea to influence our parents. We planned to bring non-plastic shopping bags made of materials like jute, cloth, rexin, paper etc. We exhibited these alternate shopping bags on December 3, 2010 which was our school's open day. This was a perfect opportunity for us to convey this message to our parents. The response from our parents was positive. It was a small step towards convincing our parents to stop using plastic. Thank you dear parents for walking with us along this journey.

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