Friday, December 17, 2010


NARUKOT, DECEMBER 17, 2010: On December 15 the tailoring batch got employed in the company named RISHI. It was a moment of satisfaction for the technical staff and management to see the tribal boys getting an opportunity to build their life.
As per our agreement with the firm, an appointed person himself was sent by the firm to train our boys as per their requirement. He brought his German based machine and taught the boys stitching big gunny bags of export quality. The teacher Mr. Rejo, being a Christian himself was very much pleased with the performance of the boys, their discipline, their response and the spiritual nature.
The boys have got employed and we are now in search of many more young boys for new admissions who have cent percent job guarantee result.

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Medical assisting said...

This is really a good thing happen to tribal boys.This job will help these boys for building there carrier and future.