Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Cl. Joshua Alphonso

TILLOLI, DECEMBER 22, 2010: Christmas gives a great opportunity for people to share and care. It is a time for giving. Cls. Clarence Martis, Joshua Alphonso, Michael Gaikwad and Christovan Cardozo from the community of Divyadaan organized a Christmas get-together for about eighty boarding girls at the Nyana Jyoti Ashram, Tilloli which is run by the Assumption Sisters. The brothers go to teach English to the ninth standard boarding girls every Sunday. The get-together was a part of the Christmas celebration.

The get-together commenced with a prayerful moment to put all of us gathered in the presence of God. Cl. Michael brought alive the Christmas story by telling them how Jesus was the fulfillment of the promise that God had made to all people. The girls were enraptured by the message which was presented in a dialectic form and with magic. After the message, the girls exhibited their talent in dance and drama to present the Christmas story. The creativity of the girls was evident in their presentation. Their performance was spaced out with action songs. They then presented Christmas and New Year cards to the brothers for the community of Divyadaan and to the sisters who take care of them. The program was followed by snacks and party games. The games were exciting and it was a sight to see all the girls in such a lively mood. After the games, the prizes were distributed by Sr. Jaya, the superior of the institute. One of the girls came forward and thanked the brothers and the sisters for organizing the get-together.
At the end of the day the brothers felt enriched by the experience and were glad to have organized the programme. The response of the girls was very positive and their performance was well appreciated. We, the organizers, owe our special thanks to Fr. Savio D’souza, Fr. Anton D’souza along with the other fathers and brothers of Divyadaan for having given us the opportunity to make this Christmas get-together at Tilloli a special one. Long live the Newborn of Bethlehem!

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