Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Bento D’Souza sdb
AHMEDNAGAR, DECEMBER 28, 2010: December is a wonder filled month, to pray, to love, to care to smile and celebrate and thank God for everything. Just six days to Christmas, on December 19, on a Sunday evening we had a prelude… The cold air was spiked with excitement.The Pumpkin House children dressed in angelic gold attire, stood to welcome at the altar-steps Fr Thomas D’costa who celebrated his Silver Jubilee at St. Anne’s festively decorated church. The choir began the introductory chant. Twenty concelebrants from far and near walked to the Altar to thank God for the gift of life and ministry of Fr. Thomas D’Costa. On behalf of the Satkar Committee representative, Mrs Padghalmal gave the introductory words.

Fr Michael Bansode, the Vice Rector & co-ordinator of the event, gave an erudite tribute to the successes, struggles and challenges faced by Fr Thomas against the background of his sacred God-experience. Fr Thomas officiated at the Eucharist. Fr William Falcao, Founder of Nagar Mission was the president of the Satkar celebrations in church. Fr Bento composed a catchy Silver Jubilee Theme song for the occasion and sang it with the entire church assembly. Mr Jacob Jadhav from DBCC presented a cake. Pumpkin House, the NGO for children in the parish gave color to the festivity by their appearance.
Fr Thomas thanked all the people and groups that made the event a memorable one. At the end of the evening on being interviewed on his feelings after the functions this is what Fr Tom had to emote:
“Every one planned well and worked on his own for the success of these celebrations without any supervision. The whole church from top to across was lined up with colorful streamers in the shape of a multi-coloured tent and canopy. The people prepared the Eucharist, animated the mass, and designed the offertory gifts to the event. The outpouring of prayers for me is tangible. ‘Gratitude is the feeling of a thankful heart’ aptly refers to my feelings at this moment. I am happy to have my Family to share my joy and participate in my apostolate here in this distant parish, especially this being a busy Christmas season. I feel honored by the parishioners. I was fortunate to have the High school Education officer of Ahmednagar District, Mr Khurange to be present with me. It is the end of twenty five years of ministry for the cause of God’s kingdom. It is also a new beginning for me. I have been blessed with a second life, so to say. I feel grateful, appreciated and overflowing with joy. The overwhelming mood in my heart is gratitude and gratefulness to both God and people. Indeed, the priesthood of my anointed ministry is shared by the people who own the ministry of the priesthood of the baptized. My priesthood is not a role, I play, it is my own very life.”

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