Tuesday, December 28, 2010


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MUMBAI, DECEMBER 28, 2010: This Christmas, ArtistAloud.com fuels your soul by introducing inspiring spiritual gospel music. This festive season Singer Brian Colaco takes your soul on the divine journey on ArtistAloud.com, to encounter The Almighty by striking chords that render the heart.
Brian who began his journey as a songwriter without any formal lessons in music believes that the Holy Spirit himself has been his real Guru to make his tracks successful. Though he is inspired by western music, he infuses Indian flavors to his songs making it contemporary for everyone to enjoy. His gospel songs are a mix of Pop, Rock and Hip hop tunes but keeping a spiritual undertone to it.
His musical journey began after he had a divine experience of the Holy Spirit while attending a Youth retreat in Kerala in the year 1998. He gave his heart to Jesus and felt His divine master call to serve God's people through this talent.

The gospel music available on the site varies in its moods, you can choose a gentle soothing track like, "My God whom I adore" to a dynamic track like "Savior Come". The groovy track "For Him alone", has its charm in the blend of duet voices featuring Giselle and Joanne whose individual personalities give the song its character. The album “Savior Come” has been influenced by the book entitled "True Life in God" which speaks about the message of Christ to our present generation. The title song "Savior Come" resounds the cry of our soul longing for its Savior. The song has been composed by using Indian instruments like Sitar and tabla making it intense but easier to relate.
Speaking about his music, Brian says, “I serve God's people through my music”. Visit www.artistaloud.com to download the songs

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