Saturday, January 29, 2011


Patrick Corda
BORIVILI, JANUARY 29, 2011: Bosco Wadi located at Gorai Beach, Sawant Wadi, has always been a picnic spot for all those who wanted to spend time, but now Bosco Wadi has not been the same. A lot of development has taken place with the initiative taken by Fr. Anthony Santarita and his team. On January 26, 2011 for the first time a one day Spirituality Outreach Programme was organized for Shanti Daan Hindi Prayer Group under the guidance of Fr. Bastin Thomas.

Samson D’souza the prayer group leader along with eighty people reached Bosco Wadi at 9.00 am. He was astonished to see the new look of the place. Everyone was surprised to see the new swimming pool under construction and appreciated the work that was going on.

They started the day with breakfast, followed by a rosary at the new grotto which is just next to the pool. Immediately after the rosary a forty five minutes praise and worship was conducted by Br. Christopher and his music ministry from Goari church. After the praise and worship we had a few talks by Joseph from Amboli on getting to the root cause of the problem, Fr. Bastin on the Healing of Family Tree, and by Br. Samson on Commitment to the word of God.

A sumptuous lunch was prepared for all, after lunch was a time of Confession and Counseling which followed by the Eucharistic service by Fr. Bastin Thomas. The entire programme went on till 5.30 pm. In the vote of thanks Br. Samson thanked Fr. Bastin for arranging the programme and also Fr. Anthony Santarita for opening the doors of Bosco Wadi to have spiritual programs like these.


Robert Pen sdb
MUMBAI, JANUARY 29, 2011: The Salesian Parents’ Day for the parents of the Salesians from Gorai, Uttan and Vasai region was held at Jyoti Mata Church, Jyoti, Aagashi, on January 26. More than hundred parents and family members of the forty three Salesians from this area participated enthusiastically in this event.

For many years parents of Salesians from this region were unable to participate in the annual Salesian Parents’ day organized at Don Bosco Matunga due to distance, age as well as language barrier. Taking inspiration from the idea put forward by Fr. Michael Fernandes, Provincial of the Mumbai province, the programme was carried out successfully in Marathi by Fr. Vishwas Pereira, Parish Priest of Jyoti and Fr. William Falcao.

The celebrations began with Holy Mass at 6 p.m. presided over by Fr. Ajoy Fernandes, Vice Provincial of the Mumbai Province, who was accompanied by six other Salesians as concelebrants. In his introduction Fr. Manuel Murzello welcomed the parents on behalf of Father Provincial and the Mumbai Province.

Fr. Vishwas in his homily, while explaining the role of the parents as collaborators from the time of Don Bosco, invited the parents to follow the footsteps of Mamma Margaret and help out in spreading the Salesian Charism among the young. After mass all the Salesian priests present were invited to light the lamp together and were felicitated by the parishioners of Jyoti church. It was followed by a welcome dance by the youth group of Jyoti church.

In his speech Fr. Ajoy thanked the parents for the gift of their sons and asked them to continue praying for their vocation. He further explained the goal, method and formation structure of the Salesians and exhorted the parents to encourage and invite many more youngsters from their neighborhood to join the Salesians. Fr. Vishwas then guided the parents on a tour of all the Salesian houses of the Mumbai province through a multi media presentation. The programme ended with a sumptuous meal prepared by the mahila mandal of Jyoti church during which the parents went around to meet each other and share their togetherness.

A special word of thanks to all the parishioners of Jyoti Mata church, who not only helped Fr. Vishwas to conduct this programme smoothly but also sponsored it financially.

Friday, January 28, 2011


BIS Correspondent
BORIVLI, JANUARY 28, 2011: Come January and our communities are a buzz with preparations for the feast of St. John Bosco. The month of January also provides us with an opportunity to say a big thank you to all our collaborators, who help us fulfill the mission of Don Bosco. In keeping with tradition, our institution celebrated the “Annual Thanksgiving Day” on January 26. Present for the occasion were the Teachers, Salesian Cooperators, Past-pupils, Parents of Salesians, members of the Parish Pastoral Council and many others.

The function began with Fr. Allwyn invoking God’s blessings on the gathering and this was followed by a beautiful audio-visual presentation prepared by our parishioner, Mr. Harry Menezes. The presentation was titled, “The Power of a Dream”. It began with the missionary dream of Don Bosco and showed the growth and expansion of the institutions in our province with a special emphasis on Don Bosco, Borivli, as this is the Fortieth year since the institute was established. The Rector, Fr. Ronnie then welcomed all the guests, he stressed on the words of Don Bosco, “Everything fades away, but not our gratitude. We shall always pray that God will abundantly bless those who have been so good to us”. We then had ample time for moments of fellowship and bonding. Dove Caterers brought the event to a fitting conclusion with their delicious cuisine.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Anthony Fernandes
BORIVLI, JANUARY 27, 2011: A picnic is the best outing for a community or a group to get together and relax. It is a moment to forget one’s differences, to put the past behind and just enjoy the time together. This is exactly what happened when the Parish Pastoral Council Members of St. John Bosco Parish planned an outing to Farm Regency, Gorai. A group of twenty members along with Fr Ronnie, our parish priest and Fr Allwyn crossed the creek and had a memorable tonga ride to reach the spot.

On reaching this beautiful place we were once again reminded of the theme of this year “Care for Creation”. The greenery around with all kinds of plants and animals was really soothing. The rest of the day was spent in games, swimming and of course the rain-dance which helped us build up an appetite. The lunch was delicious and sumptuous. There were interesting games in the afternoon too. One was aptly titled, “Fr. Allwyn Express”, it kept everyone on their feet till we had tea and it was time to leave.
We left the place with thanksgiving in our hearts that the Lord Jesus Christ made each one of us glad and brought us together. We also thank Fr Ronnie and Fr Allwyn for all the support, strength and inspiration that they offer us not only for the picnic but whenever needed.


Ajay Shelke sdb
NASHIK, JANUARY 27, 2011: On Friday January 21, 2011, Don Bosco School Nashik celebrated their annual day with the theme “Building a Happy Home”. The occasion was graced by the presence of his lordship Bishop of Nashik dioceses Bishop Lourdes Daniel. In his talk he shared his views about unity in family and the importance and role of family in society.

The Annual Day was a time where the teachers, parents and students got together as one family. The function began with invoking the presence of almighty. It also took a tune where majority of the students tapped their feet on the stage with their creative dances and skits focusing towards building a happy home. As now a day’s families are going through a lot of hardships where the growth of children hinders. Fr Diego, the principal of the school suggested that having the above theme in regards bringing the aspect of family and its importance back in the lives of the people would bring the deep awareness of family life. Family is the cradle of life and love and one has to find that love and happiness in family life. The program also included a skit honoring the victims and martyrs of the 26/11 blast at Taj Hotel, Mumbai.

Celebrating the annual day, the school also celebrated the achievements of the glorious events during the year by reading the annual day report. The glory brought to the school by the students through their achievements and merits in education, sports and other curricular activities were felicitated by certificates and trophies by the chief guest. Bishop Lourdes Daniel also released the souvenir of Don Bosco School as the school celebrates fifteen glorious years of its existence, imparting the light of knowledge.

The programme concluded by messaging the parents and students to be the difference in the lives of others especially being an example of a happy family.

“The voice of parents is the voice of Gods, for to their children they are heaven's lieutenants.”


Ajay Shelke sdb

NASHIK, JANUARY 27, 2011: The staff and students of Don Bosco Nashik came together to celebrate Republic Day. A day where our constitution was drafted and our rights and duties were given a concrete form. Our freedom fighters gave their lives to establish a better India and the school of Don Bosco expressed their gratitude through this small celebration. The program included a Hindi speech, a traditional dance and a patriotic poem. The students also took an oath against malpractices done during exams.

The chief Guest for the occasion Fr Savio D’souza (Rector of Divyadaan) hoisted the flag and said that we as future leaders need to bring about a change in our country.

The school is also having the Novena to Don Bosco, and teacher Shiny in her talk, spoke about his love and concern for the oppressed and down trodden and how the School of Don Bosco is training its students towards this goal by having poor boys fund and the Christmas program they had for the underprivileged of the neighboring areas.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Let’s take that step towards changing our country.

Happy Republic Day and Jai Hind

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Sushma Shrivastva
NASHIK, JANUARY 25, 2011: Don Bosco Parish, Nashik had its annual Parish Get-Together on January 16, 2011. It turned out to be an interesting event. The whole event seemed vibrant, filled with life, joy and happiness. It all began with the Holy Eucharist at 6.30 pm. After the well animated Eucharist followed the Get-Together in the Church Hall. Surprisingly many turned up for the occasion. There were more than two hundred and twenty five people comprising of children, youngsters, adults and the elderly. Even the Home for the Aged was well represented.

Thanks to the efforts of our Parish Priest, Fr. Nelson Falcao, sdb who coordinated the whole activity with the help of his team, the zonal and area leaders, the food and the sports committee. Thanks specially to Mr. Henry Menezes who saw to the details of the food and snacks and to Claude, Claudine, Gordon, Mabel and Sushma who worked out various types of games for the different age groups. All the groups enjoyed their games. Prizes were distributed by the Parish Priest, Fr. Nelson. The meal that followed was enjoyed by all. Many expressed their gratitude while they left the Parish Hall.


BIS Correspondent
MUMBAI, JANUARY 25, 2011: Hockey seems to be losing the glory it once enjoyed in India. To promote the cause of Hockey, Abhi foundation in collaboration with Shelter Don Bosco organized a flood lit rink-hockey tournament at VJTI from January 21 to January 23. Teams from various colleges were invited to participate.

Shelter Don Bosco also took part in the tournament in two different teams; though they were not able to qualify for the second round the boys gave their best with lot of enthusiasm and grit. Being the organizers, the Shelter Boys looked after the logistics and organization of the event. Thus the boys did learn a lot of event management skills. The boys also entertained the players and the spectators through their dances and cheering throughout the tournament. This meant a lot of hard work and which earned them a many accolades.

The celebration began on the final day when a host of stars and celebrities descended on the rink amidst a lot of fanfare, dances by professionals and fire works. Mr. Negi the president of Abhi foundation brought in celebrities like Sunil Shetty, Raza Murad, Dhanraj Pillay, Vinod Kambli, Komal Choutalla, Sunil Pal and Jai. All these celebrities from Bollywood and sports were present to show their solidarity in promoting Hockey in Mumbai
There was an exhibition match between the former men international and former women international. The final match in men’s section was played between Rizvi and Khalsa, which was won by Rizvi. In the women’s the final was played between Khalsa and M.M.K, which was won by M.M.K College.
The event was successful because of the hard work of Shelter boys and meticulous and careful planning of Mr. Mir Nirajan Negi.


Monday, January 24, 2011


Banzelao Teixeira, sdb
“That you are young is enough to make me love you very much!” were the words of St. John Bosco who dedicated his entire life for youngsters. Today we, the members of the Salesian Family – Salesians, Salesian Sisters, Cooperators and youngsters – have gathered here to remember the patron of youth. The theme for this Eucharistic celebration is “Come and See!” Let us pray that each of us may truly experience the Lord and share this experience with others – that educators and parents may first experience the Lord and pass on this experience to the young ones, and these youngsters in turn may become apostles who proclaim their personal experience of the Lord among their companions. With these intentions in mind let us gather around the Eucharistic table.
(3 youngsters one with eyes blindfolded, another with a kerchief over the mouth and a third one with ear plugs in the ears are brought to the altar while another set of youngsters read the penitential prayers. After each prayer the priest may untie them.)


Lord, you have given me eyes to enjoy the beauty of your creation and to be attentive to the needs of humanity. However, I have indulged in unhealthy use of my eyes to see things that were not meant to be seen. Also, I have preferred to be blind to the needs of others. Lord have mercy!


My mouth and my voice are your gifts to me so that I may speak good of others and relate well to them. But I have done what was contrary – spoken ill of others and destroyed them with my words. Instead of speaking the truth and standing up for justice, I’ve preferred Silence. For this, Christ have mercy!


Each one is gifted with a pair of ears so that we may listen more than we speak. But with earphones plugged in my ears, I’ve been bombarding myself with so much music that I hardly have any time to listen to God’s voice or the cries of those who seek my help. For my deafness, Lord have mercy!

READINGS (These readings are based on the theme of Vocation and God’s grace)

First Reading: Jonah 1: 1-12. (Call of Jonah)

Second Reading: 2 Corinthians 12: 7-10 (‘My grace is sufficient for you’)

Gospel: John 1: 35-42. (‘Come and See’)

Celebrant: As we celebrate the feast of St. John Bosco, the father and friend of youth, let us make our prayer to God the Father, who is always ready to listen to the needs of his children.
Response : Lord, Listen to your children praying.
For the Pope, bishops, and clergy that they may proclaim the Gospel of truth and spread the message of love in a world that is in urgent need of reconciliation. For this we pray to the Lord. Your Response/-

For those who have dedicated themselves to the education and upliftment of the young, that following the example of St. John Bosco, the patron of youngsters, they may truly reach out to the young and empower them to take the right path in life. In a special way, we pray for Salesians and members of the Salesian Family that they may truly live up to their consecration and mission. For this we pray. Your Response/-

For youngsters who find no meaning in life, for those who are abandoned by society and for those who are steeped in a life of sin, that they may realize that it is never too late for them to change their way. We pray that they may experience the compassionate love of God our loving father. Your Response/-

We pray that many more youngsters may be open to the will of God in their lives, and that they may say a whole-hearted “yes” to the Lord’s invitation “Come & See.” At a moment of history when the attractions of the material world seem to catch the attention of young people, may they realize that serving God and fellow human beings brings true joy and satisfaction in life. For this we pray, Your Response/-
Celebrant: Eternal and ever-loving, you gave to St. John Bosco a generous and compassionate heart that reached out to the young; hear our humble prayers and help us to reach out to others in their need, We make these prayers through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Photograph of the Local Youth Group (Poster of Youngsters)

“I have come that you may have life and have it in abundance.”

Lord as we offer you this photograph/ poster of youngsters, we pray for the youngsters of our school/institution/parish. We ask you to bless them abundantly, help them to realize the goals they have set for themselves, and grant them success in their life. We pray that they may grow to be vibrant members of our society and the parish community and thus contribute to the growth of our Church.

Bread and Wine

“Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it shall not bear much fruit.”

Lord we bring before you these gifts of bread and wine which will soon be transformed into the body and blood of your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. As the grain of wheat is grounded into flour and the grapes are crushed into vine, may we too die to our old selves, our bad habits and all that keeps us away from being your worthy children, so that we may glorify your name through our words, and bear witness to your compassionate love through our lives.

POST COMMUNION PRAYER (Prayer for Vocations)

Lord Jesus Christ, in every age you call some to follow you more closely by dedicating their lives entirely for your mission. We ask you to enlighten the minds and hearts of many youngsters to respond generously to your call. At a time when the temptations of the world seem to overwhelm us, help young people to realize the passing nature of these things. Give them courage to say, “Here I am Lord, send me!”
Give parents the strength to live their marriage commitment with love and enthusiasm. May they bring up their children in right Christian values, and encourage those who feel called to religious life to say a generous ‘yes’ to the Lord.

Mary Help of Christians, bless our Church with more priestly and religious vocations. We make this prayer through Christ our Lord, Amen. St. John Bosco, pray for us!


Ambrose Pereira sdb
JANUARY 24, 2011: About hundred and forty parents and youth were present for the Parent-youth-teachers interaction held at Don Bosco on January 22, 2011 at 9am. The topic dealt with by School Board chairman, Collin Ruquebatu was: ‘Helping children achieve- amidst challenges’.

Mr. Collin highlighted some elements of student success and highlighted the challenges students face in society today. He outlined tips according to Kathy S Hulley that will assist parents and teachers guide their sons, daughters and students.
Earlier, School Rector, Fr. Ambrose Pereira sdb welcomed the gathering and encouraged the students to get their hands dirty, but have a clean heart and mind. He stressed on qualities most needed in the industry today, “Hard work, honesty, dedication, commitment and punctuality are most needed in the country today”, he said. He appreciated the efforts of the Principal and the teachers to prepare the school for the new Academic Year 2011. He also announced that scholarships will be awarded at the end of the year for those who have been excellent in their performance, attitude and behavior.

Ms Camari Bainivalu, principal outlined the need for all the students to be clearly focused while they are at the Institute. “The school will do its best to ensure that education takes place. The parents and guardians should ensure that the child has the necessary ambient conducive to education”, she said.
Don Bosco Technical Institute runs five full time courses and several short courses. All courses are open to both boys and girls who are technically inclined and are ready to make a change.


Celesta Sunny

BORIVLI, JANUARY 24, 2011: Salesian Youth Fest was celebrated on January 23, 2011. After registration the day began with a prayer dance performed by the youth of Borivli.

In his welcome address, our Rector, Fr. Ronald Menezes, asked the youth to make a sincere journey into themselves and to discern their purpose in life, he emphasized the fact that the youth day offered such an experience. A session of Praise and Worship was held that completely energized the youth. We thank Mr. Harry Menezes for his visual presentations.
After all of the encouraging words and sessions, it was time to visualize the presentations prepared by every parish on the theme “CARE FOR CREATION”. After all the performances, we were then shown a video on Global Warming that gave us an idea on how quickly it is affecting the world.

The participants then moved to the church for the Eucharistic celebration. The singing of the hymns was animated by the Wadala West group. Fr. Allwyn was incharge for the Gospel presentation.

After the Eucharistic Celebration we had lunch and this was followed by a good session of dance, energizing the youth further more. The tele-games were well organized; besides being competitive they helped in greater bonding and fellowship.

The day concluded with a thanksgiving service held in the church that was animated by Fr. Allwyn. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Salesians for organizing the day; we went home inspired, enriched and enthusiastic. The memories will linger and hopefully we will make the best use of the life God has given us.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Melvin Pangya
WALVANDA, JANUARY 22, 2011: It was a great day for Bosco Jungle camp, Walvanda as the foundation stone for Don Bosco Rural technical center was blessed and laid by Rev.Fr. Michael Fernandez, Provincial of Mumbai province in the presence of a big gathering.

The ceremony began with a prayer lead by Fr. Anaclete D’mello, Director of Bosco Samajik Vikas Sanstha. He briefed to the gathering about the purpose of having a technical centre in Walvanda. Mr. Vijay Gimbhal, Sarpanch of Walvanda Gram Panchayat along with the staff, facilitators and village leaders attended the ceremony.

Later Fr. Provincial had a meeting with BSVS staff and facilitators. Mr. Melvin, CEO BSVS briefed to the Provincial about BSVS programmes and staff. Each staff introduced themselves and about their work to the Provincial. Fr. Provincial has appreciated and acknowledged the new style of initiating development activities in the tribal area by BSVS. He offered his support for the initiatives of BSVS in Walvanda.


Melvin Pangya
WALVANDA, JANUARY 22, 2011: Jawhar Arts and Commerce College has organized one week National Social Service (NSS) camp in Bosco Samjik Vikas Sanstha, Walvanda. Jawhar Arts and Commerce College is run by the Gokhale Education Society. Hundred and seventy students along with their teachers participated in the camp. The camp was held from January 5 to January 11, 2011. Fr. Anaclete D’mello inaugurated the camp by lighting the lamp. In the inaugural speech he thanked the college for involving the youngsters in the rural development activities.

BSVS staff conducted life skill training programme for the students during their camp. The students were divided into six groups for the life skill training and imparted knowledge on understanding social life and role of the youth in village development, Goal setting, Entrepreneurship and youth, Importance of time management and positive attitude. Students participated very enthusiastically in the training. BSVS team also used the opportunity to enlighten the students with the information on Don Bosco organization in general and BSVS and its activities in particular. BSVS invited the participants for their active collaboration in the social development activities of the organization. Fr. Anaclete reminded them about the importance of having a dream and zeal for social development. Participants appreciated their experience in the camp and said “it helped to build our confidence and bring broader perspective and openness among us.

During the camp, students were engaged in various social service activities. They helped to clean the BSVS premises, paint the trees and taking up cleanliness programme and digging toilet pits etc. in the villages. The programme ended with a grand closing ceremony attended by various local dignitaries. Students expressed their gratitude to BSVS for giving them such a great experience.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Felix Aranha
BORIVLI, JANUARY 21, 2011: Mr. Sanjay Nirupam MP from North Mumbai met Mr. Felix Aranha (BCS Central Executive Committee; Chairman of BCS- St.John Bosco Borivali Unit), Adv. Rafael D’souza (BCS Central Executive Committee;Ex Chairman-BCS- St.John Bosco Borivali Unit), Gordon D’souza (President - The Bombay Catholic Sabha) and members of Dimensions - Forum for Christian Entrepreneurs and Professionals along with Mr. Mathew(President-Kerala Catholic Association) over a Dinner Meet at Club Millennium, Vile Parle on January 11, 2011. Among the issues that were discussed were representation for Catholics in Government bodies, Development of Manori-Gorai region, Problems faced by East Indians for getting OBC, Christmas Midnight mass issues etc.
Mr. Sanjay Nirupam is one of the most vocal MP’s from the North Mumbai constituency in Parliament and has always been keen in addressing issues concerning the Community. He has promised to arrange a meeting with the Chief Minister to address some important issues. He said that there was need of setting up an expert committee to study the issues pertaining Gorai - Manori. He promised to take up some bills regarding peace and communal harmony in parliament that were suggested by Adv. David Joseph. Mr. Sanjay Nirupam has assured the delegation that the issues will be taken up with the Chief Minister

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Neelam Rodrigues
MUMBAI, JANUARY 20, 2011: On January 19, 2011 there was an interactive and educative programme held at Don Bosco High School. Father Savio Silvera conducted this session which was organized by Mrs. Christine and Mrs. Charusheela. The programme began with Fr. Savio giving a nice introduction about protecting and saving our environment. He convinced all the students that if we don’t care about nature it is our future that will be affected. An animated movie threw beautiful light on the effects of global warming. After that some questions were asked to the students which they tackled intelligently. At the end the students understood the importance of the environment and promised to protect it in their own little ways.


Neelam Rodrigues
BORIVLI, JANUARY 20, 2011: This year the Boscoree camp was held at Lonavala. The theme for the same was ' care for creation'. About three hundred and fifty scouts and guides belonging to nine schools had participated in it for four days. Mr. B.N.Nagrale, the state commissioner, inaugurated the event. Mr. G.I. Engineer inspected the pioneering gadget. Our boys of Borivli did their best in the camp achieving maximum awards there. They bagged the fiplace in the pioneering event, second place in the skit theme presentation. Mst. Harshvardhan Iyer stood second in the quiz. We also stood third in the cultural dance, exhibition and the inspection of scouts.

This was an experience for all the participants of the camp. Being inspired by this camp Sir Nelson along with eight boys attended the 'Sixteenth National Jumboree' held at Shankarapally, Hyderabad, from the January 3 to January 9, 2011. It was indeed a massive affair with around eighteen thousand students participating. Mr. L.M. Jain, the national commissioner, inaugurated the event. We were lucky to have the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, Kiran Kumar Reddy attend the event.

We thank our scout masters for accompanying the boys and training them for the same.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


William Falcao sdb

RAJNANDGAON, JANUARY 19, 2011: Rajnandgaon is a district in the state of Chattisgarh. The district has a rich culture of sports, which has produced many national and international players. Rajnandgaon is well known as “Nursery of Hockey” and has a great history for organizing hockey tournaments every year at national level.
Seven of our Shelter boys participated in the Mahant Sareshwar Das Memorial All India Hockey Tournament, which started on January 13, 2011. Abhi-Shelter Don Bosco lost to the local players of SAI training centre Rajnandgaon by 6-1. The mayor of the town hosted a meal for the boys, and the local press covered the event even with the photos of our boys.
The tournament has generated great enthusiasm in our boys who have promised to give their best in the near future. We are grateful to Mr. Negi and his team for giving Shelter Don Bosco an experience of a lifetime.


Justus Mendis sdb

NARUKOT, JANUARY 19, 2011: Don Bosco Technical Narukot is at the end of its six month training course. The students are now ready, to implement their learned skills in the firms, where they will be sent. Therefore, many firms are flowing to Don Bosco Narukot these days, to be the first in recruiting the available trained Don Bosco boys. This has led to the witness of many campus interviews. Up to date, the first three companies have already selected a large amount thus keeping a low availability rate for the rest. Their names are:
Rishi FIBC Solution Pvt. Ltd. based in Padra, ahead of Baroda; On December 16, this company came in look out of skilled tailors. Sir Lawrence, the advisor of the company, himself came to recruit boys in his firm. This company had already sent their skilled man to train our boys for a month. They were recruited as per the skill required in the firm. Eight students were employed.

Solar Pvt. Ltd.: On January 15, this company came in search of skilled welders, fitters and Electricals. This company is based at Baroda. Sir Jatin Tarkas together with his wife a qualified psychologist interviewed the students and has also selected the students. Boys were very happy with this interview and the job offer.

YASHI ENTERPRISE: This company is based in Baroda. On January 17, they came in search of good welders. Sir Sikandar Thappa too came with his wife who is a teacher in the Baroda school. They interviewed the students. They too have selected around sixteen of them.

INSPIRON: On January 18, this company came for the campus interview. This company is based in Ahmedabad. Mr. Shukla was very impressed by the boys and has selected the necessary ones for his firm.

At the end, everyone was happy to see the boys get their employment out of their own merit. The situation in Narukot shows that the demand from firms for boys are more but the sixty five boys we have are too less to give them. Companies like Kemrock, are still to come during these week. Don Bosco Technical Narukot is in need of boys for the next batch February 2011 to August 2011.

May His Will Be Done!!!


Justus Mendis sdb

NARUKOT, JANUARY 19, 2011: On January 16, Don Bosco Narukot was blessed through the first Eucharistic celebration of Fr. Ashwin Macwana. The exemplary act of offering one’s total life at the feet of the Lord for a Service made definitely a deep impact on the pupils of Narukot.
The gospel sharing about the life of Fr. Ashwin himself was a great motivation force for the students. They took a decision to study hard and achieve what they have targeted. The mass was very well animated and was made meaningful with prayer dance, hymns and animated offertory processions.

After mass, Fr. Ashwin gave a talk to all the students in general about the need to discern their vocation. His enlightening words created reflective moment there at that place. His later talk to the catholic students was much more geared to the vocation of priesthood and lay brothers in the Salesian family. The impact made some even say “yes” to give a try in such radical way of life.
Fr. Ashwin’s stay truly brought Don Bosco’s holiness and a sense of commitment in the hearts of the children. The staff and the students are waiting for him on some occasion such as a monthly recollection.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


SATPUR, JANUARY 18, 2011: At Christmastide due to carol singing, decorations, choir practices and other such activities of the Church, the youth generally come closer to each other, whatever differences are done away with and there emerges a feeling of going for an outing. And that is exactly what happened to the youth of St. Dominic Savio, Satpur Church. The youth, both boys and girls got round the Parish Priest Fr. Nelson Falcao, sdb and expressed their strong desire for a picnic. The question was the day-date-venue and also the . After thinking of many venues like Lonavla hill-station, Saputara, Satana, Ahmednagar, Valwanda and others the final decision was ‘Vasai’. That turned out to be a good and practical choice.
After a short prayer at the grotto of Our Lady, about thirty youth, both boys and girls left from Dominic Savio Church, Satpur at about 6.00 am on January 6, on Thursday for Vasai via Vajreshwari. By around 10.00 am the troop reached Vajreshwari where each one experienced for oneself the natural hot water springs and several people gathered at the springs for bath. It was something unusual and unique. It is claimed that baths in these natural hot water springs bring about healing for the body and mind.
After Vajreshwari the bus ride was towards Virar Phata. The youth were overjoyed to visit Agashi hospital run by SRA Nuns, Agashi Church of St. James, Jyoti Church managed by SDB Fathers, Arnala Church of St. Peter, the Arnala Sea-Shore with the camel-rides, the house of Sr, Shaila, FMA, Shirlewadi Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, Nirmal Church of Holy Cross, Jeevan Darshan Kendra, Giriz Church of St. Francis Xavier, Vasai Fort and the Churches there, the Vasai Fort Sea-Shore, Mulgaon Church of St. Mary Magdalene and the Cathedral Church of Our Lady of Grace. While we all entered the Vasai Fort Church of St. Gonzalo Garcia, a great coincidence took place: Holy Mass was going on during the Triduum of St. Gonzalo Garcia and the main Celebrant was Msgr. Francis Correia who on seeing Fr. Nelson present in the Church made known to the faithful present there about his great work of critical edition and translation of the Kristapurana and the presence of the composer of the Kristapurana Fr. Thomas Stephens, S.J. at Vasai Fort about four hundred years back (1611-1612).

Finally, the Vasai Tour halted for a sumptuous Dinner at the Falcao’s, the Brothers and Sisters of Fr. Nelson Falcao, sdb, our Parish Priest. Thanks to Fr. Nelson who saw to the whole organization of the Pilgrimage cum Picnic. Thanks also to Bro. Ajay Shelke and Sr. Shaila whose Salesian Presence was appreciated. The youth experienced a spiritual renewal visiting the various Churches and some of the old graves which are found in the old Churches. The group was impressed seeing the Holy Crosses at various squares and Nakas of the Vasai City


Elias Dias sdb
MUMBAI, JANUARY 18, 2011: The annual Salesian Family Day of Mumbai Province was held on January 16, 2011 at Our Lady of Dolorus Church, Wadala from 11am to 4pm. This year we made a change in the time table for the benefit of the out stationed members of the Salesian Family. Hundred and eighty seven members of the different branches of the family participated in the Family Day.
At the outset of the programme Rev. Fr. Elias Dias welcomed Rev Fr. Provincial Fr. Michael Fernandes for the concelebrated Mass. He thanked the Parish Priest and units of cooperators and Past pupils for organizing this programme. He also thank all the members specially those who came from outside Mumbai for their love, enthusiasm and sacrifice.
Fr. Michael Fernandes concelebrated the Holy Eucharist with other priests. In his homily he highlighted the strenna of 2011 Come and See. The call of Jesus is extended to all so that we may be active members in the mission of Jesus. Evangelization and vocation are two inseparable aspects of the strenna. All evangelized are called to become disciples of Jesus. Fr. Provincial drew our attention towards the specific call of the disciples who are called to share experience with others. In his pedagogical direction Fr. Provincial asked the members of the Salesian Family to appreciate their vocation and ask others to come and see the Salesian way of life.
After the Mass the strenna of the Rector Major 2011 was projected in the A.V. Hall. Last year the strenna was “Sir, we want to see Jesus” This year Fr. Chaves makes a heartfelt appeal to the whole Salesian Family to feel the need for vocation ministry. He calls us to feel more strongly than ever the challenges of creating a vocational culture in every setting such that that young people may discover life as a call and all the Salesian Ministry may be truly vocational. Another fundamental element in vocation ministry is a regular personal accompaniment of the young person.

Fr. Wilfred D Souza presented the Pilgrimage of the Casket. This will be an occasion to take up once again in our heads the life of Don Bosco as desired by the Rector Major. The Worldwide Salesian Family will come to pray, before the casket forming a community of faith called by Christ to holiness. A family which desires to sanctify itself following the example of Don Bosco.

This pilgrimage through hundred and twenty countries will conclude in time for the second centenary of the birth of St. John Bosco. The relics of Don Bosco will be in our Province from August 4 to August 16, 2011. It is hoped that the entire event will help our people and us to love, to study, to imitate, to pray and make Don Bosco known.

The presentations were followed by a few entertainment items. Units of Cooperators from Wadala and Borivli entertained the members with their song and dance. Fr. Vincent Rasquinha blessed the food. It was followed by a sort housie game. Fr. Elson Barretto spoke on Don Bosco Development Society. DBDS is a network of partner organizations working across the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan with tribal, rural and urban communities. Their major areas of work are 1. Agricultural and Ecological Department. 2. Promotion of People’ Rights and Good Governance. 3. Skill Developments and Livelihood Promotion 4. Universal Education and 5. Child Protection and Child Rights.
Fr. Ajoy Fernandes developed the concept on MORD and the Youth Ministry. Youth Ministry does the work by imparting SYS training to all in our formation houses and we have well defined project for them. In our parishes we have given a great boost to Altar Servers and a youth movements. We are hoping that through this more involved methodology we will also be able to inspire and motivate boys to join us. Thus youth and vocation ministry are tied together
Fr. Brian Moras spoke on Vocation Ministry and Vocation Guidance which aim at enabling the young person to understand what God wants him to do. Vocation Ministry also focuses on helping young people to understand if God is really calling them to the Priesthood or Religious Life.

Fr. Joaquim Fernandes dealt with the communication aspect in our Province. He said that the Tej- Prasarini is involved disseminating information. To give pastoral formation and finally engaged in production. He said that SPCSA is intending to bring out a movie on Don Bosco.

Sr. Phyllis Fernandes raised the vote of thanks, thus came the end of Salesian Family Day 2011.


Bento and Briston sdb
AHMEDNAGAR, JANUARY 18, 2011: January 16, 2011, was a day with the Lord at St John’s Church, Bhingar. The first session was conducted by Bro. Jesu Robinson by means of two Learning games on Values and integration into a group, how it takes place. Then a talk on the unconditional love of God in Jesus by Fr Bastin Thomas followed. This led up the group towards the Community Rite of Reconciliation and individual and personal confessions.

The participants were personally prayed over on the heads by the Preacher and sent on a mission to proclaim the kingdom of God. After a filling meal, Fr. Michael Bansode, the convenor of the recollection held a group discussion and sharing session for eight groups on the theme: What does being a Christian mean to me? Reports then followed and the day ended with the Holy Mass.

It was a day well spent in union with the Lord and every one felt relieved and empowered to go back to life and begin again.

In all sixty youth participated comprising of participants from St Johns Bhingar, St Anne’s Nagar, Don Bosco Savedi, and finally from Ghodegaon parish, a group of six boys with Fr Allwyn, their youth animator were present. The youth felt that they were now more peaceful and renewed in facing their daily routines and duties. All agreed that they needed to witness to faith; love, service and sacrifice are needed to be successful Christians and true disciples in today’s world.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Delsie D’Silva
BORIVLI, JANUARY 17, 2011: The children of Class VI of Jesus Club set out on a Project to Pushpa Vishar Leprosy Centre at Dahisar (E). It is run by the nuns belonging to the congregation “Helpers of Mary”.

Before our departure Fr. Allwyn recited a small prayer and gave us his blessings. So, with my co-catechist Elvira and a parent we proceeded to the Centre. There we were welcomed by Sr. Jayawati and Sr. Pragati with their staff and the children of all ages with broad smiles on their faces. The children welcomed us with a song.

Our students put up four actions songs which the children enjoyed so much that they joined in the singing. Sr. Jayawati spoke about the disease of Leprosy, its symptoms, how it spreads, how to detect it and how it can be cured by medical treatment. She also called in a lady who was suffering from Leprosy for the past thirty five years and now is completely cured and leads a normal life with her children and grandchildren. Then we organized a few games and presented prizes. Later snacks were distributed. We interacted with the children and then recited the Lord’s Prayer with them and then returned back. Besides giving grains, soaps, pulses, toys and clothes, one child presented a small token of love of their contribution to Sr. Jayawati. In this project, our children experienced the pain of those children and they realized how privileged they were. It was really a learning experience for our children.

One really sad thing is that due to certain reasons the BMC has already demolished the area partially and the people from the demolished hutments have been shifted to an area in Malad. Hence there is no open space to run a school for such underprivileged children; the families that have been forcibly evicted to Malad, bring their children daily to the Center for schooling. There is a possibility of the entire area being demolished by the BMC in the near future and the nuns are worried about a place to run a school for such children. My sincere request to all the designated authorities of the Catholic Church is to come forward and lend a helping hand to the congregation of the “Helpers of Mary” to provide them with a space to run a school for these underprivileged children.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Bento D’Souza sdb
AHMEDNAGAR, JANUARY 15, 2011: Never under-estimate the power of a small group…be it regards to terrorism or tourism, destruction or development?

The sun rose, the air was crisp and cold, the birds chirped and the day began. There was excitement in the air, the tower was lined with streamers and colored paper, the green carpets were rolled across the floor. It was a special day to be alive to the preparations towards the success of this moment has been awesome, the commissioning of the transmitter, the erection of the tower, the setting up of the studio, the fund raising, the mobilization of people, the final testing and fine tuning by the technical staff, the interning of volunteers and the final countdown was nerve wrecking.
The people assembled in front of Radio Nagar 90.4 FM, NGO Snehalaya’s transmitter tower recently erected. The dignitaries and guests waited in suspense for the moment to arrive. The countdown began and the airwaves filled the sky and the transmitter crackled with static life at 12.30pm. Finally, we have our own radio community radio station, Radio Nagar 90.4 FM; it will bear our own voices and carry our messages to the citizens of Nagar.
The Signal streamed out of the tower communicating the logo signature ensemble of the station to the guests, & listeners all around the city of Nagar. Friendships were renewed, new messages were recorded, congratulations were exchanged, inscriptions were unveiled and the studios were visited. It was now a warm, perfect, sunny day. The sun had reached its zenith, as the visitors left with something to smile about. Awaz mazha, amcha Radio, Amcha Nagarm Radio Nagar 90.4 FM is born

Friday, January 14, 2011


Cl. Romero D’Souza sdb
DIVYADAAN, JANUARY 13, 2011: The Masters of Philosophy students (2010-2011) presented a symposium on the topic “Naxalism: An existential dilemma”. The symposium was held in the Divyadaan Academic Hall from 2:00 p.m to 4:00 p.m and was attended by the staff and students of Divyadaan as well the religious from the neighboring community.
The Media today is flooded with news of Naxals which brings to our senses the relevance of this topic. In these present times our country is faced with many realities and one of it is facing the Red reality of the Naxalism. This existing dilemma of the Philosophy of the Naxalites has affected every citizen of India in thought and action.
In this symposium “Naxalism: An existential dilemma” the attempt was made to reflect and unveil firstly the ideology of Naxalism by exploring Naxalism as an offshoot of Marxism through the glasses of Materialism, Nihilism and Existentialism. Secondly The Rise of Naxalism was dealt with by giving the origin, the background, and the causes of the socio-economic and political situation that led to the rise of Naxalism in India. Thirdly the question Is Naxalism: A Way Out was discussed by taking a look at the roots of Violence in the tribal belts of India and unfolding the approaches that India as a Nation has taken towards the Naxalites. After which the speaker presented possible remedies to the existential dilemma, Is Naxalism: A way out?
The presentations helped the participants to come to some understanding about the philosophy of the Naxalites. It further led to questions that were life probing, insightful and ethically essential which made the discussion richer.

This symposium was a learning and growing experience to all the participants which helped them to understand and think as religious on the meaning of life in a given situation of a nation like ours, India. It also helped in coming to the awareness of the need to become ‘good Christians and honest citizens,’ to put it in the words of our father and founder, Don Bosco. All in all, it was an invitation for us to strive to live up to this ideal as Religious, as Salesians, as Christians and as human beings; to be witnesses of peace and love

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Cl. Romero D’Souza sdb
DIVYADAAN, JANUARY 13, 2011: The Masters of Philosophy students (2010-2011) presented a symposium on the topic “Naxalism: An existential dilemma”. The symposium was held in the Divyadaan Academic Hall from 2:00 p.m to 4:00 p.m and was attended by the staff and students of Divyadaan as well the religious from the neighboring community.
The Media today is flooded with news of Naxals which brings to our senses the relevance of this topic. In these present times our country is faced with many realities and one of it is facing the Red reality of the Naxalism. This existing dilemma of the Philosophy of the Naxalites has affected every citizen of India in thought and action.
In this symposium “Naxalism: An existential dilemma” the attempt was made to reflect and unveil firstly the ideology of Naxalism by exploring Naxalism as an offshoot of Marxism through the glasses of Materialism, Nihilism and Existentialism. Secondly The Rise of Naxalism was dealt with by giving the origin, the background, and the causes of the socio-economic and political situation that led to the rise of Naxalism in India. Thirdly the question Is Naxalism: A Way Out was discussed by taking a look at the roots of Violence in the tribal belts of India and unfolding the approaches that India as a Nation has taken towards the Naxalites. After which the speaker presented possible remedies to the existential dilemma, Is Naxalism: A way out?
The presentations helped the participants to come to some understanding about the philosophy of the Naxalites. It further led to questions that were life probing, insightful and ethically essential which made the discussion richer.
This symposium was a learning and growing experience to all the participants which helped them to understand and think as religious on the meaning of life in a given situation of a nation like ours, India. It also helped in coming to the awareness of the need to become ‘good Christians and honest citizens,’ to put it in the words of our father and founder, Don Bosco. All in all, it was an invitation for us to strive to live up to this ideal as Religious, as Salesians, as Christians and as human beings; to be witnesses of peace and love

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


BIS Correspondent
WADALA, JANUARY 11, 2011: On January 10 at 6:30 pm, a theatre workshop was organized for the shelter boys by Dr. Shanbhang in collaboration with Mr. Marc Weinblatt. It was indeed the initiative and greatness of Dr. Shanbhang who brought Mr. Marc to Shelter.
Mr. Marc Weinblatt is the founder of Mandala centre for change, an international hub for the training and grassroots practice of theatre of the oppressed in U.S. He has also worked with diverse communities ranging from police to homeless youth.
It was more of practical than of theory. The whole workshop was interactive full of fun and frolic through creative games. Games really brought rhythm to the workshop. Mr. Marc challenged the boys, but also gave eureka moments. Exercises to promote greater sensitivity, understanding and compassion in human interactions were performed. He taught the boys how to employ insights to generate multiple options to address difficult social issues. The concept of ‘leader and follower’ was also dealt elaborately. Each exercise and a game had a unique message for life.

Mr. Marc Weinblatt was highly impressed by the participation of the shelter boys. Boys were indeed happy with the workshop.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Briston & Bento sdb
AHMEDNAGAR, JANUARY 10, 2011: On January 9, 2011 newly ordained Fr Ashwin Macwan celebrated the 8.30 am Marathi mass at St Anne’s Church, Ahmednagar. After the mass, the parishioners sang to Fr Blaise on the occasion of his birthday and felicitated Fr Ashwin with a satkar of shawl, flowers and gift. Both of them distributed prizes to those who won the games on Family Day celebrated the previous Sunday.
At the table Fr. Ashwin reported that Fr Provincial invited him to hold his Ordination ceremony at Don Bosco Dakor, but he said that the name of Don Bosco would spread in his village if he held his anointing ceremony in Nadiad, and this paid dividends, since more than two thousand people attended his function in an open air pandal, strongly supported by the local clergy.

In the evening Fr Ashwin celebrated the Sunday English Mass at St John’s Bhingar and during the homily he told us about his childhood and how he got his divine call, inspite of being mischievous. He is all set and ready to take up the street boys’ project at Sabarmati in Gujarat. After the mass the parishioners performed a satkar and gave him a shawl and bouquet. Kissing of Fr. Ashwin's anointed hands that were still fresh from the oil of consecration put by the Bishop and distribution of the memento took place in St Johns, Bhingar.
At nightfall, the Salesian and religious gathered together in BGVK to celebrate Fr Blaise’s Birthday with games, camaraderie and Nyama Choma. It was a day well spent with the confreres. We wish him all the best in his future endeavours in Bosco Boys’ Home, Borivli.
In an interview given to the BIS corresponded this is what Fr Ashwin had to conclude: “I feel extremely happy about my coming here to celebrate one of my first Eucharist in Ahmednagar mission. I have been here as a brother in Tokewadi and meeting the people now as a priest is a significant moment in my life. It is the lives of the poor that have inspired and encouraged me to be a Salesian Priest for them. I am grateful to God and to all those, whose lives have touched mine.”

Saturday, January 8, 2011


NERUL, JANUARY 8, 2011: The Catholic students of Classes VI to IX of Don Bosco Senior Secondary School, Nerul gathered together to celebrate the Eucharist along the newly ordained priest, Fr. Ashwin who was also accompanied by Fr. Brian who is the vocation promoter of the Mumbai province. There was a small introduction of the fathers by one of our students and then the felicitation of the priests.

Fr. Ashwin told us about his childhood and how he got his divine call during the sermon. There was also the thanksgiving prayer for the gift of the two new priests, Fr. Ashwin and Fr. Oscar. After the mass the students had an interactive session wherein they could ask any question related to vocation to Fr. Ashwin. Fr. Brian also told them more about vocation and the camps conducted by the Salesians. Then the students departed after kissing Fr. Ashwin's hands which were still fresh from the oil of consecration put by the Bishop.


Patrick Corda

BORIVLI, JANUARY 8, 2011: It is truly said that no matter what happens in life when you come to God come to Him with an “Attitude of Gratitude” this is what pleases Him. First Friday of the Month, first thanksgiving service of the New Year 2011 was witnessed by seventy two students in the chapel of the Bosco Boys Home at Borivali.

Students of Sankalp, MoRD, Bosco Boys Home, and Facilitators of different Trades got together for the Eucharistic Celebration at 9.30 am which was presided by Fr. Anthony Santarita the Director of the Institute. He welcomed all the students both non-catholic as well as catholic and mentioned of how important it is to thank God in LIFE. He said that today’s Eucharistic Celebration was to thank God for the year 2010 which has gone by and for all the good and not so good things that has happened in our lives, and also for the year 2011 which will bring so many opportunities in lives.

In His homely he mentioned about the positive aspect of life and how one must go about taking it in a positive way and not with a negative approach, He gave a few examples of his personal life when he spoke about Positive Attitude.

Friday, January 7, 2011


Fr. James Nigrel sdb
NAGPUR, JANUARY 7, 2011: The ground of St. Joseph Vidyalaya, Jaitala, Nagpur was bubbling with joy and competitive spirit as there was Mini Olympics organized by St. Joseph Vidyalaya under the banner of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and Samuha Sadan Kendra – Janata High School on January 5 and 6 2011. The Sports were organized for Nagpur West-Zone. Twelve schools participated in this Sports Meet. There were both Team events and Individual events (track and field), which brought six hundred athletes from together.
The event was inaugurated by the Rector, Rev. Fr. Dominic Lisboa sdb in the presence of Fr. James Nigrel - Head Master of St. Joseph Vidyalaya and Mr. M. B. Khuspare - Head Master of Janata Vidyalaya, Vardha Road, Nagpur.
St. Joseph Vidyalaya triumphed in the Sports Meet. They bagged twelve Gold Medals and six Silver Medals out of sixteen each in track and field events. They are also the winners of two team events and runners-up of three team events. The winners of these events will proceed to the Nagpur Divisional level
The prize distribution was held in the presence of Mrs. Chitra Shinde, the co-ordinator of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan along with the Head Masters of various Schools. Fr. Dominic Lisboa, the chief guest stressed on the importance of making a right decision in choosing a career even in the sports arena. He said that there is a sport potential in each individual child that needs to be nurtured.

The Head Masters and Sport teachers of various schools were very appreciative of the preparation and hard work put in by the Staff and Students of the school to make the event very colorful and successful. They were taken up by the discipline and organizational ability of a Catholic Marathi Medium school.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

AVEC - Values for the Yatra - Jan 2011


Bento D’Souza sdb
AHMEDNAGAR, JANUARY 6, 2011: The parishioners of St Anne’s, Ahmednagar celebrated the feast of Epiphany with a Family reunion. During the Eucharist Fr Thomas D’Costa preached on the importance of the family in the plan of God, especially with reference to practice life with the gifts of Love, Mercy and Peace.
After that, games were held for all groups in the parish and everyone enjoyed themselves. The games concluded with a shared meal on the grounds and the ‘Family day out’ ended with the visit of Santa Claus. Everyone was geared on to meet the New Year head on, face to face. Welcome to the New Year 2011. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


MANDAVGAN, JANUARY 5, 2011: New Year has new beginnings. So was it in Mandavgan, a new mission centre where the priests form St. John’s church, Bhingar celebrated their first Eucharist. Earlier baptisms, Holy communions and Marriage rectification were administered to the prepared parishioners but it was held in the Parish Church, itself. On January 4 for the first the Eucharist was celebrated in that village. 

While celebrating the Eucharist Fr. Michael Bansode, the Parish Priest reminded the parishioners saying: “Today’s day has gone in the annals of the history of this village.  And let this day be celebrated as the feast day of this village. From now on your village will get a mass every month.”  He also mentioned that Blessed Mother has played a big role in starting this mission and therefore, if ever a Chapel is built over there let it be under the patronage of Mary Mother of God.  During the homily he stressed that the Eucharist is a meal, memorial and a sacrifice.  The faithful whole heartedly participated in the prayers and singing.  After the Eucharist the priest visited a few houses and then taking a quick breakfast they bid adieu to the parishioners


Briston Britto sdb
BHINGAR, JANUARY 5, 2010: St. John’s Church had a Chritmas tree programme on January 1, 2011 for all the Catechism children of the parish.  It was well participated. The Church also celebrated Parish Get-Together on January 2, 2011.  There were around hundred and eighty five people from all the age groups.  It began with a Eucharist in which the parishioners thanked God for all the blessings and the graces that they had received last year.  Though, being the feast of Epiphany the homily had lots of food for thought for the upbringing of the children.  After the Eucharist there were innovative games for the entire assembly.  Then there was lunch which was shared by the parishioners.  At Post-lunch there was a jam session where the talent of the parish was seen.  The day ended with a smile as everyone had a take away either in the form of a prize or memento.  The parishioners are looking forward to such events in the future.