Wednesday, January 5, 2011


R.G. Nargundkar
BORIVLI, JANUARY 5, 2011: Praful Zaveri, who is a FIDE instructor, has opened the new center of “Indian Chess School” (ICS) in the premises of Don Bosco High School, Borivli. The training hall has been appropriately named as “Vishy Anand Chess Hall” and holds the promise of creating many more players, who will follow in the footsteps of our own World Chess Champion. Vishwanathan Anand incidentally is an alumnus of Don Bosco High School, Egmore, Chennai.

Don Bosco High School is one of the educational institutions which promotes sports in an all-out manner. Kudos to the institution and the people running the institution, for promoting sports in such a positive manner.

Praful Zaveri, who has authored two best-sellers, “The Chess Course and Mastermind-I” uses his vast experience of over fifteen years as a chess player of repute and a coach who has trained more than two thousand children, trains the future masters with the help of latest chess literature and some of his very own methods.

The facility, I feel, is comparable to the best in the world and induces you, to learn the game of chess and its nuances. Can anyone demand anything more from a Chess School? Goddess Caissa has finally found a temple to stay, at ICS to bless her worshippers!

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