Wednesday, January 5, 2011


MANDAVGAN, JANUARY 5, 2011: New Year has new beginnings. So was it in Mandavgan, a new mission centre where the priests form St. John’s church, Bhingar celebrated their first Eucharist. Earlier baptisms, Holy communions and Marriage rectification were administered to the prepared parishioners but it was held in the Parish Church, itself. On January 4 for the first the Eucharist was celebrated in that village. 

While celebrating the Eucharist Fr. Michael Bansode, the Parish Priest reminded the parishioners saying: “Today’s day has gone in the annals of the history of this village.  And let this day be celebrated as the feast day of this village. From now on your village will get a mass every month.”  He also mentioned that Blessed Mother has played a big role in starting this mission and therefore, if ever a Chapel is built over there let it be under the patronage of Mary Mother of God.  During the homily he stressed that the Eucharist is a meal, memorial and a sacrifice.  The faithful whole heartedly participated in the prayers and singing.  After the Eucharist the priest visited a few houses and then taking a quick breakfast they bid adieu to the parishioners

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