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AHMEDNAGAR, JANUARY 10, 2011: On January 9, 2011 newly ordained Fr Ashwin Macwan celebrated the 8.30 am Marathi mass at St Anne’s Church, Ahmednagar. After the mass, the parishioners sang to Fr Blaise on the occasion of his birthday and felicitated Fr Ashwin with a satkar of shawl, flowers and gift. Both of them distributed prizes to those who won the games on Family Day celebrated the previous Sunday.
At the table Fr. Ashwin reported that Fr Provincial invited him to hold his Ordination ceremony at Don Bosco Dakor, but he said that the name of Don Bosco would spread in his village if he held his anointing ceremony in Nadiad, and this paid dividends, since more than two thousand people attended his function in an open air pandal, strongly supported by the local clergy.

In the evening Fr Ashwin celebrated the Sunday English Mass at St John’s Bhingar and during the homily he told us about his childhood and how he got his divine call, inspite of being mischievous. He is all set and ready to take up the street boys’ project at Sabarmati in Gujarat. After the mass the parishioners performed a satkar and gave him a shawl and bouquet. Kissing of Fr. Ashwin's anointed hands that were still fresh from the oil of consecration put by the Bishop and distribution of the memento took place in St Johns, Bhingar.
At nightfall, the Salesian and religious gathered together in BGVK to celebrate Fr Blaise’s Birthday with games, camaraderie and Nyama Choma. It was a day well spent with the confreres. We wish him all the best in his future endeavours in Bosco Boys’ Home, Borivli.
In an interview given to the BIS corresponded this is what Fr Ashwin had to conclude: “I feel extremely happy about my coming here to celebrate one of my first Eucharist in Ahmednagar mission. I have been here as a brother in Tokewadi and meeting the people now as a priest is a significant moment in my life. It is the lives of the poor that have inspired and encouraged me to be a Salesian Priest for them. I am grateful to God and to all those, whose lives have touched mine.”

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i just want to know that who was the father of the church in in year 1983 in st's john church in ahmednager , and pls if any body can provide me his address pls ,as i am a hindu brahmain from cast.when we use to stay in bengir father use to help us in many ways ,so now i want to meet that father befor i die and thank him for every thing,pls help me to find email address is