Friday, January 14, 2011


Cl. Romero D’Souza sdb
DIVYADAAN, JANUARY 13, 2011: The Masters of Philosophy students (2010-2011) presented a symposium on the topic “Naxalism: An existential dilemma”. The symposium was held in the Divyadaan Academic Hall from 2:00 p.m to 4:00 p.m and was attended by the staff and students of Divyadaan as well the religious from the neighboring community.
The Media today is flooded with news of Naxals which brings to our senses the relevance of this topic. In these present times our country is faced with many realities and one of it is facing the Red reality of the Naxalism. This existing dilemma of the Philosophy of the Naxalites has affected every citizen of India in thought and action.
In this symposium “Naxalism: An existential dilemma” the attempt was made to reflect and unveil firstly the ideology of Naxalism by exploring Naxalism as an offshoot of Marxism through the glasses of Materialism, Nihilism and Existentialism. Secondly The Rise of Naxalism was dealt with by giving the origin, the background, and the causes of the socio-economic and political situation that led to the rise of Naxalism in India. Thirdly the question Is Naxalism: A Way Out was discussed by taking a look at the roots of Violence in the tribal belts of India and unfolding the approaches that India as a Nation has taken towards the Naxalites. After which the speaker presented possible remedies to the existential dilemma, Is Naxalism: A way out?
The presentations helped the participants to come to some understanding about the philosophy of the Naxalites. It further led to questions that were life probing, insightful and ethically essential which made the discussion richer.

This symposium was a learning and growing experience to all the participants which helped them to understand and think as religious on the meaning of life in a given situation of a nation like ours, India. It also helped in coming to the awareness of the need to become ‘good Christians and honest citizens,’ to put it in the words of our father and founder, Don Bosco. All in all, it was an invitation for us to strive to live up to this ideal as Religious, as Salesians, as Christians and as human beings; to be witnesses of peace and love

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