Saturday, January 15, 2011


Bento D’Souza sdb
AHMEDNAGAR, JANUARY 15, 2011: Never under-estimate the power of a small group…be it regards to terrorism or tourism, destruction or development?

The sun rose, the air was crisp and cold, the birds chirped and the day began. There was excitement in the air, the tower was lined with streamers and colored paper, the green carpets were rolled across the floor. It was a special day to be alive to the preparations towards the success of this moment has been awesome, the commissioning of the transmitter, the erection of the tower, the setting up of the studio, the fund raising, the mobilization of people, the final testing and fine tuning by the technical staff, the interning of volunteers and the final countdown was nerve wrecking.
The people assembled in front of Radio Nagar 90.4 FM, NGO Snehalaya’s transmitter tower recently erected. The dignitaries and guests waited in suspense for the moment to arrive. The countdown began and the airwaves filled the sky and the transmitter crackled with static life at 12.30pm. Finally, we have our own radio community radio station, Radio Nagar 90.4 FM; it will bear our own voices and carry our messages to the citizens of Nagar.
The Signal streamed out of the tower communicating the logo signature ensemble of the station to the guests, & listeners all around the city of Nagar. Friendships were renewed, new messages were recorded, congratulations were exchanged, inscriptions were unveiled and the studios were visited. It was now a warm, perfect, sunny day. The sun had reached its zenith, as the visitors left with something to smile about. Awaz mazha, amcha Radio, Amcha Nagarm Radio Nagar 90.4 FM is born

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