Monday, January 17, 2011


Delsie D’Silva
BORIVLI, JANUARY 17, 2011: The children of Class VI of Jesus Club set out on a Project to Pushpa Vishar Leprosy Centre at Dahisar (E). It is run by the nuns belonging to the congregation “Helpers of Mary”.

Before our departure Fr. Allwyn recited a small prayer and gave us his blessings. So, with my co-catechist Elvira and a parent we proceeded to the Centre. There we were welcomed by Sr. Jayawati and Sr. Pragati with their staff and the children of all ages with broad smiles on their faces. The children welcomed us with a song.

Our students put up four actions songs which the children enjoyed so much that they joined in the singing. Sr. Jayawati spoke about the disease of Leprosy, its symptoms, how it spreads, how to detect it and how it can be cured by medical treatment. She also called in a lady who was suffering from Leprosy for the past thirty five years and now is completely cured and leads a normal life with her children and grandchildren. Then we organized a few games and presented prizes. Later snacks were distributed. We interacted with the children and then recited the Lord’s Prayer with them and then returned back. Besides giving grains, soaps, pulses, toys and clothes, one child presented a small token of love of their contribution to Sr. Jayawati. In this project, our children experienced the pain of those children and they realized how privileged they were. It was really a learning experience for our children.

One really sad thing is that due to certain reasons the BMC has already demolished the area partially and the people from the demolished hutments have been shifted to an area in Malad. Hence there is no open space to run a school for such underprivileged children; the families that have been forcibly evicted to Malad, bring their children daily to the Center for schooling. There is a possibility of the entire area being demolished by the BMC in the near future and the nuns are worried about a place to run a school for such children. My sincere request to all the designated authorities of the Catholic Church is to come forward and lend a helping hand to the congregation of the “Helpers of Mary” to provide them with a space to run a school for these underprivileged children.

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