Wednesday, January 19, 2011


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NARUKOT, JANUARY 19, 2011: Don Bosco Technical Narukot is at the end of its six month training course. The students are now ready, to implement their learned skills in the firms, where they will be sent. Therefore, many firms are flowing to Don Bosco Narukot these days, to be the first in recruiting the available trained Don Bosco boys. This has led to the witness of many campus interviews. Up to date, the first three companies have already selected a large amount thus keeping a low availability rate for the rest. Their names are:
Rishi FIBC Solution Pvt. Ltd. based in Padra, ahead of Baroda; On December 16, this company came in look out of skilled tailors. Sir Lawrence, the advisor of the company, himself came to recruit boys in his firm. This company had already sent their skilled man to train our boys for a month. They were recruited as per the skill required in the firm. Eight students were employed.

Solar Pvt. Ltd.: On January 15, this company came in search of skilled welders, fitters and Electricals. This company is based at Baroda. Sir Jatin Tarkas together with his wife a qualified psychologist interviewed the students and has also selected the students. Boys were very happy with this interview and the job offer.

YASHI ENTERPRISE: This company is based in Baroda. On January 17, they came in search of good welders. Sir Sikandar Thappa too came with his wife who is a teacher in the Baroda school. They interviewed the students. They too have selected around sixteen of them.

INSPIRON: On January 18, this company came for the campus interview. This company is based in Ahmedabad. Mr. Shukla was very impressed by the boys and has selected the necessary ones for his firm.

At the end, everyone was happy to see the boys get their employment out of their own merit. The situation in Narukot shows that the demand from firms for boys are more but the sixty five boys we have are too less to give them. Companies like Kemrock, are still to come during these week. Don Bosco Technical Narukot is in need of boys for the next batch February 2011 to August 2011.

May His Will Be Done!!!

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