Monday, January 24, 2011


Celesta Sunny

BORIVLI, JANUARY 24, 2011: Salesian Youth Fest was celebrated on January 23, 2011. After registration the day began with a prayer dance performed by the youth of Borivli.

In his welcome address, our Rector, Fr. Ronald Menezes, asked the youth to make a sincere journey into themselves and to discern their purpose in life, he emphasized the fact that the youth day offered such an experience. A session of Praise and Worship was held that completely energized the youth. We thank Mr. Harry Menezes for his visual presentations.
After all of the encouraging words and sessions, it was time to visualize the presentations prepared by every parish on the theme “CARE FOR CREATION”. After all the performances, we were then shown a video on Global Warming that gave us an idea on how quickly it is affecting the world.

The participants then moved to the church for the Eucharistic celebration. The singing of the hymns was animated by the Wadala West group. Fr. Allwyn was incharge for the Gospel presentation.

After the Eucharistic Celebration we had lunch and this was followed by a good session of dance, energizing the youth further more. The tele-games were well organized; besides being competitive they helped in greater bonding and fellowship.

The day concluded with a thanksgiving service held in the church that was animated by Fr. Allwyn. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Salesians for organizing the day; we went home inspired, enriched and enthusiastic. The memories will linger and hopefully we will make the best use of the life God has given us.

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