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Banzelao Teixeira, sdb
“That you are young is enough to make me love you very much!” were the words of St. John Bosco who dedicated his entire life for youngsters. Today we, the members of the Salesian Family – Salesians, Salesian Sisters, Cooperators and youngsters – have gathered here to remember the patron of youth. The theme for this Eucharistic celebration is “Come and See!” Let us pray that each of us may truly experience the Lord and share this experience with others – that educators and parents may first experience the Lord and pass on this experience to the young ones, and these youngsters in turn may become apostles who proclaim their personal experience of the Lord among their companions. With these intentions in mind let us gather around the Eucharistic table.
(3 youngsters one with eyes blindfolded, another with a kerchief over the mouth and a third one with ear plugs in the ears are brought to the altar while another set of youngsters read the penitential prayers. After each prayer the priest may untie them.)


Lord, you have given me eyes to enjoy the beauty of your creation and to be attentive to the needs of humanity. However, I have indulged in unhealthy use of my eyes to see things that were not meant to be seen. Also, I have preferred to be blind to the needs of others. Lord have mercy!


My mouth and my voice are your gifts to me so that I may speak good of others and relate well to them. But I have done what was contrary – spoken ill of others and destroyed them with my words. Instead of speaking the truth and standing up for justice, I’ve preferred Silence. For this, Christ have mercy!


Each one is gifted with a pair of ears so that we may listen more than we speak. But with earphones plugged in my ears, I’ve been bombarding myself with so much music that I hardly have any time to listen to God’s voice or the cries of those who seek my help. For my deafness, Lord have mercy!

READINGS (These readings are based on the theme of Vocation and God’s grace)

First Reading: Jonah 1: 1-12. (Call of Jonah)

Second Reading: 2 Corinthians 12: 7-10 (‘My grace is sufficient for you’)

Gospel: John 1: 35-42. (‘Come and See’)

Celebrant: As we celebrate the feast of St. John Bosco, the father and friend of youth, let us make our prayer to God the Father, who is always ready to listen to the needs of his children.
Response : Lord, Listen to your children praying.
For the Pope, bishops, and clergy that they may proclaim the Gospel of truth and spread the message of love in a world that is in urgent need of reconciliation. For this we pray to the Lord. Your Response/-

For those who have dedicated themselves to the education and upliftment of the young, that following the example of St. John Bosco, the patron of youngsters, they may truly reach out to the young and empower them to take the right path in life. In a special way, we pray for Salesians and members of the Salesian Family that they may truly live up to their consecration and mission. For this we pray. Your Response/-

For youngsters who find no meaning in life, for those who are abandoned by society and for those who are steeped in a life of sin, that they may realize that it is never too late for them to change their way. We pray that they may experience the compassionate love of God our loving father. Your Response/-

We pray that many more youngsters may be open to the will of God in their lives, and that they may say a whole-hearted “yes” to the Lord’s invitation “Come & See.” At a moment of history when the attractions of the material world seem to catch the attention of young people, may they realize that serving God and fellow human beings brings true joy and satisfaction in life. For this we pray, Your Response/-
Celebrant: Eternal and ever-loving, you gave to St. John Bosco a generous and compassionate heart that reached out to the young; hear our humble prayers and help us to reach out to others in their need, We make these prayers through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Photograph of the Local Youth Group (Poster of Youngsters)

“I have come that you may have life and have it in abundance.”

Lord as we offer you this photograph/ poster of youngsters, we pray for the youngsters of our school/institution/parish. We ask you to bless them abundantly, help them to realize the goals they have set for themselves, and grant them success in their life. We pray that they may grow to be vibrant members of our society and the parish community and thus contribute to the growth of our Church.

Bread and Wine

“Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it shall not bear much fruit.”

Lord we bring before you these gifts of bread and wine which will soon be transformed into the body and blood of your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. As the grain of wheat is grounded into flour and the grapes are crushed into vine, may we too die to our old selves, our bad habits and all that keeps us away from being your worthy children, so that we may glorify your name through our words, and bear witness to your compassionate love through our lives.

POST COMMUNION PRAYER (Prayer for Vocations)

Lord Jesus Christ, in every age you call some to follow you more closely by dedicating their lives entirely for your mission. We ask you to enlighten the minds and hearts of many youngsters to respond generously to your call. At a time when the temptations of the world seem to overwhelm us, help young people to realize the passing nature of these things. Give them courage to say, “Here I am Lord, send me!”
Give parents the strength to live their marriage commitment with love and enthusiasm. May they bring up their children in right Christian values, and encourage those who feel called to religious life to say a generous ‘yes’ to the Lord.

Mary Help of Christians, bless our Church with more priestly and religious vocations. We make this prayer through Christ our Lord, Amen. St. John Bosco, pray for us!

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