Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Patrick Corda
BORIVILI, FEBRUARY 1, 2011: January 31 is a day to be remembered in the lives of the Salesian family. On this day, we remember the great Saint John Bosco, patron saint of the Youth. His words still linger in the ears of every individual where he said, “That you are young is enough for me to love you”. The loveof this great saint is expressed today by Fr. Anthony Santaria, Fr. Anaclette D’mello, Fr. Bastin Thomas, Fr. Ashwin, Br. Michael, Br. Alex, and Br. Richard at Bosco Boys’ Home.

The festive celebrations began with a solemn Eucharistic service by the newly ordained Fr. Ashwin, Other concelebrants were Fr. Anaclette, and Fr. Bastin. In all, ninety students from Bosco Boys, MoRD, and the students of Sankalp participated. Catholics and students from other faiths were present for the Eucharistic Service. Through an inspiring homily Fr. Ashwin presented the life of Don Bosco as a model to all the youth that were present. On behalf of all the priests and brothers of Bosco Boys Home, Fr. Bastin Thomas gave the vote of thanks and wished all a Happy Feast.

The day didn’t come to an end too soon; in fact, Br. Richard and Fr. Ashwin took over the show. Housie and games were arranged for all the students with attractive prizes for all the winners. Late in the evening cake and chocolates were distributed.

Indeed, it was a memorable day for all the students as they felt the love of St. John Bosco touch their lives.

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