Tuesday, February 1, 2011


BORIVLI, FEBRUARY 1, 2011: St. John Bosco Parish was blessed by the presence and preaching of a world renowned apologetic preacher, Mr. Steve Ray.  Faithful from fifteen parishes of the Borivli Deanery had gathered to hear him speak. They were spell bound as they listened to his insights on the Catholic Faith. Mr. Steve Ray never wanted to become a Catholic in the first place, but became one, moved by a process beyond his control.  Mr. Steve Ray and his wife Janet ‘read up’ their way into the Catholic Church and once there by sheer dint of hard work did not stop there. They are going all out to fulfill the great command of Christ.  A movement from “Come and See” to “Go and Tell”.
His purpose is to strengthen and defend the tenets of the Catholic faith, to help the faithful from not falling prey to the teaching of the sects, who seek to lure the Catholics by their own interpretations of the Word of God. In the time that was allotted to him, he gave his own personal testimony; spoke about Scripture, Tradition, Infant baptism, the Primacy of the Pope and the Importance of the Eucharist. Steve exhorted the faithful to memorize Scripture passages and to teach children to do the same.
Finally, he explained the legitimacy of the Catholic faith in a story form by comparing the Catholic Church to a huge ship that is crossing the ocean to reach the celestial goal. Everything that is needed is available.  There is the captain, the crew, food and drink. The compass to guide the ship, water and the showers of the sacraments to keep you clean and go through life and to reach heaven.  Of course, there would be ups and downs with storms, and sicknesses but if one stayed firm, we would eventually reach our goal – Jesus.  The Eucharist was celebrated by Bishop Agnelo Gracias and the evening concluded with a Benediction service animated by Fr. Allwyn Misquitta.

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