Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Fr. Briston sdb

BHINGAR, FEBRUARY 1, 2011: Thirty-two candidates were confirmed by the newly installed Bishop of Nasik, Lourdes Daniel. The ceremony took place at St. John’s Church, Bhingar, on January 29 during the evening mass. It is after a span of four years that the candidates were confirmed, the last one to confirm them being Bishop Bhalerao. There was a wide range of ages and mindsets, but this did not hamper the Priests and the catechist from doing a good job.
The moments brought nostalgic memories. The Bishop returned after thirty years to the parish where he had worked as a young assistant Parish Priest. In his homily he said that he did not want to ask questions to those who wished to be confirmed as their life would be the best answer as to whether this sacrament is taken seriously or not. Confirmation is not a self-centered sacrament but a sacrament for the upliftment of society and the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit build up community and church.

In his table talk the bishop recounted how things were in those days, when regular fights between the police and the army shook Bhingar town and how it was to live with the German Jesuit missionaries. He also pointed out that he had spent time with the Salesians as his internship in the South. The priests present and the parishioners were delighted to have a Bishop who did not want any protocols. He talked to them as a Father. They will always keep this visit of his in their hearts.

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