Saturday, February 5, 2011


Mayuri Rajbonshi Rajbaruah

 LONAVLA, FEBRUARY 5, 2011: The feast of Don Bosco was the climax of the novena celebration. The day had its fare share, with the celebration of the Holy Mass at Don Bosco School, lightening tournaments, festive lunch, and cultural programs.

During the novena days, every morning began with talks on Don Bosco, also various competitions were held. All this culminated with the decoration of the statue of Don Bosco on January 31. The highlight of this celebration was the Quiz Competition. The boys prepared themselves thoroughly for this competition on Don Bosco. The day ended with prize distribution for the competitions held on the novena days.

On February 1 the boys prayed diligently for all the deceased Salesian of our Province.

Republic Day was also celebrated with hosting of the flag by the local Tungarlipolice Inspector, Mr. Pawar. The boys sang patriotic songs and gave speeches. They prepared for this day by making cards and flowers.

It was a common birthday celebration for the boys too. A live orchestra “Swargantha” sponsored by Lions club of Lonavla, made the boys sing and dance to their tune. They had a blast, with four boy’s parents coming from Mumbai and Pune to celebrate their children’s birthday.

The Salesian tradition spirit lives strong and viable in Maria Ashian.

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