Saturday, February 5, 2011


Mayuri Rajbonshi Rajbaruah

LONAVLA, FEBRUARY 5, 2011: The Salesian concept of community day was brought to the villages about four years ago. Each time the villagers get together in the evening celebrating their life, together with the Sarpanch and their children putting up various stage items. The first village community day had few of them come up to show their passbooks, two students passed their SSC (NIOS) and the applications for the ration card, water, electricity and the Gharkul scheme.

On January 26, 2011 the villagers of Pangoli celebrated their community day. The villagers submitted their applications for the schemes, which are made known to the people by the village head man. The village head man Mr. Dama Hole, who is nominated and elected unopposed, is now offering consultancy services on how to procure schemes and procedures for Kathkari Tribals in the villages. Mr. Dama is in contact with the people through the neighboringPanchayat connects.

The celebrations of the Pangloli Community Day had the Sarpanch read out the report of their achievements and the schemes acquired from the government. The village headman proudly stated that nearly ninety per cent of village children are now going to school as opposed to twenty per cent, six years ago. It was encouraging to see the Jr. College girls choreograph and organize several items for the community day.

Fr. Barnabe in his speech to the villagers highlighted the examples of how education in the village has brought up the standard of their stage performances, as well as the permanent job status for sixty five to seventy per cent of the villagers. Education has brought about a change in aspiration and employment of the villagers.The epitome of the education movement is exemplified by their village headman Mr. Dama Hole’s qualification to be the first MSW from Pangloli village. 

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