Monday, February 7, 2011


Cl. Justus Mendis sdb

NARUKOT, FEBRUARY 7, 2011: Don Bosco Narukot, celebrated the feast of Don Bosco with an unique exuberance. The feast mass was celebrated by Fr. Lawrence, the Media Coordinator and an Ex-Salesian of the Baroda Diocese.  The novena animation, together with the screening of a part of the Don Bosco movie helped everyone to understand the mission of Don Bosco.
 After the Eucharist, a cultural programme was held. The culmination of the programme was put with an educative play on the life of Brother Artimedde Zatti. The play was directed by the Salesian team with the assistance of Cl. Justus as the vital organizer. The main motive of the play was to create awareness among the people about the brother vocation. Since, Bro. Damodar is a live example of a brother vocation in the institution; the message went easily to the people. Religious and many company managers were the special invitees for the programme.
The play starts from the Unification of Italy, where Zatti’s uncle takes Zatti’s family to Argentina. There Zatti grows as a devoted youth. Through Fr. Michael, he enters into the Salesian Congregation as a Lay Brother. His first obedience in helping out a priest suffering from T.B got him infected by the same. After getting healed from it he devoted his total life to the sick. With the help of his simple bicycle, he served the sick of the neighborhood. He died suffering from Cancer, surrounded by the support of many sick people. His simple life of service has given a great message.
For the first time in the history of Narukot, the technical boys put up a grand play.  The participants in the play were from the school, development office and domestic staff. Each one did their role in their best possibility. It was a first experience which definitely resulted in a growth for good. The participants grew in a sense of dramatics appreciation. They understood the meaning of hard work and continuous practice and revision. They also grew in self-confidence, confessing that “THEY CAN” and are now ready to complete their schooling and college education.
The technical boys got their certificates and many got employment in the following companies:
Kemrock – sixteen boys;
Yashi Enterprises – five boys;
Solar Private Limited – sixteen boys;                      
Erhardt Leimer Private Limited – five boys;
L & T – one boy.

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