Patrick Corda

BORIVLI, FEBRUARY 7, 2011: On February 5, 2011 a picnic was organized for the students of Sankalp, Hotel Management Course, at Bosco Wadi, Gorai. At 8.30 am sixty two students geared up and walked up to the creek. They further proceeded to Pagoda. There they spent some time, viewing the hundred and twenty three paintings of Buddha. Later they got into the bus and drove for twenty five minutes till they reached the place leading to Bosco Wadi.
Finally they reached their destination. Bosco After having breakfast all the students ran towards the shore to take a dip into the water. After swimming for more thanWadi which is also a part of the Bosco Boys Home is like a picnic spot and is used for many purposes.  an hour a sumptuous lunch was ready. This followed by games arranged by the students. As the sun set down it was time for us to return back to the place where we belonged. Indeed it was a day to remember. Thanks to Fr. Anthony Santarita and the Team