Fr. Brian Moras sdb
MATUNGA, FEBRUARY 8, 2011: In our monthly follow up program for youngsters at the Don Bosco Youth Services, we had a session with our Vocation Probables on February 6, 2011.  The purpose was to help them understand the meaning of a call and how to discern the same.

After a round of ice-breakers, our Rector, Fr. Wilfred gave a meaningful understanding of being ‘Salt to the Earth’, taking the cue from the gospel of the day.  He encouraged the youngsters to add meaning to their lives and to those around.

Fr. Brian then conducted a session on ‘Answering the Call; How do I discover it?’  There was a healthy interaction and clarification of ideas.  One of the issues that came to the fore was the impact and challenges of peer pressure on youngsters who discern a call to the Priesthood/Religious Life.  Another issue was the glamour of the world around, the confusion that they go through, as also the difficulty in making commitments.

Following this, Fr. Lloyd shared his vocation story with the youngsters.  “I never thought of becoming a priest’ he said, ‘I even lied when I entered Lonavla, saying that I wanted to be one - but God had other plans. He has used me powerfully and I am grateful for everything. I am happy to be a Priest; you too could be one….’

After snacks, we had a football tournament which the youngsters thoroughly enjoyed.  The youngsters were then made aware of the summer camps. Many of them showed a desire to attend the same.