Wednesday, February 9, 2011


BIS Correspondent
WADALA, FEBRUARY 9, 2011: Life is a mixture of teardrops and laughter, pleasure and pain….
As there is always sunshine after the rain…..
A memory lasts forever; never does it die…….
True friends stay together, never say goodbye…..
These were the sentiments shared by the students of Std. IX with the outgoing students of Std. X as they bid them a fond farewell on February 4, 2011. The students of Std. IX, along with their class teachers, put in that extra effort to plan and prepare, and make this day a memorable one for their seniors. Eleven years of a fun-filled and glorious life lived happily in their Alma mater was stitched together in a beautiful power-point presentation. The students of Std. X thus reminisced the glorious past and carried along beautiful memories of their school and teachers.
The students of the other classes too presented their farewell bouquet in the form of prayer dance, farewell songs, speeches and other entertaining dances. The teachers sang a beautiful song, while Fr. Rector wished success to our outgoing students in his speech.
The eagerly awaited part of the program- the contest for the most coveted crown ‘the Josephite King’ - was held with much fanfare. The contestants for the crown from Std X walked the ramp with great élan and poise. Questions thrown at them by the distinguished judges were answered with supreme confidence reflecting the values they imbibed during their years of formation at home and in the school. In the end, there could be only one winner. Master Sagar Doshi was crowned the Josephite King of the year 2010-11, while Master Joel Lobo, the runner-up, was crowned the Josephite Prince.
At the end of the day, there were feelings of joy and sorrow, relief and anxiety. Our Principal, Fr. Bernard, addressed the students and assured them of our constant prayers and wishes as they prepare themselves for their board exams. He also asked them to get ready to explore the new world of promises and hope that beckons them!  Good luck dear boys! 

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