Wednesday, February 23, 2011


NERUL, FEBRUARY 23, 2011: The Catholic students of classes VII to IX had their annual recollection on February 17, animated by Fr. Brian Moras.  The session began with a few minutes of silence where the students recalled the many blessings which God had bestowed upon them.  It was also a time when they reflected on the love of God for each one of them. 
Fr. Brian was very friendly towards the students, as he was a very familiar person to all of them. He helped them reflect on simple things in a very innovative and challenging manner.
After the meditation, Fr. Brian told us a true story of a person, Nick, who from the time of his birth, was rejected by his own parents because he didn’t have hands and limbs.  He was fed up of his life and when he decided to end his useless life, God revealed his plan for Nick.  He now goes round the world, preaching about God and the lesson of perseverance and determination.
The story of Nick not only made the students realize how fortunate they were, but also taught them not to give up.  They also saw a few video clippings of Nick.  After a short break, Fr. Brian began the second part of the recollection, telling the students about the importance of prayer.  The recollection ended with Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Brian wherein he spoke about vocation and God’s plan for each one of us, which we need to find out and answer honestly to his call.  During the sermon, he spoke about the lives of the religious and urged all the students to think about their future carefully.  At the end of the recollection, we felt encouraged and inspired to choose the right vocation in our lives, according to the plan of God.

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