Wednesday, February 23, 2011


NERUL, FEBRUARY 23, 2011: Fr. Savio Silveira and his assistant had organized a discussion for students of our school on February 15. He discussed about 'Environment and the ways to conserve it'. As the discussion started, Father asked the students what they knew about the environment, how they were dependent on it and how they could conserve it.

Then, the students were divided into groups of four according to their houses and were given charts to depict the ways to conserve our environment in our own little ways. Two members from each group came forward and explained their charts to everyone. Before they concluded the discussion, the students were shown a power point presentation on how to reduce the carbon footprints which are made due to human activities. The students were made aware of the different schools that have started using different ways to conserve the environment. He asked the students to give him the commitment that they would take it seriously.

Keeping this in mind, the students decided to make an environmental club and they hope that they would be successful in conserving the environment

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