Dakshayani Madangopal
LONAVALA, FEBRUARY 28, 2011: The Maria Ashiana Therapeutic Centre celebrated its Annual Thanksgiving Day on February 27, 2011. This colorful and entertaining program was witnessed by over three hundred guests.

The celebrations commenced on a sporting note, with a cricket championship for boys and a throw ball tournament for girls. In the boys’ cricket championship, the boys of Pangoli -Kunegaon showed their class as they won the championship, piping Snehasadan. The Samparc girls showed that they were a force to be reckoned with as they easily won the throw ball championship, defeating Natural Education. Nine NGOs took active part in the tournament matches.

With that over, the guests sat down to a sumptuous lunch cooked by the parishioners of Lonavala, who also helped in the umpiring of the matches. The Don Bosco Lonavala boys helped maintain discipline besides playing in the band.

The cultural program that followed saw a marvelous exhibition of talent by boys and girls from eleven NGOs. The Chief Guest, Mrs. Faye Thomas from RMIT University, Australia, reminded the boys how lucky they were to have such a dedicated staff. She exhorted the boys to continue dreaming their dreams as there were always some people who wanted to help them realize those dreams. Each and every boy of Maria Ashiana participated in a catwalk, where the compere narrated the dreams and ambitions of each, along with some insights into their character. Each boy who had successfully completed the MA program were given certificates along with prizes for the various competitions held during the Don Bosco month.