Thursday, March 3, 2011


Mayuri R Rajbaruah

NASHIK, MARCH 3, 2011: The Social & Financial Inclusion program for the marginalized, an initiative of Don Bosco Research Centre, Mumbai, is always well received by the NGOs. At the Nashik Diocese meeting, on February 28, the centre was invited to make the other diocese partners aware of the different instruments and programmes under the Social & Financial Inclusion initiative. Programmes like no frill bank accounts, helping income generating SHGs and making PAN Cards for marginalized groups at the government fixed rate, were appreciated by the Directors and Coordinators of various organizations under the Nashik diocese. They expressed their keenness to join the Connect All India network and make services available for the marginalized groups. They work with all over Maharashtra. Many Directors highlighted their own experiences of how their groups suffered due to lack of proper identity and how a program such as this could provide solutions.

The meeting concluded with the participants deciding to have a follow up meeting soon, as the next step towards joining the Connect All India network.

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