Saturday, March 5, 2011


Cl. Romero D’souza

DIVYADAAN, MARCH 4, 2011: Today the students of the SyMph had the defense of the dissertation paper: Cl. Selvakumar Arockiasamy (A Study of the Modern Self in the Writings of Charles Taylor), Cl. William D’Souza (René Girard’s Mimetic Theory of Violence), Cl. Aneesh Chacko (An Existential Phenomenological Study of Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning), and Cl. Roshan Kullu (The Human Person According to Karol Josef Wojtyla) which is a fulfillment required for the completion of their Master’s Degree in Philosophy. To reach the summit of this day there had been a lot of hard work and thorough study with a detailed research done by the students regarding their respective papers. The efforts of their intellectual and philosophical pursuit have been from the start of this academic year 2010-2011.

For the defense, the candidates presented a synopsis of their respective papers which was for the first fifteen minutes. After which the readers did a commendable work by exposing the queries regarding the matter of the text and the methodology, as well as highlighted the technical faults and mistakes that could be taken into consideration in the future. There was clarification of terms, concepts and understanding of texts that were not certain and clear. The guides too, commented their views on the paper. Above all, the moderator played an important role in the defense by introducing to the assembly the candidate and also the topic, and facilitating the readers to questioning the candidate.

If only you knew the gift of God (Jn 4, 10) … The brothers of the SyMph have made an attempt to know this gift of God through their philosophical venture. Our prayer and hope is that they truly persevere and come to understanding of this gift of knowledge that God has bestowed on them

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